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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Redesign Coming In 2012?

French gaming site 01Net who received leaked information about both the PlayStation Vita and Wii U are reporting that Nintendo is currently busy prepping a redesign for the Nintendo 3DS. Apparently the redesigned Nintendo 3DS will launch sometime next year.

“This information corroborates several elements we obtained very recently from various sources. According to them, Nintendo is currently preparing a new 3DS for a 2012 release. This new version would radically tone down the whole ’3D’ angle, with a new design and even probably a different name. In that perspective, the radical price-slashing, touted as a measure to boost sales, would also be a way to liquidate current stocks to make way for the successor…”

181 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Redesign Coming In 2012?”

  1. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Not even 20 games would make up for that. D:
    I love Nintendo and all, but that’d be a real bummer…

        1. honestly, i highly doubt this, given that nintendo has stated that they’re happy with the current model and feel no need to rush a 3ds lite or anything else like it. but i swear to god, if this is real nintendo…

          1. I heard that during the time a 3ds was 250$ i would think they would be happy with what they have. Besides that I don’t know if you can improve the 3DS.:)

    1. I love my 3ds in all ways… i dont care much about the battery life or 3d part (love the 3d) u cant expect pop out glasses free 3d or anything just depth… and the screen isnt that bad either

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      1. Here comes the 3DSXLi :P

        I think it’ll at least be interesting to see what they come up with. Cause they’re probably right. Honestly with the relative lack of success with the console they may be looking to re-brand it and give it a new image.

  3. New name seems INCREDIBLY unlikely, but I’d understand if they toned down advertising the 3D element. It’s the most interesting selling point, but that doesn’t mean people will buy it just for the novelty of 3D (which many assume is a passing fad).

  4. Didn’t Nintendo say they DIDN’T want to to do this?
    I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a 3DS redesign in the future, but so soon considering they said they didn’t want to do this… This rumor is fishy.

    1. They said that to cover up, they cant be trusted on what they say. Look at the GBA & DS Line of redesigns. If I recall they were asked about the DS and you see how that happend. Look forward to 3DS XL or 3DS lite.

      1. Even still, the Lite took 2 years to hit the market and the DSi 3 years. The only reason the DSi XL launched so quickly (a year later) was because they planned to have both versions on the market before the first DSi launched in 2009.

        I’m just as sure as the next person that there will be a modified 3DS in the future, but based on what happened with the original DS/DSi line I’d guess it wouldn’t hit the market until 2013 or holiday 2012 at the earliest.

    1. You dont have to. Besides the model isnt that great and was not worth the anicapated wait. They are deffienelty %100 releasing a new model some time but how can anyone know you sure?

  5. Generic Internet User

    I remember something on here (or it was somewhere else, I don’t remember) saying Nintendo has no plans for a redesign. I doubt this will actually happen.

  6. This sounds unbelievably fishy to me, personally. Bringing out a whole new console with a different name implies they are trying to completely kill of the 3DS when what they’re really trying to do is push it into homes. Sounds like bollocks to me tbh.

    1. Unlike Apple your 3DS can play every single game a redesign can play. Apple devices, on the other hand, can’t play newer games once the next generation comes out.

        1. Solution: 3DS is not a DS redesign. 3DS is a new console. Saying the 3DS is a DS redesign is like saying the Gameboy Color was a GameBoy redesign.

          The Gameboy color was not a redesign, the entire system changed, new games, etc.

          A redesign only enhances minor features, not major features. The Wii U is not a Wii redesign.

          1. This is the truth, but unfortunately Apple is primarily responsible for putting consumers in a different mindset. Instead of defined generations, they’re now set to think one basic device is the device a company will always put out and that it has annual versions.

          2. Additional Note: The GBC is still part of the original GB line. Aside from color, there was no significant hardware difference between that and the GB/GBP. Same buttons, same sound, same graphics. The DSi did more than the GBC, and it’s widely accepted as part of the original DS line, so why should the GBC be called a next-gen successor in the way the GBA was?

  7. why does this always happen when nintendo release a new thing i buy it and then a year they make a newer version !!! arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!!! >:I

    1. They are actually probably not. What is up with you people you believe this rumor? I am about 99% sure this isn’t going to happen. Sort of like Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS.

  8. See, this is why people didn’t buy the 3DS at launch: because they figured there’d probably be a remake of it next year (possibly with more colors?), after some better games have come out and after the price has come down. I still want to get one, but after hearing this news, I’m probably going to wait even more. It’s not like there are a terrible amount of games I’ll be missing out on in the meanwhile.

  9. I can’t believe this. I feel ripped off as a Nintendo customer. After finding out about the price cut (i paid full price) and now this … I can tell you I am not going to buy the next DS after the 3DS.

  10. I think people need to stop reading this article as if it’s FACT >__> You can start pulling your hair out in anger if Nintendo do an announcement, otherwise don’t believe everything you hear…

    1. Nintendo, really. their systems are fun, even if they do release something new every 5 seconds. i really hope they DONT come out with a new 3ds, because every time they do, im kinda tempted to buy it. it is annoying though…. you: i just got a 3ds! tv commercial: NEW! the 3dsXLlite! its better than whatever you have!

  11. I’m calling this fake, their have been too many reports of Nintendo NOT making a 3ds redesign in the future, and I am sure some random French magazine no-ones ever heard off isn’t going to be right. This is just random and idiotic speculation on their part. Plus, Nintendo are releaing the Wii U next year. i doubt they will have two major hardware releases in one year. Maybe in 2013, but not in 2012.

  12. Well, if that’s true, I hope they do something about the shell case. I hope they go back to the one they used for the DSi.

    I don’t know how I feel about this if it’s true. It was reported that Reggie said there were no plans for a redesign, but I guess if your system isn’t sell as well as you thought, the last thing you want to say is that there is a new version coming out within the next year.

    1. But Reggie also said back in late 2010 that there were “No plans to announce a Wii Successor because the Wii still has a long life ahead of it,” And another time when asked about a new Wii, he replied, “Well we did release a new Wii, it was red, and sold very well.”

      1. Sorry, wrong person to reply to. But I hope everyone understands what I said and how he says “No plans to release a new model/console,” and end up announcing the new product months later.

      2. You don’t understand the business. It takes years to develop new consoles (i.e. Wii U). They start the new console after the previous one launches. Nintendo is not going to release the Wii U and say, alright buy this, we are working on a new console! That would deter people from buying the Wii U. If you notice the phrasing used, he also says “No plans to announce” meaning no plans to reveal the new console. That does NOT mean there is not going to be a successor, or the successor will not be released soon. He stated that the Wii has long life ahead to not deter others from purchasing. Saying that it has no life ahead would stop people from purchasing the product (bad business move).

  13. if this is true then nintendo is a total dick. how can you be working on redesign when you haven’t even release a decent game for the system yet?

  14. definatly cant be true… didnt Nintendo just release a statement saying they didnt have plans to do a 3ds redesign??? if this has any truth to it the part thats wrong is 2012…. i think theyd at least give it another year

  15. That’s really unlikely, if the 3DS is failing then they haven’t recooped the money they’ve spent on R&D and marketing and stuff, it’d be worse to release a new model now. They don’t really need to a new model as I doubt the model itself is the source of their problems with sales…

    1. I agree. Nintendo would be shooting themselves in the foot if the released a new console that wasn’t radically different. A 3DS with two circle pads and a longer battery life would be amazing!

      It’s far too soon, though. You can’t release a dedicated gaming handheld back to back to back like this and expect people to keep buying them. There needs to be some downtime to let people get the most out of their investments.

  16. this is hard to still going to buy one as soon as the red one is released. and with the new line of game’s comming up for the 3ds. how counld i not buy

  17. I’m not buying it(figuratively), didn’t Nintendo say that they were happy with the current design and had no plan for a redesign? And when Nintendo says they “currently have to plans” they usually mean it.

  18. I remember hearing somewhere that Nintendo does not plan on redesigning the 3DS… Probably if they were to redesign it, it would be two to four years from now and have a bunch of new features like the DSi did compared to the DS.

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  20. Okay first point, when the DS came out there was like 2 years inbetween each redesign so if there is going to be one for the 3DS and I believe Nintendo have already said they have no plans, it would be at least 2 years away I think.

    Secondly, just because they’ve released something doesn’t mean you have to buy it! It would still probably do the same things as the current one but really what else could they add? Make it slimmer? I doubt it, but if they did what’s the harm? Oh no I can’t fit anything else in my pocket with my fat 3DS like those with the slim 3DS can, how will I live! And it’s about 10grams heavier it’s weighing me down oh no!

    Honestly, I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan, have been for well over 18 years. But some people are just freaking out over nothing. Plus it’s just a rumour.

  21. Now that I think it thorough this is obviously bullshit. I can believe Nintendo just started prepping the 3DS redesign, what doesn’t make sense is them releasing it next year. Waaaay too soon to be profitable.

    1. Plus they’ve got the Wii U around the corner next year as well, so I don’t see why they’d even be thinking about this…

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  23. Nintendo was also expecting the 3DS to sell like crack in the city when they said they wouldn’t make a new version.It really didn’t sell as well as expected, and there is the screen damaging problem… Besides the 2012 thing it’s pretty believable, but sucks for Nintendo either way.

  24. Sweet… i don’t like the 3d come out with a system that runs the same games but at a higher resolution and call it the DSHD

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  26. it was a bit obvious they’ll call it 3ds xl, and they think everyone will buy it because it will be bigger and have 3d, come to think of it…. i want one!!!

  27. This…would actually make quite a lot of sense. The 3DS isn’t selling well, so they’ve cut the price massively to shift stock. People think it’s a gimmick – just a DSi with a 3D screen.

    Nintendo could do this to remarket, improve on the most common complaints (i.e. battery life) and focus on cooperation with the Wii U, also being released 2012. It could work as a smaller Wii U controller?

  28. I remember when DSi XL was released and Nintendo said they had no plans for a new model, but yet few months later they then announced 3DS, for me its typical of Nintendo, they’ve been re-designing ever since gameboy, look at their track record, the list is massive, theyr may say now that theyr not re-designing purely because cus they’ve only just got high sales figures for 3DS, why are they gunna sacrifice that now. I bet without a doubt there will be an announcement later this year about a re-design, might not be an overhaul but changes will happen!!!

  29. The name change could be because they’ve realized people think it’s just a new version of the DS. This could be a marketing strategy to better differentiate the two consoles. If it is true I’d guess the redesign wouldn’t change much; maybe just longer battery life and a sturdier hinge. Haven’t bought a 3DS yet because I was afraid of something like this. I do hope Nintendo confirm or deny this asap though, otherwise I won’t be buying at Christmas like I was planning.

    1. People think 3D is a gimmick. The casual consumer is bombarded with 3D movie advertisements, for instance, and many consider it an unnecessary tack-on. The term “3D” almost carries a negative connotation because people associate it with higher prices and cheap special effects. It would be very wise to differentiate the 3DS from the last-gen DS systems. It would leave a stronger impression than “this is a DS with 3D imaging.”

  30. Doubt it as well. There trying to get customers confidence right now, they would never consider doing this at the moment.

  31. Nintendo really doesn’t need this kind of news to come out. Especially if they want to sell the system. you think they would address this especially after the abomination that was the Wii U leak.

    Also why advertise the new Flare Red 3DS or even bring it over here if what they want is to remove the overstock of the other two systems to bring a new model/ redesign

  32. Hd graphics wouldn’t be good for the 3ds that would decrease profits and not change sales as nintendo does not care about game quality maybe a 3ds with no 3d and some different features because that would spread the fanbase wider as the 3d is dangerous for young kids! Maybe a larger bottom screen and some pre installed programs/applications and an increased battery life and a slightly reduced cost and a special stylus maybe a different color. The box could feature a microfibre cloth for screen cleaning as cleaning the screen is a pain in the ass! They could feature improved design (fixing the issues with the lines on the top screen and the mark of the anolog pad) also some improved sound quality as the dsi had it could feature pre installed apps that are free like nintendo video and a a paid application. It could also feature the ability to stream on a video website (youtube,other)they could also create some sort of improved streetpass functionallity such as minigames the design could feature 10-20 or they could be purchased (1$ per 5 Random games) it could feature compatibility with wii u somehow.
    It could have a lower price possibly 160-150$ another thing the 3d off of the system could get the profit up and the price shooting down.

  33. the reson i bought a 3ds is coz they stopped makin ds games, unless it uses new games tnat cant be played on a 3ds i wont buy, but i want an hd3ds with anoter circle pad under the buttons

  34. Ok first off, its just a rumor. Second, I’m actually excited becuz the 3ds does need a redesign. Better cameras, updated aumented reality, maybe add a second circle pad, make the 3ds bigger. Change the bottom screen design, Increased battery life. I do admit that its very soon if this is true

  35. Let’s say this is true, next year, the whole focus will be on Wii U. Did anyone here thought that maybe a new redesign will arrive by the holiday season? Just because the number from 2011 to 2012 suggest one year, it doesn’t mean it’s actually one year since the 3DS was released around March. Also, this is a RUMOR; it doesn’t mean Nintendo will announce it (if true) any time soon. When the new xbox 360 was announced, there were people who had just bought the old model; the same happened with the PS3 slim, the whole DS and PSP line up, and just about every other electronic out there. There are also people who buy a product a day after a price drop is announced. It just happens, so try not to make such a big deal out of it.

  36. LOL

    this is why you don’t buy nintendo handhelds early, fools. you all should have learned your lesson after the DS, at least. i bought one early, and when the lite came out, i felt like kicking myself. never again.

    i really hope this turns out to be true, unlike the majority here feeling buyer’s remorse

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  38. 1.) This could be an attempt to hurt Nintendo sales by making people hold off on a redesign that doesn’t exist, or

    2.) Nintendo has mastered f**king over it’s loyal fans.

    Guess time will tell.

  39. nitendo is really gettin hard to judge when it comes to when to buy their systems. if this rumor comes true then the question remains. which 3ds should i buy? i have not bought a 3ds yet as im w8ing for a few more titles to show up but if i was to buy 1 now is it worth the money? none the less i doubt nitendo would revamp a system this early.

  40. If the new one comes out with 3D video then im buying it. Because i’ve been thinkig bout it. What if this “new” rumor is true and if you go to the store to buy it and you have a 3Ds with you then you can upgrade it for 99$? they did it with a DSI like months ago when it came out.surely they’ll do the same i believe. And trust me, i dont believe this ethier. But if your wrong then…. its not gonna be a N.E [NINTENDO E].

  41. Complete garbage. Every financial analyst wants to jump the gun and call this system dead. That’s why some say the PS Vita will fail before it’s even released. Yes Nintendo promoted the system a lot on its 3-D capability, and maybe 3DS was a bad name for it, because people could dismiss it as another version of the DS with 3-D capability without knowing more about the system and maybe Nintendo lost a customer then and there. I know the system is in trouble but considering the games to be released before 2012, I see a large potential sales boost. The Virtual Boy failed not only because the hardware was a joke, but let’s face it, the one must-have game was Wario World. I used to play it all the time at the demo station at my local Toys R Us, thinking the game was amazing but not worth the purchase price of a Virtual Boy. After the holiday season is over and Nintendo gathers all their final sales figures, then let’s talk about the chances of the 3DS failing.

  42. What’s so stupid is how everyone treats this rumor as fact. Another stupid thing is that everyone acts like they have to buy the redesign. My thoughts are in the word “redesign”. My guess is they’ll make it look different and add a small feature hear and there like they did with the DS and DS Lite (notice I’m saying like, I’m not implying they’ll make a 3DS Lite) and deter from the 3D so not to make it look gimmicky like everyone whine’s about. They’ll tell the consume “Hey guys, 3D is just the main point there’s other stuff too.” They realized how they accidentally made the system look like a gimmick and changed that. As for the DSi XL, I remember seeing videos of DSi’s breaking easier than glass and my guess is that the XL was meant to be a fix to the fragile DSi. :/

    1. Reggie Fils- Aime also told IGN that the Wii still had a long life ahead before a successor would even show up. Then Wii U was announced. so don’t believe him

  43. Dual circle pad
    Double sized screen
    Robust metal shell

    Add that and i would probably buy it :p, even though i have one :p

  44. i wouldnt really care if they made a redesigned 3ds, like a 3ds lite or something, i dont see the need for one but if nintendo wants to then whatever. I would be pissed though if they are actually giving up on the 3ds and making a successor. just because it sold a little worse than expected in the beginning doesn’t mean that the 3ds is another virtual boy. but i highly doubt that’ll happen

  45. This doesn’t make sense. Why would they get rid of the 3D features if this were true? I am not believing it until I hear official word from Nintendo.

    Even if there is a redesign, no one is forcing anyone to buy them. They are just “options”. I know some people didn’t upgrade from a DS to a DS Lite when the Lite came out. So it is not a big deal.

    1. They wouldn’t get rid of 3D. I think it just means they wouldn’t use that as the focus point in their advertisements.

  46. Pardon my ignorance but why is/was the 3DS selling poorly. I’ve played a friends and ones in the store and it looks and feels great, I’ve just read that people said the 3D hurt their eyes so took them back en-mass. Wouldn’t it have been better to have just turned the 3D off. It is technically more advancved than the DS so its not like they just brought the same console with one more feature. The 3DS doesn’t seem like it needs a redesign or re-naming so soon, I think the name is quite good.

  47. I really doubt this, but hopefully it means BIGGER SCREENS. They finally got the DS right when the XL came out, they should’ve just given the 3DS big screens to begin with.

    1. But still….. They are selling it in a year so whats the point anyways? Besides, by “redesigns” meaning you can take it to a store and upgrade it for 50 dollars [wtf i can get MW3 with that kind of money] or send by mail but same thing. Trust me on this though. I have heared many DS rumors like Nintendo E Or Nintendo Movie but this one seems fake’

  48. But I just got one! :l The red one came out, and now they are allegedly going to release a new design? Me and my rotten gaming luck…

  49. i’m not worried as this is probably fake. It would be a shame on nintendo’s side as i’ve gotten my 3ds on day 1, and in Greece i got it for something like 270euro = about 400 us dollars! So, yeah, the 20 games can barely make up for it, not to mention an improved model.

  50. This would be so costumer-unfriendly towards everyone who’s bought a 3DS early, especially because they hardly got to play any good games since there are so little releases. If they do this, they should really do something to make up for it, maybe let people trade their 3DS for a newer version for like 50 euros or something.

  51. If true, then Nintendo has lost me as a customer for a while. Sorry, it’s way too early to provide a new 3DS.

    Nintendo, the problem is the lack of games. The design of the 3DS has very little to do with the failure fo the 3DS so far. It’s all about the huge lack of quality games, especially first party games.

  52. Maybe this is the truth being stretched. What if Nintendo are just planning to change the way they advertise the 3DS. when ever I talk to my friends about the 3DS they say come up with the usual excuses “it doesnt work”, “its not really 3d”, “it hurts ur eyes”, “it gives u head-aches” maybe Nintendo r trying to put these doubts away and r selling it a different way in order to get more sales. I don’t think Nintendo r going to release a whole knew console. Im not worried.

  53. OMG people you have to ask yourself are you happy with the system you bought? whats comming out next who know’s. there will always be something new out. what are we going to do cry about i think not..thats all

  54. Don´t care if its fake or not. If it comes out I will buy it with no complaint, I would love more Nintendo hardware. Nintendo deserves all the money in the world, in my opinion.
    I have all the Nintendo consoles, and I mean ALL of them and I LOVE them all!!! I would cry happy-tears for anything Nintendo related!!!

  55. I call shenanigans.

    “Nintendo engineers…working on an additional device….two analog controls… even if that will entail an additional cost of 10 dollars per console to be played on currently available hardware.”

    How the hell would a external analog stick add-on connect to the 3ds, there’s no port for it. Or do they mean add-on for dev kits?

  56. Probably and bigger screen, it stays 3D but just has a bigger screen. 3D is better on bigger screens. I think the original 3DS was bad anyway. They need some more stuff. The top screen should be a little bigger than the bottom. The 3DS was just a test i think.

  57. Sounds like they have decided that the 3D idea was a bit too much (ouch my eyes) and they’re trying to tone it down. It will be interesting to see. Hopefully it’s not just another re-hash of a DS with some useless add on

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  59. Well i have all the nintendo systems but one problem with nintendo is that they bring out a new system each year EX: Nintendo™ DS lite came out like a year or 2 after the regular Nintendo™ DS. Why§¶☆★ i havnt asked yet but surly they will have a hood reason why…♭♪•…⇔⇒¾½¼¼%¯●µ^●◆■▲☆

  60. really i dont doubt about this 1 nintendo makes this shit so wii stupid custumers buy it like me im a big fan of nintendodo but fuck im over
    im just fucking mad about nintendo thoing this

  61. so.. i wasted 250 dollars a month ago and now they tell me theyre gonna make a new redesign??!!

    fuck you nintendo

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  63. Rumors guys, rumors. If there was a rumor that Miyamoto jumped off a bridge, would you so willingly believe that too? How about when the Wii U comes out that they plan on making a slimmer one, and call it the Wii U Slim? Let’s face it, 01Net had got two good rumors correct. Wii U and PS Sh… Vita. So does that make all of the rumors true? NO. Everyone needs to take a chill pill, and look at the facts that we DO know. Yes Nintendo released DSi and DSI XL real close to each other, but that was one thing. From DS to DS Lite, 2004 to 2006, two years. DS Lite to DSi 2006 to 2009! (*ahem* Three years*) Plus, on a business stand point, doing this would be committing suicide. They have a great end of the year set up; Star Fox 64 3d, Super Mario 3d Land, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus Uprising; by the end of the year. Plus they also advertised the Flame Red color too. Take away the 3d effect? Why would Nintendo want to kill the 3ds? “It’s like the virtual boy!” No, it’s not. The Virtual Boy sold only 770,000 units in it’s lifetime, the 3ds has shipped 4.32 units, IN ONE YEAR. The 3ds is on a “rocky” start, but that could be said for everything that’s released on it’s first year. The only problem is the 3ds’s game library isn’t that excellent. I don’t find a problem with the battery life, sure it’s short, but I play mine mostly at home where I can find the charger. There is nothing wrong with playing game connected to the wall, or is that concept outdated now? “The 3d effects gives me headaches” Turn it off, simple as that. Nintendo gave the 3d an option for a reason. Some people get headaches, I for one don’t, I turn it off when I’m on the road but that’s because I lose the sweet spot, but that’s it. “Why buy a 3ds when you don’t use the 3d?” Because you don’t have to use the 3d. It’s a new system, the Wii provides different control schemes, right? Then why buy a Wii if you don’t use the motion control all the time? Don’t believe these rumors so easily, wait for NINTENDO to say something, then you have the right to be angry.

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  66. I wouldn’t be surprised. I agree if it comes out 2012, it will be, earliest, around the holiday season. We have to remember that Wii U will arrive next year. It really wouldn’t make sense to release them close to one another. Also they have to give that “frankenstick” a chance to sell.

    Nintendo does not always tell the truth. I remember Nintendo’s American president Reggie saying a year prior to the Wii U presentation that he believes the Wii will have a long life. What a load there.

    This French gaming site was on point with 2 other rumors/leaks. Also looking back on my experience with buying EVERY version of the ds, I strongly believe this will happen.

  67. hi there yayh finnaly anouther 3ds i hope it will have quad core cpu quad core gpu 1 gb ram 16 gb internal flash storage and yes youtube streaming 3d movies and have a 3d flash player too for all 3d websites wich are in the thousands 3d websites out right now

  68. Prepare for N3DS HD in the mid of next year, guys. :) We don’t force you to buy our new version of N3DS but surely you’ll buy it because we know that you’ll love it. :)


  70. Reead articles and this is 50% false. this is going to happen but it is just going to be an attachment not a revised system so case closed.

  71. I hope the new 3ds has a larger screen. I haven’t bought one in hope that they create it bigger like the ds lite. I think the ds xl is a little too big I think, but as I get older and my eyes get worse maybe releasing one that size in 3d wouldn’t be so bad either.

  72. Dont understand why people are shocked! I could have predicted this. Of course it’s true. Check this out…… Exactly the same will happen with the ps vita, get over it. I’ll be getting the new 3ds this is what I’ve been waiting for and it’s took longer than I thought (honestly)

  73. yes, can’t wait’. The current model sucks. the upper screen gets scratched by the lower screen border, the battery life is cringe worthy, The lower screen should have been at least the size of the DSi screen, i prefer two identical screens, BTW I hate the 3D (thanks for the slider)

  74. The top screen needs to nearly fill the black space, could care less about 3D, it eats battery, hurts your eyes and needs to be turned off anyway in the heat of battle. remove rear facing cameras, augmented reality is a bad gimmick that just makes top screen thicker. screen should be higher contrast/resolution, two analogue nubs at the bottom, with D pad and face buttons above like a PS controller. better battery life 8+ hours = the perfect hand held game system.

  75. I think if they make a new 3ds you should be able toreturn the original 3ds and geta free $100.00 dollar discount and you should be able to use it to control the wiiu

  76. yep, a fucking 3dsxl……damn…..good thing i dont have the 3ds! i laugh at you all who said this was bullshit! you are damn wrong! oh and fuck you nintendo. stop fucking releasing a fucking new model. id wait at least a fucking ten years. god dammit its just so fucking annoying!

  77. hi there i have a 3ds 3ds xl wii u ps vita xbox 360 soo i have too save up money before buying new game consoles

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