Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Europe Officially Confirms The Last Story And Pandora’s Tower For 2012

Nintendo UK has confirmed via a press release that both The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower will definitely be coming to Europe sometime during 2012. There have been hints these two games are coming to Europe, but it’s great to finally have official confirmation.

Those who are anticipating the impending launch of Xenoblade Chronicles the action packed role playing game (RPG) exclusive to Wii, launching on 19th August will soon get to experience two new RPGs exclusively for Wii  – The Last Story™and Pandora’s Tower™ will both be making their European debut on Wii in 2012.


    1. They said if they sell well enough in Europe they might bring them stateside so pray to fricking god that the European audience eats these games up as much as possible.

    2. Relax, you’ll get it 15 years later… just as we in Europe got Chrono Trigger 15 years too late. (now for vc) ;-)
      No seriously, i hope for you that NoA will release these games soon. Got Xenoblade today… aaaawweeesoooomeeee!!!

  1. I will definatley buy these two when they come out, not just to play some awesome games but to let our American friends as well :)

  2. You Euros are lucky! Buy the games so that North America can get them too! I really wanna play Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story…

  3. The Last Story… *sniff* I really need that game! Xenoblade, im almost positive it will get over here. It will be a mega awesome game, and will be a huge hit. The Last Story will too, but it might be too much work to get it over here in the US… so much voice acting… ;(

  4. Damn, you Europeans are lucky. Free Health Care, nude beaches and now these 3 games. I wish I lived there.

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