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Nintendo: Is Nintendo Stealing Ideas From External Sources?

01Net is continuing its Nintendo related rumours but this time they’re stating that the Kyoto based company is effectively stealing ideas from external sources and marketing them off as their own. Pretty powerful accusations…

The concept of Pikmin, for example, was borrowed directly from an unpublished RTS (real-time simulation game) proposed by a creators years before the game’s release. Thus, the official story (Miyamoto got the idea for Pikmin by observing animal life in his garden) is just a clever narrative, fabricated for marketing purposes. Mario Galaxy is another example. According to our source, three totally different versions/concepts had been proposed for what was then called “Mario 128”, but none of them made the cut. Nintendo then set its views on a promising prototype it had bought from an external source some time ago, added Mario and its friends, tweaked a thing or two, and… Here was Mario Galaxy!

According to our source, Nintendo is in possession of a gigantic treasure trove unlike any other, so far largely unexploited. This unique policy of colossal investments into game prototypes and game design concepts has to be fully put to use.

141 thoughts on “Nintendo: Is Nintendo Stealing Ideas From External Sources?”

    1. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Nintendo or hate them, until you know the truth who knows if some of these things are truly lies. Sometimes someone just loves a company so much they accept their wrongs.

      Nintendo accepts proposals, but Nintendo refuses to sign any NDAs for those proposals. They want you to agree that your ideas could be their ideas already, but if they have a game that was close to completion, and they have an idea like yours that will later be added to the game, what do you think that is?

      A lot of companies do stuff like that.

    1. Surely this can’t be true. Nintendo always had NEAT and ORIGINAL ideas. Maybe the rumors are trying to ruin Nintendo. So not true. :\

      1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario

        Unfortunately… it’s true. Because I know that the Pokémon called “Zoroark” was not truly designed as what it is today, the original design of the character came from a Japanese game that was a musical type game, I forgot what the name of it was… but the final stage character had a anthro fox like character that played the flute, and that’s how Nintendo’s second party developer The Pokémon Company got the design idea from. Now that’s an example how those things do happen, after all… no company is perfect.

        1. A designer probably saw the game and liked the design, so they submitted a cooler-version. It’s not like a person can just “un-see” something cool. Like right now, if you were jumped in time to 2003, and were given the power to design the next smartphone, it would most likely be shaped like current phones (large touch screen taking up most of the screen).

        2. That sounds no better then the rumors that seem to be sprouting up about Nintendo. Considering the fox or ‘Kitsune’ is a mythical creature in Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a number of different fox esque anthropomorphic looking creatures in games and manga etc. Zoroark is meant to be a sort of Kitsune who in Japanese mythology was known to shape shift (hence Zoroark’s ability to use illusions in the game) and play tricks on people.

          While I agree that no company is perfect, Nintendo did make a mistake with the launch of the 3DS, Nintendo is the sort of company I truly believe wouldn’t do something like that. They may get ideas for their games from a prototype made within the company or whatever but I don’t think they would ever lie about something like the concept for the game Pikmin in order to execute some crazy marketing scheme. Considering the sort of innovation their games have brought to the world of gaming I highly doubt they’ve just been stealing ideas all this time.

          All these rumors seem more likely to be false as in they got these from bad sources, an attempt to get some attention or just an attempt to sully the name of Nintendo (doubt it though).

      2. Someone’s in denial. That’s like hearing that someone you really like did something, and you refuse to believe it because you really like them. You don’t know what is or isn’t true unless facts date proof.

  1. This is horse crap. All nothing but slander made in an attempt by another dumbass fanboy who for some reason, wants Nintendo to fail because he lacks a life or common sense or basic intelligence.

    Until I see proof saying otherwise, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

  2. They’re not stealing ideas if they purchased them legitimately. There’s nothing wrong with buying an idea for a game, and changing it to incorporate Mario. Andthsts assuming these rumours aren’t complete crap.

    1. True. The only thing that would bother me about this rumor if it were true is that Nintendo allegedly lied about the origin of their ideas. I really hope that’s not the case.

    2. I doubt Nintendo would lie straight to their fanbase! In the past, if they have basically used someone elses idea, they have said it!

      For example, Kirby: Epic Yarn, they even said that it was originally developed by a company, but they just couldn’t make it stand out. So Nintendo made it into a Kirby game!

    1. Your comment brings to mind Bethesda. They’re suing the creators of minecraft because their next game has the word scrolls in it

  3. Okay few things.

    1, why isn’t the accusatory party giving any details to the prototype games that Nintendo supposedly stole?

    2. And regardless if these aren’t Nintendo’s original ideas, which I doubt, how is it stealing if Nintendo bought the prototype?

  4. 01net is really starting to piss me off. I’m getting the impression that they’re all idiots trying to take a hit at nintendo.

    1. And you know what’s sad? That some idiot PS3 fanboy on YouTube is going to use this to slander Nintendo on daily basis because he lacks a proper thing called a life like every other news story about Nintendo.

  5. Wow, look at aalll the butt hurt on this website. All this proves is that Nintendo is like every company. You guys are always saying that Sony steals ideas but what about Nintendo? Nope they’re a saint.

    1. Not that I think Nintendo are incapable of doing wrong, but this is just a rumor and rumors prove nothing until they are backed by facts.

      1. ^This. This guy needs to go. All he does is hate on Nintendo and speak in a condescending tone towards Nintendo fans, as if to say “Nintendo fans are so immature, Sony fans are way more mature”

  6. Look at Kirbys epic yarn, it was meant to be a different character and became Kirby! And the original dev handled it! Believe Nintendo gives credit!

  7. how is this a problem again? all companies who can afford it buy other companies or rights to ideas. google just bought motorola mobility solely so they could use motorola’s trademarked ideas. again, this is what businesses do, and there is nothing wrong with it. these morons who write for these websites need to go to business school and learn what horizontal integration is

  8. You Nintennerds…. Who’s stealing now? You think this is fake cause Nintendo always came up with new stuff. WELL EVER THOUGHT OF THIS, what if they stole it first so you all think they’ve always been original. Can’t wait to play Mario on my Ps4 or 720. :D

    1. You’re a moron. Especially if you believe Nintendo will ever allow their franchises to go on other consoles.

      I ain’t believing these until I see more proof. I don’t think Nintendo is perfect but some concrete proof would do more in proving these rumors.

      1. nintendo is mother fucken crap suing mojang and 4j for fuckin nothing im an xbox fan and i play nintendo but this has just goten rediculice

  9. Ha! Galaxy was the originally supposed to be released right after Super Mario 64, on N64! But back then nothing was powerful enough to handle Galaxy! So just cuz some idiot who thinks a game is only good if it has good graphics and is on the Ps3, or 360, and involves killing people is saying that Nintendo is jackin ideas, doesnt mean I’m gonna beleive it! Nintendo is the GREATEST video game company of all time and always will be. Heck, if it were’nt for Mario there wouldnt be video games anyway.

  10. Sounds like information only a Sony undercover agent could discover! THE LEGENDS ARE TRUE SONY HAS SECRET UNDERCOVER AGENTS THAT WORK AT 01NET AND SPY ON NINTENDO.

  11. Who cares? I have 500 game ideas a day. Ideas are easy and cheap. It takes something special to make games as well as Nintendo does.

  12. I hate the french so much. Those pigs make any attempt to slander the Holy N.
    I redesign for the 3DS? Even if you’re retarded, high, drunk and tripping you can still point out the obvious falseness of it.
    Sure they were ‘right’ about the WiiU and PSVita, but theres no way in hell this 3DS crap is true. Nintendo is almighty, nintendo is beautiful, nintendo is the reason I havent killed myself yet.

    1. “The French”? Did you know that more than one French out of six had a Wii system? Just to let you know we’re not only stupid diehard CoD fans only caring about 360, 01net isn’t “France”, this is a stupid assumption.
      If you are prompt to classify a website with a country then you might just forget BigN and “kill yourself” shamelessly. Thanks.

    2. Yea I resent that comment. I’m like 1/2 so I’m yeaa not cool dont categorize all French people intO one category

    3. Dude, grow the hell up. I think you’ll find that a single nation doesn’t represent one person’s opinions. So what do you do if someone I don’t know… let’s say who is Irish (I’m Irish, so if you somehow think I’m trolling the Irish you can f–k yourself right now) comes up to you and says ‘Nintendo are unoriginal jerks!’, does that mean the Irish are horrible and always hate Nintendo? Obvious fail comment is obvious.

    4. im anonomus from earlier and fuck nintendo cause they stole minecraft so 4j an mojang also hav a lawsuit against nintendo too

  13. Hey everyone, this is coming from the same guys who predict a 3ds redesign later this year. They give absolutely no evidence for both this and their previous speculation. This is obviously bull and should be taken as such. Not the truth.

  14. God most of you are idiots! First off, it is a rumor, secondly don’t get all pissy that Nintendo is not a god damn video game god. Sony is making a new handheld? Nintendo did it first, they stole it! Nintendo is not the gods of the gaming industry. Ideas are passed around. You are just as bad as CoD fanboys, oh look a FPS, THEY MUST HAVE STOLEN THE IDEA FROM COD. See, it makes you look stupid. As for the whole Nintendo thing, it is possible that ideas are stolen.

    1. Sorry to correct you, but Nintendo is God. But CoD fans are fucking retards. DooM was and always will be the best FPS. CoD cant even get good music down. And if youve ever played zelda, youd realize how important music is to a game.
      Nintendo is god, and the french are repulsive. They cant even play galaga without trying to surrender every time the enemy ships come on screen.

    2. Just shut you, brought up CoD one of the biggest plagues on the industry. CoD retards the thinking and creativity of the design process. Nintendo is one of the most creative and by far the most sucessful

      1. I don’t mind cod but I mean nintendo buys games and uses the ideas Thats not stealing and they create loads of brilliant games the guy who said that nintendo stole must of been drunk

  15. After reading this bullshit I think it’s pretty clear that this site has absolutely no credibility. How can they accuse without showing any proof? They’re obviously trying to cause a negative impression about Nintendo for some unclear reason.
    It could be just a crazy Sony fanboy desperate enough to spread rumors because he’s afraid of PSVita not selling well after the 3DS price drop. Or they could have received a massive amount of money to write false stuff about the 3DS.
    These are the only two things that came to my mind when I read it.

    1. Everyone knows that SMB2 American is just Doki Doki Panic with different sprites. It’s not like Nintendo ever denied that or anything.

      And plus, Doki Doki Panic was a Nintendo game in the first place, so there was no stealing.

      1. Actually, Super Mario 2 was a huge improvement over doki doki panic. In doki doki panic you had to play as all 4 characters before you could advance to the next world. Also, in doki doki panic, there were no special abilities, like in SM2 how toad is stronger, peach can float, and luig flutter jumps.

        Anyways, yea, they were both made by nintendo. Doki Doki Panic was based of a failed anime series.

  16. Ok, this is just bullshit. Mario 128 was a NINTENDO IDEA. They cant steal their own idea… and same thing with Pikmin, he stole an idea from animals in his garden? fuckin noobs of companies.

  17. The creative industry. We are born, live through our childhood and are exposed to so many styles and arts throughout our life. Human beings find it difficult to be original, at least in this age when there is so much content for us to view, appreciate and forget. Every time we come up with something original, we never truly know if it actually is unique, or if sub-conciously, somewhere along the line, we “borrowed” ideas/styles/content from somewhere else. It cannot be helped, but this doesn’t exactly relate to what is being discussed here on this page.

    On a more related note, I’d just like to say that the comments such as “I HATE SONY” “I HATE NINTENDO” “I HATE MICROSOFT” are extremely childish. Blah blah did this, so and so did that. Just like in the school yard. But unfortunatley, I can’t get away from this – it is apparent in every industry, and all a round us. Sports, Religion, our own personal opinions. It’s all the same.

    It would be really nice if people could be non-bias, stop the bickering and use their eyes. Or their ears. Or one of their senses. Find what it is they truly do appreciate. And share that experience with others. As always, not all will agree with what you like, but I do what I do, keep myself to myself and offer what experience I have to any that appreciate it, nothing more.

    Let’s all try and enjoy our lives. Good day. :)

  18. I doubt this. I’m not saying nintendo can’t steal ideas or won’t, not every company is perfect but I don’t give credit to that website. I’m not a nintendo fanboy because I play the other systems but this is the website who reported that the supposed 3ds remake would have 3 analog sticks

  19. This just reminds me of a time in jr. high when a friend of mine was telling me about Mario 128, a game where all the worlds would be entire planets. They sure do plan in advance.

  20. I don’t think that Nintendo would even have to do this. Does anyone actually believe Nintendo would get a creative block and steal ideas?

  21. If nintendo always lied they would have said that they were making luigis mansion 2 because they thought it had too much potential or stuff most developers would say but no they took it like a man and said we’re making this because we want to.

  22. Hmm I don’t really believe this. Typical Sony talk.

    But if it is true, Nintendo is not alone. Example: Minecraft is stolen from Infiniminer.

  23. Complete and utter trash. I don’t believe this for one thousandth of a nanosecond. I read up to and stopped… then kept reading. Of course Nintendo uses other peoples ideas. All companies do that.
    (especially SONY… lol)
    Nintendo gains the rights to these ideas and they use them to their fullest. They’re not “stealing”.

  24. if theyre just copying ideas then why in the hell does it take 5 years to make a game. i mean look at call of duty. all it is is rehashed ideas and it comes out one year after the other one. :|

  25. So? We had Tamagochis before Pokemon or Nintendogs, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. They can have their ideas from other designs and tweak it around as they please to fit their own ideas. I can have a million ideas for a game, but not everything that looks great on paper will translate well onto an actual game. In fact, in design classes, instructors tell students to look at other people’s work to get new ideas on how they want to approach a certain design. For the Mario Galaxy thing’ even if they got an external prototype, it’s theirs now. And just an idea doesn’t make up the whole games, now does it? What about Smash Bros? And how about Mario Kart? I mean, it’s just Mario characters in a racing car using their own style of weapons. What about Zelda? Anything that comes as close as to a prototype for that game?

    I’m more likely to believe what I get through gaming history than what someone else has written just because they were bored. I don’t care if they nailed the Wii U, Vita, etc., an idea alone does not automatically translate to a good piece of art/work.

  26. OBJECTION!!!

    Pikmin came from a game called Mario 128, the fact that it has similarities to another strategy game is coincidence. Mario 128 was later changed into Pikmin, but the idea is fairly similar.

  27. Even if they do take ideas, remember they are mereley IDEAS! For Mario Galaxy’s case, the writers of that website expect us to believe Nintendo goes digging around and they find Mario Galaxy ready to serve? Give me a break. All they have to do is make a few “tweaks?” And it’s ready? Where’s the proof!?

  28. Could be possible, I mean, the games were unreleased, so why let a good idea go to waste?

    They kind of did the same with Super Mario Bros. 2, just for localisation purposes, but still slapping Mario’s face over an existing game HAS been done plenty of times.

  29. Well then, I am ignoring everything 01NET says from now on… This is just attacking Nintendo with no actual proof of their claims. 01NET, you are a load of bollocks.

  30. I looked at dog poop once and said “Hey, I think I have an idea!” Then I totally forgot about it. 2 Years later they announced the PSP. At first I was like:|…. Then I was like >:| “What the F? Sony is completely stealing my idea!”

    End of story

  31. A likely story, but I don’t believe that rubbish.
    If you ask me, that’s just a load of cobblers by someone trying to knock their reptuation out the window.

  32. Number of patent trolls (never mind reputable companies) ready to sue for the slightest similarity = 1,000,000,000,000

    Number of times Nintendo has been sued because Mario galaxy or pikmin was ripped off = 0.

    Nintendo first had the idea for Mario 128 not long after Mario 64. That’s why it was called Mario 128. This was eventually canned and elements from the game went into pikmin (think of the multiple Mario’s in the 128 demo) and Mario galaxy (the spherical worlds). Nintendo have always been open about this, but that has never stopped crazy accusations in the past.

    Many believe that Mario galaxy was a rip off of something in one of the ratchet and clank games, even though the initial 128 concept which gave birth to galaxy was thought up a good four years before the first ratchet game was even released.

    There is a rather devoted anti Nintendo faction on the Internet as well. For example, Miyamoto has repeatedly had his Wikipedia article vandalised by people determined to downplay his role in all of his creations, going as far to say he took credit from someone else in the company, with just as much proof as this pathetic website has with these nonsensical claims, which has resulted in it’s already tarnished reputation going down the toilet.

  33. as ever, someone has a hissy fit against nintendo and accusing them of stealing ideas for their games. bulls*it if you ask me. another cheap shot and frankly there is no legitimate evidence that claims that nintendo have done this. i’m assuming this person has no life and just wishes to tarnish their reputation.

  34. That website sure does enjoy spreading bullshit doesn’t it? Blimey.

    I suppose Nintendo must have “stole” every other innovation it brought out then, like the rumble pak, analogue stick, z-targetting, camera toggle, motion control etc etc etc.

    These are pretty powerful accusations, and unfortunately there are a lot of gulliable people on the Internet who will believe everything they read.

      1. “I guess Nintendo must’ve “stolen” the glasses free 3D idea too.”

        You mean you believe they didn’t? Those 3D screens by Sharp were used in cell phones for years before Nintendo started buying a lot in bulk to install on the 3DS.

          1. Source one:,news-3567.html — Hitachi 3D phone, developed in 2008, released in 2009.
            Source two: — developed early 2010; released in late 2010.
            Source three: — 3D via headtracking, shown off Feb. 2009.
            Source four: — Nokia shows off 3D cell phone, Sept. 2009.

            I rest my case.

    1. Sony do a lot of copying.I mean,what really annoys me is that Sony copied Nintendo with the motion gaming idea with the “Playstation move”.I have a Wii so I noticed straight away that Sony were copying.What they did was just made the Wii less unique.

  35. “Our source, whom we’ve known for a long time, has always been very discreet about his/her feelings toward Nintendo, but this time something’s different. S/he is visibly upset, and highly frustrated – like a growing number of Nintendo employees – by what s/he describes as the quasi-schizophrenic nature of the company. On the one hand, Nintendo has always been at the forefront of innovation, with a unique flair for what makes gamers and the general public tick. On the other hand, it suffers from a paralayzing structure and anachronistic dynamics resulting more from its own idiosyncrasies than the well-known features of Japanese corporate culture. S/he portrays Nintendo as a colossus with feet of clay, nostalgic of an era when it ruled almost unchallenged, burdened to the extreme by the mythology it has crafted for itself. According to our source, this self-mythology prevents Nintendo from fully measuring its true forces, and breaking free from the heavy layer of varnish that paralyses it.

    Since its inception, Nintendo has always been able to attract the best of game designers. No other maker/publisher ever had the means and the prestige to afford to pay a plethora of creators and studios to come up with fresh ideas for game designs, and as many game prototypes. When we ask what s/he means by “the burden of mythology”, our source responds with two relatively recent examples. The concept of Pikmin, for example, was borrowed directly from an unpublished RTS (real-time simulation game) proposed by a creators years before the game’s release. Thus, the official story (Miyamoto got the idea for Pikmin by observing animal life in his garden) is just a clever narrative, fabricated for marketing purposes. Mario Galaxy is another example. According to our source, three totally different versions/concepts had been proposed for what was then called “Mario 128”, but none of them made the cut. Nintendo then set its views on a promising prototype it had bought from an external source some time ago, added Mario and its friends, tweaked a thing or two, and… Here was Mario Galaxy! According to our source, this is typical of Nintendo’s longtime M.O. Let’s not forget that the sublime Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA), although designed by Miyamoto, was originally a totally independent title, Yume Kôjô Doki Doki Panic, released in 1987 for the Famicom Disk System.

    Now, Nintendo has to face the limits of its promotional model, its commercial mythology : that of a brilliant, ever-present, all-powerful creator, acting as the conductor of an anonymous orchestra. According to our source, Nintendo is in possession of a gigantic treasure trove unlike any other, so far largely unexploited. This unique policy of colossal investments into game prototypes and game design concepts has to be fully put to use. Nintendo, s/he concedes, is in desperate need of new characters and IPs in order to be future-proof, and a gigantic step in the right direction would be to exploit its uniquely rich catalogue of shelved concepts and prototypes, which could become the basis of a ton of new ideas and IPs. Such a strategic upheaval would shake the dust off the company’s leading figures, and allow numerous “young” creators – both internal and external resources – to get the visibility they deserve. Let there be light!”

    1. Ah… so it’s just another ‘Nintendo don’t release enough new IP’ thing when all is said and done.

      Well, this is a French website, and they’ve just released a new IP in that part of the world in the last week… Très bien timing.

      1. Yeah, pretty much. It is a little disheartening to me that Nintendo is sitting on so many wonderful ideas, concepts, and prototypes, but insist on incorporating them into existing IP’s, and not letting them be the fully fledged NEW IP’s that they could be. They’re ultimately afraid that if a game they release doesn’t have Mario, Link, Samus, Lynn, Fox, Olimar, DK, or Cpt. Falcon, etc. in it, then it won’t sell.

        As far as new IP’s being released in Europe, Nintendo does not own Xenoblade, nor The Last Story. Only Pandora’s Tower is associated with Nintendo, and that’s only because the developer of the game, Ganbarion, has an exclusive contract with Nintendo right now. It’s still not a first party IP. It’s second party.

        I really want to see Nintendo come up with new first party IP’s in the future. They can only thrive on Mario, Zelda, and Metroid for so long before it starts to wear thin.

        1. Monolith, the developers of Xenoblade, are owned by Nintendo. They also own the rights to The Last Story IP, even though it’s been developed by Mistwalker.

        2. Pandora’s Tower was done by a second party, but the game itself belongs to Nintendo. It’s different from like Gear of War that is on a contract with MS; when they lose it, Epic Games can publish it wherever they want. It’s the same for The Last Story. They paid the developers to make those games, but the games belong to Nintendo and are free to use them however they want. That’s why no other company was able to pick up the localization rights for those games outside Japan.

  36. What’s that smell? It’s the smell of BULLSHIT! I think it’s time we start disregarding any information from this site.

    I do agree thta Nintendo needs some new IPs along with maintaining their older catalog.

  37. Hmm, sounds a bit fishy to me, it looks like the site is using the leaks it got for the PS Vita and Wii U to make this stuff, and the thing about a new 3DS iteration more believable…

  38. Hey you know thy sounds like sony!!! :D ecxept they don’t ” hide ” it so nobody realizes it but even if the stuffs true what’s so bad about it and besides 2 examples aren’t very convincing when Sony does it with games And consoles anyways if the games are fun and cool and the prototypes belong to them they aren’t stealing anything

  39. So wait pikmin….IS COPIED?!!!
    Shigeru miyamoto is creative and I think he made the idea himself fuckin people ripping on nintendo! Sony those fuckers they copied nintendo many times I hope everyone there in the damn company dies FUCKIN SONY

  40. That really isn’t stealing at all. It’s using a good idea, and building it up into something we can play. Even though I don’t agree with this, I still don’t think it would be bad, it only means more creative games! And I’m starting to hate this stupid french site.

  41. As people have said before, Mario 128 was supposed to be a sequel to Mario 64. It was then split into Pikmin and Mario Galaxy. Nintendo really needs to step up it’s security, gotta make sure 01net doesn’t publish more bullshit. Do they even have any facts or are they just pulling accusations out of their asses.

  42. how can nintendo steal an idea they bought?
    i mean the creator of smash bros admitted that when he presented his game to nintendo its purpose was not to use nintendo characters.

  43. I call bullsh*t!!! Not only that but I believe the one dude that retired from Sony (and claimed he invented a glasses free 3D handheld first) works for 01Net and wrote up this load of crap.

  44. Obviously, 01Net is someone who works for either Sony or Microsoft to try and ruin Nintendo’s image, and they know that for a fact because they feel threatened by how incredible the Wii U is and how much 3rd-Party Support it has. Evidently, 01Net is just acting as the cowards for Sony or Microsoft because they say that Nintendo is stealing ideas from external companies and that 3rd-Party developers are having really hard times developing games for the Wii U. If you ask me, 01Net is just making blatant lies to try and gain attention for themselves to try and ruin someone else with their strong image. I hate it when people try to bully others when they should be thanking the one company that saved the gaming industry back in 1985. This bipolar attitude that companies like these have is nothing but childish behavior on their part.

  45. the mario galaxy part is not real
    i have proof
    kozumi-san once said”for example, i have always wanted to know how it is to walk on a sphere”
    which is what undeniably became mario galay

  46. I really dont get all this Sony VS Nintendo thing. . .
    Surely im not the only one who grew up with both systems around?
    I personally do love both. . . I own a 3DS because Im not really at home all that often and I did own a PSP. . . both systems are good? I mean heck I would still have my PSP if it wasnt for the Vita. . .
    I do feel this was an attempt to ruin Nintendo’s reputation and kick them whilst they are already down, Its a shame people feel the need to do that.
    At the end of the day, the 3DS and the PSP vita are two very different things. . . if your against Nintendo stay away from Nintendo, if your against Sony stay away from Sony, simple as.
    (also its not stealing if they brought it?)

    1. I have a PS3 as well as a Wii,PS2,Gameboy advance sp,DS lite and 3DS but I just don’t like how Sony are copying Nintendo with “playstation move” and “PSP Vita”.”Playstation move is just copying Nintendo with the Wii and PSP Vita is just copying Nintendo with the Nintendo DS.

      1. NDS does not have shit against the VITA, atleast VITA haves dual analoge sticks and touch pad and multitouch screen AND 3G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  48. Pingback: ¿Las ideas de Nintendo son robadas a terceros? | Bonustage

  49. Some people will think that Nintendo isn’t capable of taking ideas, but they aren’t immune from spinning their own version of concepts out of ones that were presented to them in proposals. They do not sign NDA’s for proposals of concepts, any company doing this and has not come to you themselves for business, don’t share anything.

    Don’t share your ideas with anyone until you have confirmed that there is no conflicting concepts, the proper security is in place, and you’re releasing it to the public. Until then, keep your mouth shut or suffer the consequences, don’t even list it in your emails because some companies scan everything if its on their servers.

    Keep it on paper, keep it offline, and don’t share with anyone that isn’t contributing to it. It happens a lot, and it usually happens to the little guy.

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