Nintendo: Dragon Quest And Wii Sports Resort Sitting In The Top Ten

This weeks Japanese software charts show that there’s three Wii titles sitting pretty in the top ten. Firstly there’s Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection at number 5, secondly there’s Rhythm Heaven at number seven, and then there’s Wii Sports Resort at number 9. Not a bad week at all for Wii software in Japan.

01./00. [PSP] Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki # (Nihon Falcom) {2011.09.29} (¥6.090) – 127.938 / NEW
02./00. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends # (Koei Tecmo) {2011.09.29} (¥5.040) – 82.901 / NEW
03./01. [PS3] Dark Souls (From Software) {2011.09.22} (¥7.800) – 34.718 / 314.286 (-88%)
04./00. [PSP] Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: 3nd Impact # (Bandai Namco) {2011.09.29} (¥6.280) – 16.477 / NEW
05./05. [WII] Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary: Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I-II-III (Square Enix) {2011.09.15} (¥4.440) – 16.298 / 334.472 (-70%)
06./03. [PSP] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 6 (Konami) {2011.09.22} (¥5.250) – 12.452 / 76.801 (-81%)
07./11. [WII] Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo) {2011.07.21} (¥5.800) – 11.468 / 481.382 (-34%)
08./12. [PSP] Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP the Best) (Capcom) {2011.09.22} (¥2.990) – 10.917 / 25.841 (-27%)
09./13. [WII] Wii Sports Resort with Remote Plus (Nintendo) {2010.11.11} (¥5.800) – 10.625 / 577.618 (-29%)
10./02. [PS3] The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (SCE) {2011.09.22} (¥6.980) – 10.306 / 102.207 (-89%)


  1. What I find interesting is that the 3DS is on top even though it doesn’t have major titles out this moment and OoT was kicked out of the top ten list, but the PS3 and PSP have a bunch of games on the top 10. It makes you think what would happen after the big games finally release, and let’s not forget that Monster Hunter 3G releases in December with a bundle. The thought of it all is thrilling if you consider the other games such as Need for Speed The Run, Ace Combat, Cave Story 3D, etc. Also, Kid Icarus is set for January and Revelations for February with Kingdom Hearts shortly after.

    1. I thought I was the only one noticing that….it is weird that the 3ds is on top of hardware every week but the software is nowhere to be found on the top 10.

      1. Console Total
        3DS 5,496,995
        X360 56,372,021
        PS3 53,294,330
        Wii 88,280,521
        DS 148,538,697
        PSP 69,804,225
        PS2 2 144,117,523
        Total: 491,591,014
        The 3ds represent 1,1% of the total. It’s to be expected that it doesnt sell as much software as the other consoles. The fact that they even had some titles in the top 10 recently is impressive in my opinion.

        1. its hard for me to believe that there is almost 5.5 million 3ds units out there and oot has only sold 1.3 million and starfox has only sole 230k…makes me wonder what all the wrest of the people are playing…also makes me think that games like super mario 3d land and mario kart 7 are easily going to sell over a million the first week…ive also often wondered about ps3 and why there exclusives dont sell so well compared to how many people own a ps3 the highest selling ps3 exclusive is gt5 with just over 6 million sold.

  2. No, Wii Sports Resort is labeled at number 9 on the chart, not number 10, unless you got the chart wrong instead. You should fix that, sickr.

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