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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo America Confirms The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Release Date

Nintendo of America has announced via a press release that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will launch in North America on Sunday, November 20th. Nintendo UK already announced earlier today that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released across Europe Friday, November 18th.

46 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo America Confirms The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Release Date”

      1. On most UK calendars, Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st. Personally, I think they should release the game in October, as that is the only month this year where Nintendo are not releasing any 1st party games.

    1. Huh? If they waited until the end of December most people are already done with all there Christmas shopping and thanksgiving and black Friday are already over.

  1. Can’t see too many good sales for this. Not because the game is bad or anything, just the date is not that good. There are so many games coming out in November. I would of held off to December. Wait a bit until the dust settings (and people get more money in their wallets) after the swarm that is early November.

    1. Actually I like the set date now but i see where you’re coming from. I think the NoA release date is appropriate because it’s right before Thanksgiving. And you know what that means…..Black Friday. I can’t say anything on about Europe because I don’t live there. And, well in NoA that is, after the November holiday, it’s “holiday” season. That’s when everyone is going to be buying their presents and gifts. Plus if I had the choice between Sonic and Mario at the olympic games and Skyward Sword…….

    2. It wouldn’t matter why day of the year they released this game: it would still blow sales out of the water. There is a MASSIVE number of gamers who have been waiting over four years to have this game in their hands… The “duraderos timing” of its remesar doesn’t males one bit of difference when it comes to a game of gnus caliber.

  2. I’m excited from all the things I’ve heard but I’ll miss twilight princess graphics. I hope they switch him back to being left handed, it doesn’t affect the game much. I played all of twilight princess as a lefty and had no problems.

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  4. I thought that Nintendo was going to release the game at the same time. Otherwise the story would get spoiled.

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  6. Ocarina of Time was released on November 21st, and a couple others were released between the winter months (November through February), so it really fits the normal Zelda dates. Can’t wait for this!!

  7. I’m getting really sick of Europe. It isn’t fair that they get the three games AND Skyward Sword before we do. Stop neglecting USA Nintendo in favor of the bloody Europeans

      1. ^This. For the longest time, Europeans were getting games months later than us Americans. They level the playing field a LITTLE, and you’re already complaining? Give me a break…

  8. That’s a good release date, it gives me plenty of time to play Battlefield 3 and Skyrim; so I won’t have too many awesome games sucking up my time.

  9. I’m getting it on Thanksgiving. xD

    And I’m curious… where did you guys get these Link Legos from the homepage?

  10. I live in the Arabian Peninsula, but it’s good that we will not have to wait too much ..
    probably two or three weeks only ..

  11. I’m glad to have a date, but I’m also dreading it too. If I don’t get the game right away, I’m going to HAVE to stay away from the internet *as much as possible* to not have that game be spoiled for me. This is going to be tough…

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