Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario Land 2 And Metroid 2 Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop Later This Year

Nintendo UK has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that Super Mario Land 2 and Metroid 2 will be making a more than welcome appearance on the Nintendo 3DS eShop before the end of the year. I’m sure Nintendo of America and Nintendo Australia will follow suit.



  1. Good to know Metroid 2 is coming, but what really got my attention is Super Mario Land 2. That game spent days at a time in my GBC slot.

  2. They need a Europe virsion and an American version of this site.
    I see the headline and I think “YES!!” Then I read the artilcle and think, “Oh, it’s for Europe.”

    1. As if America won’t get it. It’s not an obscure series like Xenoblade or One Piece. It’s one of the Big Nintendo names. America’ll get it at the same time. Maybe earlier (doesn’t America e-shop update on Tuesdays?)

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