Nintendo 3DS: 3D Trailers For All The Big Nintendo 3DS Titles Are Now Up!

Nintendo America has finally put up some impressive 3D trailers for six of the hottest Nintendo 3DS games. The trailers for Super Mario 3D LandMario Kart 7Luigi’s Mansion 2Animal Crossing 3DPaper Mario 3D and Mario Tennis 3D are now up on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The trailers were put up earlier this week on the European eShop.


        1. I was only able to get them yesterday in u.s at least that’s when I got the notification they were available….I wish tge animal crossing trailer was in english

        2. They went up late in the afternoon in the US; across the ocean everyone else was asleep. By the time they got up it was early in the morning/late at night (around 2AM) in the US. That’s why it was up “yesterday” in the US, while in the UK they found out “today.”

    1. I wish for that too. However, I do think that they would put up demos of select games. A demo of Mario Kart might keep people from buying the game because they can replay it over and over.

  1. i wish a kid icarus one was up and they were in english but other than that animal crossing looks good.

  2. Why does every trailer download except for Paper Mario?? I have tried 10+ times trying to download it with only an error during downloading.

  3. I really wanted to see the kid icarus one but they didn’t put it up. They must be having some sort of trouble. But Nintendo of america said they would put it up

  4. I wanted the Kid Icarus one. Also, Mario Tenis looks rather impressive. I wasn’t interested in it, but I might just get it along with all the Nintendo games on those trailers except for Animal Crossing.

  5. Am i the only concerned that there are only mario and mario spinoff titles? the only different IP is animal crossing… and i dont even like animal crossing. They should’ve put another trailer for Kid Icarus…

    1. Yeh! Or at least more other great upcoming games.

      Nintendo is over the top with mario! Nintendo needs to make more Star fox and Metroid!

  6. Personally, I don’t care for Mario games very much, so I would have preferred to see a Metroid or Pikmin or another game besides that on the list.

  7. if rumors are true, the 3ds is about to get big. with ocarina of time, resident evil mercenaries and star fox 64 already out, we have super mario 3d land, mario kart 7, luigis mansion 2, paper mario 3ds, mario tennis, animal crossing, fire emblem, kid icarus uprising, professor layton mask of miracle, pokemon rumble blast, resident evil revelations, professor layton vs ace attorney, metal gear solid 3d snake eater, kingdom hearts ddd, monster hunter 3g, monster hunter 4, tales of the abyss, super smash bros, conduit 3ds, contra 3ds, zone of the enders 3ds, time travelers, rune factory 4, bravely default flying fairy, dragon quest, yoshi 3ds, castlevania, zelda majoras mask, a brand new pokemon game and a brand new zelda game, just to name a few, the 3ds has a very bright future.

  8. Downloaded Super Mario 3D Land and Luigi’s Mansion 2’s trailers and they look brilliant, the 3D actually helps the latter a lot.

    Plan to download the trailers for Paper Mario and Mario Kart 7 tomorrow.

  9. They really should consider putting other trailers that doesn’t involve Mario games… Only thing that caught my eye was Animal Crossing since it is not a Mario game (yeah I know it usually has Mario related stuff in it).

    I agree with some of you, they need to put up demos… not just the big titles but also the small ones you see in the eShop. I would be very disappointed to end up buying a bad game since I don’t even know what it is about.
    Plus demos can increase sales for each company…

  10. I wish Nintendo would allow for Queued downloads so I could set them all up to be downloaded without having to wait for each one to finish.

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