Nintendo Wii U: Skyrim And Oblivion Developer Looking At Developing For Wii U

Pete Hines, the vice president of Bethesda Softworks, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the company is currently considering developing for the Wii U. Hines encouragingly told the magazine that there’s definitely a possibility that Bethesda will develop for Wii U in the future.

“It’s definitely a possibility for the future. We’ll look at any platform that will support that games we’re trying to make, but that’s the key thing – the console has to support the game as it is designed.”

“We’ll see. It’s definitely a possibility.”


  1. WiiU will succeed only if it finally gets the backing of all the “HD” developers who previously wouldn’t develop for the Wii.

    WiiU is nothing but good news for Nintendo….a shame the same can’t be said about the 3DS :( I love my 3DS, but it just doesn’t have the games the DS had, and I really think that Nintendo should just suck it up and released a 3DS Lite. They have said they won’t, but they need to have the second analogue stick built in, and everyone is expecting they will anyway, so they may as well :\

    1. A few notes about your 3DS… it does have all the games the DS had, you can play them on there. Secondly, it only MONTHS after release, there’s not going to be the huge selection that the DS has this early. The good games will come. The system needs to sell more, then more games will come. Good games are coming at the end of this year and next, sales of the system will pick up, leading to more good quality games. It’s just the cycle that systems go through. The Wii and DS didn’t have the highest quality games at the start either, it takes years to develop an awesome library of games.

      Back to the topic on hand, this comes as good news as long as they are on board. If they just “continue to think” then it doesn’t help. Wii U will need some solid launch games, which seems very probable from what we have heard thus far. I have a feeling that the Wii U will repeat the Wii’s initial success.

      1. i think Nintendo needs a hard core game at lounch to tell every body we want you back if not thay won’t do any better thay need to do better and pick up hard core gamer

    2. Does anyone stop to think where the hell the supposed “second analog stick” is supposed to go? Try holding your 3DS and imagine a Circle Pad underneath the A/B/X/Y buttons. It isn’t comfortable at all. It’s probably the fastest way to get carpal tunnel and/or cramp your hand up in less than 5 minutes. And don’t even think about moving the A/B/X/Y buttons in the Circle Pad’s place, the A/B/X/Y buttons are necessary for most, if not all, games, while Circle Pad is only needed for some 3rd party games like FPS’s.

  2. How are you gonna kno if the system can support your ideas if you try. All they’re saying is oh we’ll see in the future. Get a Damn dev kit and boom just like Vigil games and EA.

  3. What he was trying to get at the wii u must support the game they are making means that the WII U HAS TO STEP UP.

    Most Bethesda games are MANDATORY 8 GB HD installs. That’s 2/5ths of the data capacity on the WII U. That’s not even counting DLC. And most of their games get patched like hell, meaning nintendo will have to start supporting online more and more (which is one reason I like nintendo first party games. They are made perfect, no need to patch the game once a day for a week after release because the devs payed off QA to release a game on time)

    But if nintendo wants all this third party support, they’re gonna have to start doing stuff like that.

    That’s one of the grievance I have with Microsoft. They sell Xbox 360s with 20 GB hard drives, Well system data is at least 2-3 GB so you only get 17 GB and that’s it. Between game install and DLC Fallout 3 could do 10 GB and NV would knock out 8-10. That’s 2 games. Hell they even released a 4GB console that didn’t even have enough space to play halo reach! How do you sell a console that you can’t play your main franchise on?!

    It’s one of the reasons I like my ps3 actually. Bought a 500 GB hard drive for 40$ and slapped it into my ps3, easy install, and bam, I have 71 unique games on my HD that I can play at any time, no disc needed, 20 of them are full playstation 3 games, some are ps2 remakes, ps1 classics (FF7 <3 ) and some are just downloadable ps3 (like zen pinball, digger HD, angry birds)

    But each individual game takes up space (especially when you up the graphics) so the wii U really should have thought about adding in a little bigger flash drive in there.

    And yea I might of sounded like a Sony fanboy there…… But I didnt stand in line 27 1/2 hours to get a ps3 on launch day.

    1. You will be able to use your own external hard drive, you know. Also, if their games “get patched like hell,” then wouldn’t that mean they’re a bad developing team? I mean, they give you a broken game and they fix it over time (they never completely fixed Oblivion). I know who they are and the games they make, but the HDD feature was design to resolve/update some issues with games as well as get DLC; but developers are using it for patches that are as big as the games themselves.

      Btw, their games are also on Xbox 360 with the option of not having a hard drive.

      1. And the reason why it’s not mandatory on 360 (but highly recommenced) is due to Microsoft selling consoles without hard drives.

        But its also the difference of taking 1 minute to load up the game vs 10 seconds (spread across each load) as well as improvements in other aspects of the game.

        And yea patching occurs. Try to make a game as big as skyrim and not have any problems. So if nintendo wants all this support from third parties, they’re going to have to start allowing things like patches, DLC, online play.

    2. Yeah, the fact that you didn’t wait in line for over a day for your PS3 totally refutes all the other possible indications of you being a fanboy. That’s sound logic there.

  4. I think they’re only saying this because the Wii obviously didn’t support the games they made, so they based their statement on precedent rather than whatever they feel regarding the Wii u.

  5. Skyrim and Oblivion Developers your welcome to make games for the Wii U :)

    Gamers would love to see the Screen on the Controller in action with your games :)

  6. if skyrim gets game of the year then theres a possibility it would go to the WII U. but it doesnt really matter to me, im going to be enjoying it on PC.

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  8. I hope they actually do it.

    No wait, I hope they actually do it and RELEASE IT AT A REASONABLE DATE is what I should say.

    ….because, no one backed out of the 3DS development – everyone just friggin’ decided that 2012 is when it should release.

    1. So that means you don’t want the release date after december 21st 2012? Many people want it to be released before that. Kiddin *_*

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