Nintendo 3DS: Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright Is Getting A Tokyo Game Show Presentation


A poster over at Neogaf has revealed that Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo 3DS is going to be shown off at a presentation during next weeks Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully we will see plenty of glorious gameplay footage of the highly anticipated title and hopefully a release date.


    1. Why, have you played the games man, it would be like mixing strawberries with chocolate, you just can’t go wrong. Remember back when Square said that they were going to mix Disney with Square characters, and when Mario and Sonic were going to the Olympics. This honestly can’t be that bad, because those other games sure turned out great. Now for Kirby and Metroid to finally come together ;)

      1. That’d be pretty cool. Kirby swallowing up power-ups like the Gravity Suit or somehow mixing with one of Samus’s suits so she can gain the ability to swallow up enemies or steal their abilities or both.

      2. Yes I’ve played both. I’ve enjoyed both, Layton more so. That doesn’t mean they’d be good together. The game so far sounds like normal Layton with Phoenix Wright just kinda smashed in. I can’t even imagine how the PW side would contribute. I suppose overall Layton is similar to the investigative parts of Phoenix Wright, which were the most tedious pockets of bullshit ever. Unless we’re gonna run the villain through a court trial later which sounds absurd. I’d rather just have Professor Layton left alone to do his own thing. Also Mario and Sonic at the Olympics might be one of the worst crossover justifications I’ve ever heard.

        1. Well, I was skepical about the whole thing because I’ve never really played Layton games, but now I’m really excited for it. I’d really like to see just how they pull this off. I think they do fit together quite well actually. You could solve puzzles at the crime scene and then duke it out in the courtroom.

      3. You mean like Smash Bros? :)

        I always wondered how this would work. I’ll admit I’ve only played the first Ace Attorney and the first 2 Layton, but does this mean Ace will go all animated. Maybe it’ll be like Law and Order. Layton does the investigating and Ace does the trials.

        Can’t see it being done like “OBJECTION!” play Layton puzzle music while you piece together a piece of evidence to present. Or maybe…

        1. when you get a puzzle wrong, instead of Layton tipping his hat, and it saying “Incorrect” you get Phonix Wright pointing at you and “OBJECTION!”

  1. I would like this game as long as I don’t have to shout into my DS. I’m a bit self-conscious about talking to a machine like that. I don’t even train my Nintendogs and cats tricks because of it. xD

    But <3 for Layton. :3

  2. M. Bison. Excalimation starting with “y.”. You connect the dots.

    And in reference to the person above worried that this game being Prof. Layton feat. Phoenix Wright, note that statements from when the game was announced indicated that the team is striving to find a balance between the 2 gameplay and story-wise so that doesn’t happen. Also, we’ve only seen one trailer and some concept art from last year. Kind of hard to make a final judgement with that.

  3. I really really really REALLY want them to release an english version of the game TT__TT I played all the Phoenix Wright games as well as the Professor Layton games. To me this game was once a dream *star eyes* PLEASE RELEASE THE ENGLISH VERSION FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY TT__________TT

  4. I can see layton solving puzzles and investigating…and pheonix during the court trials and exposing lies from the people they talk to

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