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Nintendo 3DS: Download Some Ultra Huge AR Cards For Your Nintendo 3DS Absolutely Free

Ever fancied sitting next to a live sized virtual Mario? Well you can now do so thanks to Nintendo. All you need to do is print off one of these free AR cards and you can play around with the content till your heart’s content. Don’t forget the bigger your printed card, the bigger the content. Enjoy!

38 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Download Some Ultra Huge AR Cards For Your Nintendo 3DS Absolutely Free”

          1. …I don’t really think that’s being a fanboy. I think what he’s saying is more along the lines of ‘it’s done, you can’t change it’… I completely agree that the camera is terrible, but no amount of complaining will make it better.

      1. Maybe in a future version of the 3DS, it will have better resolution cameras (and a better screen resolution that smooths out the edges of polygons won’t hurt). Like, is asking to take 3D photos in a higher quality so much to ask for?

  1. The British Nintendo Official Magazine had a giant AR card (A1 size) as a free gift, so I don’t need this. And my printer gave a sigh of relief…

    1. Yeah, that one’s amazing :D I actually bought an extra copy of the magazine so that I could give the second one to my friend, he loves it! :)

      1. Agreed, if I want to play with AR, I rather do it with sonys smart AR tech and a nice cam that does 60fps@640×480 in VGA

    1. what are you talking about? Sony has their own AR cards coming. In reality fighters you use them for background animation…

  2. It would be appreciative to realize this is Nintendo’s first time at AR technology. Of course another company such as Sony would follow behind and make it better than the first attempt.

    1. Sony did AR on the PS2 using the Eyetoy and they took it a step further with the PSP by using it in a major way on a portable console and then the PS3 with the PS Eye and now they took a giant leap forward with the markerless system which is being marketed as natural marker because it uses every and any flat surface or object in the environment as a marker and in real time. the device to uses any flat surface as a marker. You dont need to have a proprietary marker to do it. Take the 3ds or the psp for instance, it has been programmed to recognize a particular card and without that card you cannot do AR while with this you just pull the device out and you have AR with any surface hence markerless. Even motion tracking in movies requires those green or blue markers but this tracks without markers. Very impressive tech for AR so don’t state that Sony followed along.

      1. Early humans used letters to make words. Then they took it a step further and started using punctuation – in real time!

        Seriously, I’m pretty sure you made some valid points but it’s hard to tell.

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