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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Is Bringing Out A Brand New Revamped Wii Console Lacks Gamecube Compatibility

Nintendo has told Eurogamer that it’s phasing out current Wii units in favour of a newly designed Wii console. The new console will be slimmer and smaller but lacks Gamecube compatibility. The console will go on sale at Christmas and comes with Wii Sports and Wii Party packed-in.

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Is Bringing Out A Brand New Revamped Wii Console Lacks Gamecube Compatibility”

  1. It’s not too bad because it doesn’t look to different, but they run the risk of hurting the Wii U sales because people thing they’re releasing consoles too frequently, also, if you get me to buy the redesigned wii at Christmas, why would I buy the Wii U afterwards?

    1. Because the Wii U has more powerful graphics and Nintendo are finally caving in and giving you people more hardcore 3rd Party titles? I mean you’re saying this like we know everything about the Wii U at this point when I’m positive Nintendo are keeping a sheet over a lot things regarding the system.

      1. No it doesn’t matter what the Wii U has, I doubt the average consumer will buy a Wii and then buy a Wii U so shortly afterwards, regardless of what it can do…

        1. It totally has sense to do such a move.
          Because the ones who wanted the GC compatibility bought the wii before.
          This is expecially designed for newcomers, who want a wii even less priced to buy under holiday season, not for those already having a wii.
          And it makes sense to drop the GC support because neither WiiU will have it, and new players which seek good consoles at low prices won’t care about the support for a console they didn’t even know.

        2. Because the WiiU has no release date. Nintendo didn’t even want to show off the WiiU at E3, they were forced too due to the leak. The WiiU is still a while off yet.

        3. You don’t understand what’s going on here. This redesigned version of the Wii isn’t for the same people who will probably buy a Wii U early on. This is just a way for Nintendo to price-drop the Wii yet again and penetrate the last of the remaining casual gaming market. They’re getting everything they can out of their current console business model before switching to a new one. They know that nobody is going to buy another Wii before they buy a Wii U, they’re just throwing this out there as a way to tap into the portion of the market that has no interest in hardcore gaming.

          1. Exacly it’s the same thing Sony is doing with there psp releasing a new model wit wifi for 99 to the crowd who buys consoles and hanhelds after there gen is pretty much over.

          2. But it doesn’t make sense, WiiU will have support for Wii games, so if a casual gamer wants to play this games it will be better to buy the next gen console, so that way you have the best of both worlds.

            1. Update on the Wii U’s Release Date, and price: The soonest release date is April 2, 2012. The lowest price is $250, Wal-Mart already has it listed for $350, and says that it’s “Coming SOON”. That’s what I know about the Wii U!

            2. Update on the Wii U’s Release Date, and price: The soonest release date is April 2, 2012. The lowest price is $250, Wal-Mart already has it listed for $350, and says that it’s “Coming SOON”. That’s what I know about the Wii U!

  2. So they’re trying to “ease” people into accepting that GameCube support for all future consoles will be abolished. This makes me sad, but I guess I can just keep my current Wii and use it to play GameCube games after I get the Wii U. Still, you KNOW they’re only doing this so they can re-sell GameCube games via the Virtual Console one day. Watch, it’ll happen. ;)

  3. Looks almost exactly the same, has no better hardware (i’m talking about cooling fans, shorter loading times etc..) then why would you prefer this (probably more expensive) model over the old one?

    1. I doubt it’ll be more expensive, it’s probably cheaper as that’s the only reason I can see for them to release it, the original Wii was already small after all, they don’t really need a smaller model…

    2. I doubt it will be more expensive. Cutting the GCN support will also cut the costs that go into backwards compatibility.

  4. The reason why is because on E3 they said that most gamecube games will now be on the Wii Shop Channel once it comes out! WATCH YOUR E3 PEOPLE lol jk. ;)

    1. The GameCube is available for only around $40 at most Gamestops. Just realize that the GameCube is getting older and they have to drop support soon or the next consoles after that will become bigger and bulkier and more expensive simply because of a feature that will probably be only used almost never for some. GameCube games don’t play any better on the Wii than the GameCube; in fact, some GameCube features such as the GameBoy Player, Broadband adapter, and Modem adapter are available ONLY for the original GameCube. And personally, I would like to be able to use my GameCube controller without worrying about the console falling over when games start to get intense (AKA 4 player Smash Bros.).

      If you like GameCube games, then you most likely already own either a GameCube or a Wii so there should be no argument here.

  5. Well it probably will either be cheaper like say 120 or less, and really it’s no different than what Sony did with the PS3 when it launched. So I’m happy with my model, this just seems more appropriate now for people who don’t use GC games

  6. Well this seems like a waste of time. Unless they charge like half the price for it nobody is gonna want a Wii that does less.

  7. Fits perfect to the rumor that Nintendo is thinking to release old Gamecube games for WiiU Virtual Console.

  8. Ok that’s weird it’ll probobly be a big flop would I rather have a more functionable slightly larger wii or a less functionable slightly slimmer wii plus with the wii u coming out who’s gonna go spend money on a revamped wii I’m certaintly not I’ll be saving my money for the wii u

  9. You would think a company that just took a huge Stock Market hit would be thinking about moving forward rather than stepping backward. I denied claims that Nintendo is doomed before on my twitter but when they make stupid marketing decisions I cannot help but just go “Ugh dammit”.

  10. Lol they’re just money grabbing.. Who would pay more for one of these (with less features) when you can get a old style wii for much less right now?

  11. #1 complaint about the ps3 is that they took ps2 backwards compatibility out.

    Nintendo, DON’T DO IT. you are only hurting yourself on this one. I mean companies see that older gen games (mostly gamecube and ps2) are far more popular than current gen games, so instead of letting you play them, they make you rebuy them for the new gen. It’s called money grubbing.

    1. This isn’t for us, this is for the casual gamers. The difference between this and the PS3 removing backwards compatibility is that more core gamers wouldn’t buy this because they know Wii’s lifespan is coming to an end very soon. You can still buy a GameCube for about $40, which is what I would do, or just keep my Wii.

  12. This is not for us, the gamers. This is for those who don’t care about the latest stuff and just want to waggle a Wii, that casual crowd, who will not pay 300 for a new system.
    This will be really cheap…I say, smart move Nintendo.
    People, don’t forget that Nintendo does focus on more than just you.

  13. Well, I think a WiiLite is a smart idea if the price is going to be lower. When I have been at Target or Gamestop recently, I have been tempted to buy a second 3DS, DSiXL, or DSi because of their low prices, so I could almost see myself buying a second Wii if it is cheap enough. I see it selling for approx. $99 and below, but if it doesn’t, they made a bad move there. Of course, it looks like it will only sell in a bundle pack (maybe not) so it may be around $134 like the Wii-Mario Kart Bundles at Target. Anyways, I honestly do not like playing Gamecube games on the Wii. I always went back to my Gamecube to play the games. Backwards compatibility has never been very important to me, especially since I went through both the SNES to N64 transition and the N64 to Gamecube.

  14. It’s kind of pointless, especially after years of arguing Nintendo won’t release a revamped Wii. Where’s the HD graphics?

    People should honestly wait for WiiU.

    1. So do those same people think the ps3 slim was actually the ps4?

      If so hopefully sooner then later darwins theory will solve all their issues.

  15. they want to make money in the holiday season. and sell as much Wiis as they can.
    people are going to buy Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move anyway.
    Nintendo with it’s more family games, less price and Zelda coming to the way can do it

  16. Nobody’s buying gamecube games anymore so why waste materials having that function. Ppl are forgetting the Wii’s era is ending soon. Like others have said, gamecube will be available via download. This def shouldn’t even matter to ppl who already have wiis

  17. I haven’t bought my own wii yet (my family has one) but i have a handful of games that I have for the gamecube and the wii. If I’m going to get a wii before the wii u comes out, I would like to be able to actually play those games.

    So this deal is just going to be an impetus for me to buy sooner rather than later, which I suppose is still a win for Nintendo. I just don’t know if I’ll have the money.

  18. I hope that this launch increases the release of new games for Wii, because recent releases have been very poor. Look at this year, the only remarkable game out in 2011 is Zelda Skyward sword (the ONLY zelda original for wii, WTH Nintendo??!). The wii is not death but they are killing it with poor titles and few launches, however they dont want to launch the last story and Xenoblade in America.
    The wii have sold a lot in his 6 years (6 right?) there are millions of wii owners right now. why dont exploit this demand launching a lot of titles? and by tittles i dont mean Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, SpongeBob SquigglePants or Wii Play: Motion, i mean Zelda, Mario, Resident evil… Good 1st or 3rd party games. Something similar is happening to the 3DS now. Nintendo should pay atencion to this.

  19. …years ago, Nintendo sold a NES only with one controller AND without any videogame, at hollidays, (later, SNES came out) that NES was my first Nintendo console and now I have all…. yes, that offer years ago attracted me

  20. Did this many people complain about the ps3 slim and the drop of ps2 comparability?

    The reaction by many here is just ridiculous.

  21. The new design reminds me alot of the NES. Anyways, you have to remember that were coming up on the 10th anniversary of the gamecube. Its time to move on. If you already have a Wii why would you buy it anyways?

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  23. Why would you buy this when you can get a normal Wii much cheaper, and with more stuff on it? The only reason this probably exists is because Nintendo want to cut down on homebrew and piracy.

    As for the “Gamecube games are old and you can download them anyway” thing, the PS3 plays PS1 games AND lets you download them. It’s not like they’re awkward cartridges or anything, they’re just discs. The only reason you won’t be able to play them, is because Nintendo will make more money from people re-buying gamecube games for the Wii-U.

  24. nintendo, i don't get you sometimes

    I don’t understand this move, i think this is a mistake, similar to the 3ds launch line up. why rerelease wii when it has less than a year before it goes by the wayside to wii u? i think this is going to hurt more than help them.

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  26. This was bound to happen eventually. say if you want GC games buy one cheap at most stores. I wish mine was still working. I would be playing it right now.

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  28. i think tis owke
    for people with little kids how never had a game cube
    so they do’n need the compatibility for GC games right …

    stil i love ma game cube !!! <3 it was ma first console

  29. So the small console gets smaller, eh? the other guys released a slim, but I don’t think that they even got to Wii size… So how big is this thing anyways? And the price?

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  31. just a sad last-minute security-update attempt to stop more console modifications. uh, everyone who knows what you can do with the Wii already has one, Nintendo… you’re about 3 years too late. These will be out for less than a year before the Wii U comes out…
    a wii without GC backwards compatability (and therefore no stuff like GC controllers on Smash Bros.) is a pretty crappy Wii.

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