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Nintendo 3DS: Resident Evil Revelations 3D Effects Enhance The Horror

Resident Evil Revelations assistant producer, Tsukasa Takenaka has revealed that the concept of Resident Evil Revelations was devised before Capcom got their hands on the Nintendo 3DS. Takenaka also explained that the 3D effects on the Nintendo 3DS don’t change the way the game’s played, but rather they enhances the horror.

“Someone’s always thinking about a new Resident Evil game, or something interesting that we could do. So I would say that there was the idea for a Resident Evil game that ended up being the core of Revelations before we had the new hardware; then, as soon as we get it in our hands and see what it’s capable of, all of those ideas really take shape.”

“A lot of it is visual, but with that added dimension — you kind of going into the game, the feeling of presence in the game — really does enhance the horror in a way that you can’t really do with just a 2D screen.”

“Also, the sound of the 3DS is really, really great. Certainly, if you’re really wanting to immerse yourself in an environment, maybe the speakers of the 3DS aren’t 100 percent up to the task, but if you get some headphones, and experience the environment that way, it’s really quite immersive.”

40 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Resident Evil Revelations 3D Effects Enhance The Horror”

  1. lol, shyt sucks. Skywrd sord is betta den dat shyt . Wii ALL DAY. other consoles suck beccase GAMPLAY>GRPHICS. PS3 SUCKS SONNY SUCK!!!!!!MICRO$OFT sucks!!!!!1!!!!!111!!!

      1. You should learn how to write the English language. I’m just saying it would make it easier for us to understand you. On the other hand, who wants to understand you?

    1. You know…. 3DS has the same graphics as 3DS and the same game play. It has gyro and all the other groovy tech.

      Stop trolling because the 3DS is a Nintendo hardware like the 3DS.

    1. Depends on the headphones you’re using I guess? Mine sound pretty good. The speakers are bad, but the sound is awesome. Maybe what you hear is surround sound instead of Stereo. Stereo is louder, but Surround sound is there for environmental purposes.

      Anyways, I’m looking forward to this. I hope they make an exclusive RE game for Wii U. They could make RE 6 for all platforms, but they should have a RE game exclusive for Wii U starring Rebecca. She’s the reason I got that bad action DLC that unlock Rebecca in the mercenaries mini game in RE5 and that’s why I bought The Mercenaries 3D. RE Rebecca should take full advantage of the new controller and the rest of the features of the system.

      1. Yeh before i had bad head phones and could not hear much. and i plugged the head phones on my laptop needed it on full voliume.

        Bought new ones, only need quiet on my laptop and 3DS is as loud as ever through headphones.

    1. yeh!

      It will scare you when something suddenly jumps out from no where!

      I hate it when everything goes so quiet and then suddenly a loud noise and sudden movement! Always catches me :D

  2. im getting this used from gamestop :) untill they decide to give us MML3 im not supporting capcom.. i am looking forwards to a few of their releases lol

    1. MMLE? And yeah, Capcom has been greedy as of late. The only games I’d buy new from them is this game and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

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