Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Is Releasing A Blue Wii Console In November

Nintendo UK has announced via a press release that it’s launching a blue Wii console to coincide with the release of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The exclusive newly configured blue Wii will be available to purchase from 18th November. Anyone considering picking this up?



  1. I have always wanted a different coloured wii, but not being able to transfer all your downloads and certain save data is massively off putting.


    1. Combined with the fact that unless you haven’t owned one before, then there’s no reason or incentive to buy. Even moreso because the wii u is coming,


    2. I’ll be enraged if there’s no way to transfer all my Wii content to the WiiU when that comes out. But because of the 3DS transfer tool, I’m pretty sure they’ll allow you to do it. Still, they should have a Wii Transfer tool now, for this very reason.


      1. yeah me too that wud be shocking!! like seriously shocking if you can’t transfer ur Wii game data.
        On a similar note, are we able to transfer our games that we bought from the Wii shop onto the Wii U? I think there was something about that a while back, has anything been announced? I mean, if we can’t that is just as stupid!


      2. Yeh! I once wanted to put SSBB data on my SD card to go to my friends but thats one of the games that won’t work for some reson.

        Most games work but some don’t.


  2. i wouldn’t buy another wii if you paid me to colour makes no difference i haven’t brought a wii game since mario galaxy apart from skyward sword i wont buy any other games the wii is not as good as its predecessors ….. al thoe the wii U does look kick ass


    1. A prime example of ignorance. You haven’t bought any games for one of three reasons: 1) You’re poor, 2) You don’t like quality games, or most likely, 3) you are ignorant and therefore don’t know of many fantastic games released for Wii. Educate yourself before you post comments. Otherwise, you just look stupid.


    1. newly configured as in no Gamecube support or wifi on the system, same size, but you have to lay it on its side. not worth it if you ask me


  3. I wasn’t in need to buy another Wii because of the Wii U, but I must say, they hit my weak spot. I have been waiting for a clue Wii for a long time. If it comes to the US, I’ll get it even if I don’t like Mario and Sonic games (the sports ones).


  4. There is no point buying this. It will just be a waste of money since the Wii U is coming out. Come on, Who doesn’t have a wii by now?? lol


  5. I use my Wii instead of my GameCube, cos it outputs in better quality when the Wii is hooked up via Component cables. Forget getting this, even though I LOVE the color, I need it to play GameCube titles on. I guess it’s cool they’re making it cheaper, but really?


  6. i wonder why you failed to mention that this wii has neither, Gamecube support AND wifi :l

    this is just getting stupid nintendo :l and its getting really hard to defend you guys now adays smh


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