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Nintendo Wii U: Wii U Is The Key To The Console Market’s Future

The International Data Corporation has composed a report that suggests that Wii U will be a key turning point in the games industry’s future. IDC expects the console market to bounce back in 2012 mainly due to the emergence of Wii U.

“I expect that the launch of the Wii U, a revamped interactive entertainment console from Microsoft in the 2014 timeframe, and the arrival of Sony’s ‘PS4’ circa 2015 – along with more than a few exclusive, innovative games – will help drive a new wave of console-centric spending in the next several years”

“Total console hardware and disc-based software revenues are on track to slide a few percent in 2011 compared to 2010. But prognostications that consoles have peaked as a product category are premature.”

59 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Wii U Is The Key To The Console Market’s Future”

  1. it’s just like kinext and move all over again,people call it dumb,then it sells billions,then Sony and Microsoft want in

    1. I have the feeling that is going to be the end for sony & microsoft this time.

      Motion control was, as everybody knew, the next step. but nintendo has something nobody expected. If Sony & Microsoft copy this, people will probably not buy it.

      1. I wouldn’t say the end, rather, Sony and Microsoft are always second in line. Nintendo is all for innovation-based immersion, while S/M is all about Quality-based immersion.

        With Nintendo taking the first step (as usual) in the innovation trail of this coming generation, along with creating hardware that can easily battle the PS3 spec wise, and the fact that there will be a big gap between the Wii U’s release and anything else that S/M releases (besides the Vita), it will be a tough battle for S/M.

          1. Move is only really good with shooters really. I mean you really can’t do that much variation with motion controllers. I mean how many different ways can you swing a bat, swing a sword, etc. It’s all the same motions no matter what console your using. Honestly only thing I use my move for is MAG and volley ball on sports champions.

      2. Generic Internet User

        Sony is already KIND OF copying this with the PS Vita. It can connect to the ps3 much like the Wii U controller

        1. But the DS and the PSP were able to connect with their home consoles. And the PSP could stream to your T.V., too.

        2. Even though the Vita may have the technological CAPACITY to control a PS3, how many developers are going to design games around it, banking on the idea that everyone who has a PS3 is going to have a Vita (or vice versa)? I’m thinking that there may be some little extras in some games that take advantage of the possibility (a la Gamecube/GBA), but EVERY WiiU game is going to be designed around the two screens, because EVERYONE who has a WiiU will have a WiiU controller. That is a major difference.

          1. Very true. If you have a PS3 it is not 100% youll have a PSVita but if u have a WiiU then of course youll have a WiiU controller, and that is why people will buy the WiiU over the PSVita.

      3. Except the PS vita does everything the wii U does. And comes out first. So technically nintendo would be copying Sony.

        1. I haven’t seen the vita work as a contoller to the ps3 yet or the vita interact with the main screen while playing the game….I think putting the vita and the wiiu in the same category to begin with ludacris.

            1. It does work as a ps3 controller. That was announced at E3. And even so the psp can br used as a ps3 controller as well, though it is limited in what games it can play due to the 1 analog stick. And yes the game gets placed on the vita screen not on the tv. And certain games will have vita support while playing on the ps3.

              And it’s not about if they both do the same thing, it’s how if a Sony product (that was first to do it) has the same feature as a nintendo product the fanboys automatically say it’s copying off of nintendo.

              1. If you are going that route, Sony still copied off Nintendo. Nintendo did this with the GameCube and GBA.

                I also believe the announcement of this functionality came AFTER E3.

                1. I was about to say that.
                  In any case, sony is copying the connection between handhelds and home consoles AND it would be copying any kind of feature of the WiiU Controller with the Console like the motion sensor or else features…

                  Sorry for the bad english c:

                2. console/handheld intgration has been around for some time in both companies (nin/sony). starting with the ps1. (example: chocobo mini game in FF9)
                  it is true that nintendo has (almost) always been the edge carving out the tomorrow of VGing experience; starting with the D-pad, shoulder buttons, analog, vibration, motion control, and now full visual interaction via the wiiu pad, however the console/handheld concept is one innovation that truly belongs to sony. comming from a die hard nintendo fan. it should also be remembered that every next generation console will stand on the shoulders of the previouse successor.

              2. Look at it this way… if the Wii U hadn’t been leaked and/or announced at E3 this year, Sony wouldn’t have said anything about the PSwhatever being able to stream to the Vita. It was basically Nintendo doing their own thing, as always, and Sony coming out and telling everybody, “Oh! We can do that too!” … as always.

              3. It was announced after E3 and they haven’t gone into how it works etc. So yea I’m not sure if the portable being used as a controller was part of the original plan or if Nintendo announcing Wii u at E3 had something to do with it.

        2. Look at it from this stand point, The Wii U utilizes the tablet as it’s primary controller, at the same time, it’s not considered an individual handheld. It also communicates with the secondary controllers (wiimotes) in quite an innovative way, a multi-peripheral, wireless gaming experience, something the Vita doesn’t really do. PS Vita can’t really be considered innovative product, more like they went the DS route.

          Plus, they both reviled that they started production on these things at the same time. Considering that these things are built over a series of years, and that any details of the Vita weren’t until 2010, it hard to call copycat out. The one thing about copying is, people only remember the better one.

        3. No, not technically. They were shown off around the same time, and unless Nintendo commited some industrial espionage, then they didn’t copy Sony. But even then, the Wii U was working and available for demo at E3, and Sony claimed the PS3/PSV combo could do the same after E3 and only stated hypotheticals.

      4. nah, Msoft and Sony probably will never get out of the video games industry (unfortunately) because unlike Nintendo, if their games and consoles don’t sell, they can still use the billions they make from the computers and TV’s and all the other multimedia goods they produce to make new consoles and games, even if the last ones weren’t successful.

        1. Im a Little More interested on when the wii u is comin out,and how much itll cost..
          one question,do you know if the wii u is goin to have a virtual console,sorta like wii?

      1. No console or peripheral has sold over 100 million units…. ever… except for the Playstation 2 which sold 153 Million Units.

  2. Ure wrong. Look what happened after the wii. Sony came out with move which was a bit smoother. Then microsodt came out with Kinext which used the whole body to move. Not trying to troll or down people but, it has been stated before, that sony and microsoft don’t see nintendo as a threat to the gaming market. If nintendo doesn’t want a repeat then they really should stay a few steps ahead of the rest.

    With that said…when the wii came out sony and microsoft were scared which is why they copied nintendo. I don’t doubt that wii u will change the industry, but let’s just hope it doesn’t flop like the 3ds has.

    1. How isn’t nintendo a threat are you saying if the wii never existed ppl wouldn’t of bought a ps3 or 360 instead?

      1. Most wii owners are casual players and wouldn’t fit the natural demographic for the 360/ps3. So most wouldn’t of bought a ps3/wii and most people that have a 360/ps3 have a wii too so it didn’t really hurt them anywhere than the casual audience. Which 360/ps3 haven’t really gone after until recently. They just see all the money nintendo is getting with casuals that they want some too.

    2. A repeat? You’re calling an attempt by a company that combats by making a “smoother version” of something that has already sold more than enough to make a breakthrough, then failing to make a good amount of sales/games that utilizes this hardware ahead?

      Kinect ->. Casual but not needed
      PS move -> Casual, but somewhat enhances experience
      Wii -> Came out first, still doing good even after the release of the latter,

      Overall reception, Nintendo was a mile ahead from the start, especially in the Portable category alone. Check out the target audience.

      Sony -> Older audience, tighter interest, niche appeal
      Microsoft -> Medium Audience, niche appeal not as bad
      Nintendo -> Pretty open audience

      PSP-GO is a flop
      Microsoft Window Phone….

      3DS sells were great at release (not as Nintendo wanted), and just spiked because of the recent drop in price, sure the lack of games is a bummer, but it can still play the games of it’s predecessor, AND costs about the same about of it’s predecessor during its current lifespan. Plus, as the game library grows, it will continue to do better.

      Have you seen the amount of developers that haven’t even though about using the Nintendo system before jump on the Wii U ship?

      Cool story bro.

    3. The 3DS has only been out barely 5 months and you are calling it a flop? Sure the launch was not as great as many expected (due to lack of killer software available at launch), but now with the price drop and great games (Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 3D, Kid Icarus) coming out later this year, the 3DS will do incredible sales by the end of the year. Then we will see how much of a “flop” it will be.

    1. what i like about it is that they took less than stellar products and made them huge successes in the future.

      1. I’d love for the next console to be a re-mixxed N64: the sale: a controller that can shapeshift into many different positions and forms, with the saying : unlimited ways to hold the controller!! (the N64 had 3 ways) you know, that might actually be pretty sweet.

  3. Microsoft will keep xbox alive with it’s “spare change.” Xbox won’t die with Microsoft backing it.

    I could potentially see Sony fold one day like sega… And develop software.

    Nintendo will always be a rollar coaster of near death experiences and innovative mountain-tops.

    1. Microsoft will one day meet its end when they make a couple of more programs like vista and windows for phones :)
      Does Sony even make games? Arent they like more like Microsoft .. paying other people to do this for them? Like the stole RARE!? Missing the good RARE games :)

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