Nintendo 3DS: New Special Edition Nintendo 3DS Console

Namco Bandai has teamed up with Nintendo to produce a special SD Gundam G Generation 3D Nintendo 3DS system. The limited edition console will go in sale in Japan on December 22nd and will cost ¥21,090.


  1. …..why? SD gundam was a terrible show. And most likely a terrible game. (really just human sized gundams that act like care bears…..)

  2. If only Anime like Gundam, was as big here as it is in Japan. This is just awesome! I would get one just for getting well known VA’s to sign, particularly those from the gundam series and other great Mecha anime.

  3. Nintendo is going hard with all the colors and ads and new games left and right. Go Nintendo!!! show them what the 3DS is made of

  4. Bah I still want a dark blue 3DS. I swear ill buy the white one and nintendo will go and anounce it >_< Everytime I got DS they anounced something new.

  5. Sadly most likely going to be Japan exclusive I bet. Glad that there is a bundle that includes new AR cards which is nice. Hopefully this trend will follow in newer bundles

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