Nintendo DS: Free Kirby Mass Attack Demo For Nintendo DS On Nintendo Channel

Fancy checking out Kirby Mass Attack before the game makes its debut on September 16th in the US? Well, you can now do so thanks to the Nintendo Channel. All you’ll need to do is turn on your Wii and go to the Nintendo Channel. I presume this is just for the US as the game doesn’t launch in Europe until October 28th.


      1. Right so its on Eshop then.

        By the Way I have a PAL 3DS so… It maybe a Japan and US exclusive. Im going on Eshop to find it, Nintendo, Make sure its on the Europe Eshop!

        btw; PAL = Europe or AU or NZ

              1. because it’s for the DS and not the DSi, this way people with a DS can also play it, it’s not silly at all

              2. The Ignorance of some people amaze me. I’ll make this simple for you: a channel on the Wii called Nintendo Channel allows you to download demos to your DS. So, this is how you download this new Kirby game.

  1. It’s pretty fun! Feels a little bit like a 2-D Pikmin.

    I was a little leery about it being entirely touchscreen controls when you start out with one Kirby, but as you get more the controls feel more solid.

  2. That kirby on the left really loves the kirby he’s holding, ah nintendo and your logic…lols homo kirby’s (>^.^)> <(^.^<)

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