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Nintendo Wii: Metaknight Is Officially Banned In Super Smash Bros Brawl

Smashboards has announced that it’s officially banning Metaknight on Super Smash Bros Brawl in the USA under the Unity Ruleset 2.0. The reasoning behind the move is firstly because of his impeccable recovery options and speed, and secondly he is considered to have between an even to significantly advantageous match-up against every character in the cast. R.I.P Metaknight.

184 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Metaknight Is Officially Banned In Super Smash Bros Brawl”

      1. Here and there. But not online, mostly because I only really like to use custom characters and stages, and they would desync the match on my console.

      2. Are you ill sir? I having a smash party today! Besides, this is tournament stuff. If you haven’t been to one and fought a great meta knight player then this wouldn’t make any sense to you. If you have then of you should know people still play ssbb 8/

        1. Meta Knight will be banned from all Super Smash Bros. games Including Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

    1. They Banned Meta Knight from Smash Bros. because Meta Knight was to good. Say 50% of the people are Meta Knight. at least 40% of the people who are Meta Knight would win.

  1. Yeah, but he’s one of the characters in the game. Sounds like a couple people who write the rules suck at Smash Bros. Brawl if they’re “banning” one of the game’s characters. What a bunch of crybabies!

      1. People under estimate R.O.B seriously!

        R.O.B Hovers you when you are shoot of the stage you can hover back in. R.O.B is brilliant in air attacks!

    1. That’s called tiers. Derp, there will always be characters stronger than the other so it’s normally looked down on in gaming to play with one of the strongest characters against a bunch of average characters.

  2. Yes, but what does this DO exactly? You’re still allowed to use Metaknight. I’m sure there are many other Smash Bros. Competitions or Boards across the Internet. If you like using Metaknight (Which I do), just go to them. You don’t have to participate in SmashBoard’s competitions.

  3. Also please don’t throw around the word “officially.” It’s only serves to sensationalise the article and confuse your readers.

    1. agreed. while i like mynintendonews a lot, i think some of the articles have very confusing titles. like nintendo3ds: 51% people dont like 3d when the article seems to concern 3d televisions.

    1. You people don’t understand how dominant Meta Knight was in the competitive scene. Atleast 20% of all people used him, and he was taking atleast 70% of all the prize money. Even with several rules trying to limit MK he still was way better then the rest of the cast. Also, proudimagineer’s statement about is incorrect. The only country that banned MK before this was Finland and that’s only been for around 1 month now.

      1. Actually Mr. Anonymous there was an article in Ngamer Magazine over a year or two ago which discussed Metaknight’s ban from competitions around the world. I’m not sure at what levels these competitions were held but Ngamer did point this out. Also, you didn’t make it clear from which competition in Finland Metaknight has been banned.

        Also, if you type ‘metaknight banned’ into google ‘metaknight banned in italy’ is one of the first options to come up. There’s also an article there from over two years ago.

        If you really want to call my statement an incorrect one please clearly state the reason with some evidence. :)

        1. Since Finland only has one tourney host, and he decided to ban MK at his tourneys, ALL tourneys in Finland have MK banned. You are also incorrect about the Italy statement, seeing all of italy’s power rankings have MK’s in it, clearly shows that MK never has been banned there. If you would follow the people on AllIsBrawl or Smashboards you would know better ;)

  4. He is not being banned or removed from the game.

    An unofficial competition or leaderboard site (sorry I’m in no way familiar with smashboards) is bannin’ people from usin’ him.

    It’s the internet equivalent of tellin’ your mate he can’t use him in your vs game.

  5. Yeah, people, don’t worry. This isn’t even like smogon with Pokemon, where pretty much everyone accepts their rules (and there will always be banned stuff anyway). Nothing’s stopping you from playing casually with them, or organising your own competitions with them. Also, don’t try to argue that they’re not good enough, that’s just wrong. These guys are pretty much the best you can find, in fact banning him was only intended for their level of play where each character is played very close to their perfection, and thus any balance issues become very clear. It’s intended to make the smashboards competitions have more variety, and if they, as a community (as it would have been a large scale community decision if it is at all like smogon), think that’s better for that, then I completely support their decision. I’ll still use him though, even though I’m not very good with him.

      1. Smogon is a website dedicated to competitive Pokemon battles, where there have their own rules of battling.

        1. Smogon is a joke, as well as any non-official website that makes up rules for a video-game that they didn’t create, with the intent of trying to make people follow their rules. I hate the title of this article, because it sounds so official, and it clearly is not. It would be fine if the title included the context.

          1. Hah, you make it sound as if a lot of the T.O.s don’t follow these rules at all, and it’s just a bunch of crazies trying to set arbitrary rules. There’s an actual reason why it’s called the Unity ruleset. Do some research on the scene before saying something like that, yeah?

    1. The day you’ll battle a good Meta Knight, you will want to jump off the window. Sincerely. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to do anything against a character. And he’s THAT powerful. He hardly has any flaw.

    2. As a competitive SSBB player metaknight has the following strengths

      -He has the best recovery in the game. This isn’t remotely debatable regardless of how many of his 5 mid air jumps he’s used, how far away he is ect he can almost ALWAYS recovery with his jumps glide (s) shuttle loop drill rush dimensional cape and nado.

      Metaknight also breaks the counterpicking system, you CANNOT counterpick metaknight to a stage he’s good on ALL of them. Other characters face intrinsic disadvantages on one stage or another.

      Metaknight has NO bad match ups, every other character in the game has at least 2 bad match ups 1 with metaknight and at LEAST one with someone else.

      Metaknight wins a a significantly larger amount of tournaments than other characters. although his players were no slouch(meaning the people who were winning with him still deserve credit)

      Metaknight has always been this barely bannable character, but over the course of time I guess it just blew people over the edge.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with using metaknight in casual play, so I wouldn’t recommend calling your friends “cheap” if your a casual player. this really only applies to competitive play.


      1. All my friends banned me from using Falco, mainly because not only do I beat them every time when using him, but I also always reflect their beloved pokeballs and turn the inside pokemon against them, and I can kill my friends 5 times each in one final smash, on a good day. But I still use him anyway. :3

        1. If you can kill your friends 5 times with Falco’s smash…they must really suck, lol
          If you just chill in your cloud thingy after dying, it’s literally impossible to die 5 times from Falco/Fox/Wolf final smash since it will be gone before you die the third time.

  6. If Metaknight is better than the other charcters then surely that must show that players who use other charcaters are better brawlers than those you use constantly use Metaknight…who agrees??

    1. this isn’t true. Top metaknight players actually have made a habit of winning meta knight banned tournaments(anti, tyrant ect). Metaknights sucess was also in large part attributed to the players using him.

      1. Even if these players you normally use metaknight use someone else in tournaments then someone who doesnt use metaknight ihas still shown themsleves to be better should they win, your arguement really hasn’t done much to falsify what I originally said.

    2. A lot of noobz play as meta knight so they can spam atttacks on proz…………
      BUT it takes skills to NOT spam.

      1. I agree, it has taken me a while to master throwing items with deadly accuracy which really annoys my mates as I have a nasty habit of hurling a pokeball at them just as they attempt a third jump in order to save themselves from death :)

  7. Now I get it. Well, actually I don’t paly very well using him. And also it doesn’t makes difference for me. I’ll never participate of a tournament or events like.

    1. if the base for banning is easy recovery then expect Jigglypuff, Kirby and Peach to be next in firing line as their unique jumping abilities help make an easy recovery

    1. How is it the opposite? It is officially banned in the US, saying a character is officially banned doesn’t mean it has to be for the whole world -.-

  8. Guys stop freaking the fuck out. These tournaments go for a lot of money if you win, and it was going to people who were essentially cheating by using a character who Sakurai unintentionally made overpowered. Now in these tournaments, the money is going to the actually skilled players because people can’t just abuse meta knight.

      1. Controversy. May not do much for the convention tourney’s though. I do know of a staff member that runs a good number of them, though. I’ll try to get his take on this.

  9. Hah, that’s ridiculous.
    You know, if you can’t beat a PERSON playing Meta Knight, what does it mean? No, it doesn’t mean Meta Knight is overpowered, it means you suck, period.
    I can easily beat Meta Knight with any characters, you guys just have to get better and stop whining.
    Personally, I don’t care that Meta Knight is banned from tournaments in the U.S.A. since I main as R.O.B. and I live in Canada. But I am ashamed to see that my neighbours from below can be such crybabies.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding, right? Most of meta knight’s attacks have less frames than your character when you’re deploying your shield. If you don’t know what the other player is going to do, it is merely impossible to defeat him.

    2. No dude you are SO wrong. I can really tell you don’t play smash competitively. It’s not about sucking, it’s about facts. He literally doesn’t have a bad matchup with any character. At a pro level only so many characters Stand a chance against him.

  10. I never was one for playing competitively until this summer, and I found that Zero-Suit Samus was a challenge for me, plus the fact the guy I was playing has much more experience than I did wasn’t a big help. I tend to find Pikachu and Link to be my two best.

    1. pardon my french I think they shouldn’t have banned MK in the first fucking place MK is my second best mains i mean why the fucking hell would they ban MK why are they getting angry if his tactics work?

  11. I actually never had problems playing against Metaknight with Olimar.
    IMHO, Olimar is the strongest, and maybe only overpowered character. Insane range, insane speed for that range, great strength.

    Me and my brother play SSBB on a daily basis and we play on random always. The one who gets Olimar wins. Metaknight is great, but nothing compared to Olimar.
    Again IHMO!

    1. In my opinion Snake gives the player an advantage since I play with my dad who suffers from peripheral neuropathy so has little motor function, however he has great difficulty doing anything with any charcater except Snake who he manages brilliantly so I think Snake is overpowered…or my dad has been hustling me the whole time lol

      1. Olimar is widely regarded to be one of the hardest and most difficult characters to master, and therefore has been generally referred to as “underpowered”. But there’s always gonna be SOMEone who’s good with any one character. Falco’s one of the least noticeable characters in the game, due to him being overshadowed by the more popular and well known Fox, but I play best with Falco, while I find Fox very hard to play with. Everyone has their own unique preferences.

  12. MetaKnightShouldntBeBanned

    JUST FUCK DAT RULES -.- Why are people taking it so seriously? Good it’s not banned (yet) in europe

  13. I will never understand why people think they should play Smash Bros. competitively in the first place. I think the fact that the game supports 4-Players and has stages with hazards in them pretty much implies that Sakurai never intended this franchise to be competitive in the first place.

    It also doesn’t help that every competitive player I’ve met so far is a pretentious self-righteous chode who calls anyone that doesn’t agree with them a “casual gamer” which is also insulting towards the casual gamers as well.

    1. Sakurai loves that this game has become competitive and has so much fans n suport. it is meant for ppl to come together and play with each other. what does it matter that it’s competitive or not. That’s like saying DOA, Tekken, Soul Calibur, SF, and other fighters should’nt be competitive

      1. It’s not the same. Other fighting games depend completely on skill. Victory in Smash Bros. can often depend on luck. That’s what he means when he mentions the hazards and the four-player support.

        1. Really? I always found Super Smash Bros. to rely on skill and other fighting games to rely on luck. Like, really, every other fighting game I played, if you manage to set the pace, your opponent is screwed while the tables can always turn in Super Smash Bros. Besides, those hazards and four-player support was so it can also be a party game but you still have the option of playing it as a competitive fighting game, something no other fighting game does.

          1. It does’nt have to have items although hazards are unavoidable. At the same time other fighting games also have hazards such as DOA. In DOA it’s different becuz to inflict damage from hazards you’d have to fling your opponent into the stage, off the stage w/e. So SSBB is not the only fighter with hazards

  14. You know what? Good. I’m sick of people using him, I want to see more pro kirbies going at it, or DKs or warios! Maybe somebody will be game and watch at a tournament! That’s gotta be better then watching meta knights tornado each other and then fly back to the screen and do it again

  15. I dont really care about competetive brawling, but I hope they keep him in for Universe or whatever theyre calling it. One of my favorite parts of smash bros is all the diverse characters.

    1. The problem in the Wii isn’t a system that could do that kind of stuff. Ntm, I can’t really think of systems that actually patch games like MMORPG’s do. I could expect patches on the Wii-U, though.

  16. I guess most of you guys don’t play SSBB alot cuz meta knight is cheap as shit. SSBB is very unbalanced so I play Brawl+ where they toned down meta knight AND wolf. Go to a tournament and find a person who can use meta knight. Your gonna see what I’m talking about. They’re either super skilled or just plain cheap. Meta Knight’s moves are extremely fast and he can always recover……and fly. they’re just making it balanced for tournaments where there is money on the line.

      1. not even remotely close,SSBM didn’t have a character who dominated 70 % of the tournies not to mention the best character at the time (fox) was one of the hardest characters to master where metaknight is not

        1. Hell yea, a friend of mine used fox. He was Soo fast that nearly all his moves connected like a chain grab. Took me ages but I beat him with peach

  17. It’s probably easier to think of if you polarize the situation: what if the game creators made Master Hand a playable character. He could fly unlimitedly, had just as much health, and had all the same abilities. It would be unfair because it would create unbalanced gameplay. If someone played as master hand it would be very easy to win every time. In the same respect, meta-knight is unbalanced in comparison to the other characters, and therefore has an unfair advantage.

    1. Take it from me – 1. playing online matches, 2. play as the best fighter, 3.pick ANY stage at all, 4. getting ready to fight and BOOM! next thing you know, you are in the stage of death, FINAL FUCKING DESTINATION. Everyone is so competitive including 2 Metaknights who all of a sudden start teaming up unexpectedly, kicking your ass in the process. [i swear, this happened for real] Unfair? hell yeah it is. every match starts in that godforsaken stage and having to fight Metaknight is a freaking nightmare.

  18. This is why I stopped playing games like yugioh when I was younger. They ban anything that’s good.

    It would be like the NFL banning Tom Brady cause he wins too much lol.

    1. That’s not the case. They don’t ban everything that’s good, they ban everything that are just too damn powerful or unfair. Cards like Exodia or the God cards or Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, for example, are banned because of their power. Believe me, it’s nothing like banning a sports player, where everything is reliant on skill. In a game like this, there are cards/characters/etc. that are overpowered and unfair.

      1. Uh, Exodia, the God Cards, and Shining Dragon aren’t banned. Exodia requires a million draw power cards, which is just based on a good shuffle, but it’s still legal. The God Cards? There’s an official copy of both Ra AND Obelisk with modified abilities. And shining dragon? Needs a powerful fusion monster on the field first, and it’s easily defeated. Now if you had said Chaos Emperor Dragon, I’d have agreed with you.

  19. Honestly, I really don’t care. I know I’m not very good at Brawl, and I understand that there are people who use Meta Knight well… but I suck (worse than usual) any time I play as him. I’m sure part of it is I’ve really only gotten used to using a few characters, but I personally haven’t found using him to be any better than anyone else.

  20. OMG! I just totaly read this wrond and freaked the hell out! I thought he was banned from the next instalment! Haha, phew!

    1. Its a problem with the Wii’s second lens, since Brawl is a dual-layered disk. Just get a Wii Lens Cleaner for around $15 and it it should be fine :)

  21. So this is a competition and not the game itself? WTF? The title is misleading. As for those suckers, Ike and Link are total beast when you use them right, so I don’t see how removing one character would be a smart move.

  22. I’ll explain competitive smash with easy-to-understand language. Every character in SSBB has a flaw or two. Metaknight doesn’t have any flaw, he has advantage over every character in the game and there isn’t a stage where he has a disadvantage. Yeah sure, he is light-weight, he can go easily yeah. But try to score a hit and then we can talk the little “flaw”.

    Every character in the game can be beast, but everyone is beatable (not saying MK is invincible, but as how things are, it does seem to). Fighting against a character that has the best recovery in the game, having the best ranged attacks, almost no lag between moves and high priority moves make him an incredibly over powered character. Seeing him having is own tier (god tier perhaps) since the release of Brawl shows how good he is. No don’t expect Snake to be banned, or Pit, Snake can be easily defeated in Brinstar, Pit has a lot of counters heck even Snake is falling in tiers.

    The ban of Metaknight may bring new playstyles in Brawl, where the good people will go any character but Metaknight, having even matches during tournies. Hope that gets cleared towards all people that “mah gawt this is gay”.

    In Mexico we aren’t banning him, we are not having much problems with MK atm. Have a nice day.

    1. metaknight’s attacks do very liitle damage 10% on a constent, his attacks can be SDIed out of, small shield, and more. yeah “no flaws”

  23. wtf he has no flaw? ….what about if you have a fight with a guy with the same character these no flaw. bann snake hes my fav ban fox and peach there sic aswell zelda mario as well. you dont win by useing you chacters flaws to your advantage i useally try pridict where there gona doge.
    eg i cud be mario charging my up smash he cud run to me and do a step doge (does move left or rigth ita a doge on there spot) i wait till the doge finishes then up smash conects but. i dont no if hes gona do that he cud doge left or right or attack i thing this game was about reading the other player.
    pluse meta knight forwars smash is slow to get to releas sate when im meta knight i never do the spins move i just use teleport
    pluse ……. weres this tournament at i wona go i hope meta knights there cuz he i wona show people that he aint hard to beat.

  24. this is ridiculous… Metaknight is just as easily beatable as EVERY character in the game… these people who banned em are just to bad to beat em..

    1. If only you knew what you were talking about, I play competitive smash and have won $ from it, Metaknight is so much better than the rest of the cast it isn’t even funny, several ways to recover? check. laglesss moves? check can gimp anyone in the cast? check seriously this isn’t a matter of people being bad its him being good, people have tried for years to overcome him but he STILL dominates tournies

    2. You have no clue what ur talking about, end-of-story…at the competitive scene, Metaknight is overly dominant in every aspect! He takes no REAL skill or practice with to rape as, limitless amount of options, overpowered (and too many) killing skills…and he can gimp u like a mo-fo. Everybody and their brother uses him…and all these friggin’ MK vs MK matches r lame as hell, u seen one, u seen ’em all v_v Ur statement is made totally out of ignorance…good day

      1. As Have I won $ from SSB tourneys. you think you are the only one who is good at Brawl in this thread.. Oh no good sir you are not. I know Metaknight is top tier in brawl. I mean granted I play as Fox. Who is fast but still not as good at metaknight. I think with my MLG rank I am safe to say you are right. Metaknight is waayyyy to rape and anyone can use him.. So stop crying. get better at the game and beat those noobs. like I can

      2. UR INSANE!!!!!!!! MK takes gobbs of skill, and DO NOT tell me tech skill is the only skill. reading ur opponent, predicting them, finding the right position, right playstyle, right move to use, mixing things up, all of this plus tech skill is what is needed in playing a good and SMART MK.

  25. Hello everyone, i made this video just to share some information.

    I hit a few different points in the video that show how biased we the URC are overall, and i’d love to hear your opinions on the subject.

    I’m going to be pushing a lot of Smash Bros related content on this channel in the future including commentary and top level matches, so subscribe to keep updated!


  26. This really sucks. Metaknight won’t come out anymore, which I think could possibly bring down the game. Many people concider Metaknight their favorite character of all time and/or in SSBB. He isn’t my favorite, but I like to use him. My brother still plays SSBB and he thought they were “full of sh*t because he is one of the best characters.” Due to banning Metaknight, the creators of SSBB who in which will most likely more games, won’t have as many buyers as they did have before.

  27. Who the heck needs metaknight! if your good you should be good with more than just one character! Kirby Zelda and Link all the way! metaknight sucks IMO

  28. metaknightsonickirbypikachu


  29. this is definately a l2play issue. anybody can be defeated at any time. as nobody knows how to beat metaknight, just do the noob thing and “ban” him.


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  31. What the hell? So if no one can beat him you just ban him?! This is messed up. Meta Knight is my favorite character. My sister is 6 and she can beat Meta Knight! If some a$$ cant beat him they just complain and Meta Knight gets banned from the game?! Honestly i think that they are overreacting.

    1. I almost highly doubt your 6-year old sister can beat a Lvl 9 Metaknight (who still isn’t even that strong)

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  33. People take this far to seriously. I think he’s awesome and now that he’s been banned it posses me off I mean for crying out loud he’s a popular’ game character from the Kirby franchise and shouldn’t be hated so much just because he was made the way he is in brawl. Fyi its the game creators who made him fight the way he does in the game );( I have fought him in the game and all that needs to be done is to ne slowed down so he can be fought easier

  34. This will be long so I apologize in advance:

    I’m kinda sad about the ban, because Meta knight was always my favorite character, not just in brawl, but in general.
    However, I understand the reason for the ban and can accept that it was done out of fairness to the other players. He /is/ a very powerful character, and the only way to really clobber him in a competitive setting is to get him to fly up very high and force him to use an attack so that he’s helpless (which is hard to do multiple times in a row), or gang up on him if you’re in multiplayer, which is just as unfair as using him in a pro-tournament.

    I think we need to bring something up about Meta Knight and why he’s so powerful:
    Sakurai started working on the Kirby Series when he was a teenager, so Dedede, Kirby, and MK are like his babies; he loves the Kirby characters a lot and he kinda gives them special attention (you saw how important Dedede and MK were to the plot of the Subspace Emissary).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he just wanted Meta knight to be super strong because he’s one of Sakurai’s favorite creations. Granted, that is a pain in the neck those who are involved with the metagame (no pun intended), but I don’t think he ever intended for people to hate Meta knight for being too strong.

    Will Meta knight be in SSBU?
    I don’t see why not; Sakurai had always wanted him to be in SSB and no one can really make him remove Meta knight from the game. Whether or not he’ll have the same move set or physics as in Brawl is foggy as of now, as the ban doesn’t extend to outside the US and Canada (and Italy too, I guess), but those two regions are also big customers for SSB, so who knows?

    Meta knight isn’t a bad character; in fact he’s excellent, but it’s not fair to slay other characters like that when he’s on a completely different tier. Heck, it’s not even something MK would /do/.

    It’s one thing if it’s a Friday night and you’re just playing brawl with some friends; that’s casual, and you should be allowed to play as whoever your little heart desires, be it Meta knight or the Ice Climbers or whoever. You’re not putting money on the line, and since your aren’t playing competitively, all the characters have potential to be powerhouses and win.
    It’s an ENTIRELY different story if you’re getting paid to be in a tournament that you have to train and practice for to even be allowed to enter, and your opponent is using a character that feels practically rigged for victory. You’re using every aspect of the game from blocking and smash attacks to using physics against the other player, and this player will still have the upper hand.
    And that’s just not fair, no matter if I love the character in question or not.

    And /that/ is why I’m chill with my favorite character getting banned.
    (tbh, I think Meta knight would be flattered by the ban rather than offended. XD)

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