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Nintendo 3DS: Big Nintendo 3DS Press Conference Taking Place On Friday

Nintendo has announced that it’s planning another press conference which will take place on Friday 21 October at 8pm. Whilst most of the details have been kept under-wraps we know that details about the planned November update for the Nintendo 3DS will be shared and there will also be more news regarding Mario Kart 7.

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53 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Big Nintendo 3DS Press Conference Taking Place On Friday”

  1. One huge thing that sticks out on the invitation like image on the link, is the example of the stuff they plan to show, such as “About the new hardware update planned for release in November”.

    Reading it in Japanese makes it sound like possibly some new 3DS version, to include the extra slide pad?
    But typing it in English and remembering that the previous conference said nothing about the slide pad add on thing (if my memory doesn’t fail me?) makes me think that perhaps it is just about the slide pad add on and not some new 3DS or anything.

    1. For those wondering, the other example they had for what they “didn’t have time to show in the previous conference” is to do with the communication features of Mario Kart 7

    2. “Reading it in Japanese makes it sound like possibly some new 3DS version, to include the extra slide pad?”

      Come on, think. Yes, they will announce NEW 3DS right after they announced “slider pad” and right before the end of the year, when they expect sales to explode.

      Do you really think they are THAT stupid?

      1. Of course not. Just my mind thinking “what does this wording mean? :o”.
        Could even mean software update I guess.
        All I know is that it’s some update to do with the object that is the 3DS.
        So probably the extra slide pad add on thing, or the software update like Fithri suggested, when thinking calmly :p

    3. Along with 3D video recording, I hope they make something like a 3D YouTube or at least add 3D video support to the browser. If you can’t share the videos, there won’t be too much of a point.

      1. There won’t be YouTube any time soon, and definitely not through the browser, or any other kind of videos through the browser, let alone 3D…
        If there was ever YouTube support, which is highly unlikely, it would be through a YouTube app.

      1. Yeah, I’d be way excited for the 3D Video, although I do hope that they still plan on making the new Super Smash Brothers game for the 3DS. They really need to make more free games in the eShop… good games, not crappy games.

        1. All they stated was that it would be on 3DS and may connect to the Wii U version of SSB. It hasn’t even been started yet. How does THAT sound like absolute crap? You make no sense. Not only am I excited for it, but I can’t wait for it to come out so I can play it and for each and every moment laugh at you for NOT wanting this game to come out, because Nintendo wouldn’t release it unless it was AAA so it will be your loss, and all the other 3DS owners’ gain.

        2. Hey, if you don’t want to play it don’t. No need to ruin everyone else’s fun… most of us are here to play games; if you don’t want to play a game then so be it. We’ll just sit here playing amazing games while you go off play games you like. It’s a good thing you’re not in any managerial position at Nintendo… that would be an absolute catastrophe.

    1. Yes, because they’d pull an ONLINE CONFERENCE to cancel a game.

      Many people are waiting for that 3DS game, thank you very much.

    2. How many times do I have to tell you this. Sakurai only agreed to make SSB for the 3DS. Then Iwata finally convinced him to make a Wii U version. If he’s going to cancel the 3DS version, he’s not going to make a SSB game at all. Sakurai loves the 3DS; it’s why he’s developing 2 games for it, and agreed to make a new SSB game even though he said he’ll never make another one back in 2008. He doesn’t “love” the Wii U; it’s not nearly as important to him as the 3DS version.

      Do I have to phrase this in idiot speak? This is the third time I tell you this…

      Three dee ess smash more importanter than wee u smash. Iff only one has be made dee ess smash be made. Wee smash go by by.

      1. Raymond, you are a complete idiotic moron. I hope you think about what you said, and then decide to take it back. If not, then you, my friend, might as well go live in an insane asylum. Cancelling Super Smash Bros 3DS? What’s wrong with you!? Not only will the game support near-Brawl graphics , 3D capabilities, compatability to the Wii U version, and be a MAJOR 3DS seller, but it’ll also be the first portable Super Smash Bros. game ever! Who wouldn’t want that!? Add to that mixture more stages, more characters, a probable online mode better than Brawl’s, etc. and you, my light-headed sir, have possibly the best SSB yet.
        Also, to abujaffer; Yes, Sakurai was going to make a SSB for the 3DS before considering doing so for the U, but honestly, he most likely would have made one for the Wii U eventually anyway. I mean, it’d be the first SSB in HD graphics, plus it would have classic controls again, and he could do a lot more on that system than he’s able to on the 3DS. The way you’re saying it, it’s like Sakurai would never have considered making an SSB for the U, but he probably would have gotten around to it after a while. He just hadn’t made any plans for it previously.

        1. The fact that Sakurai agreed to make a new Smash Bros. for the 3DS only (even he didn’t know about the Wii U back then) shows just how much he wants to make it for the 3DS. That’s what I was getting at; maybe he would have done if for the Wii U first, if the 3DS was announced later on. But it wasn’t, and he focused on the 3DS version.

          Either way, no development has started. But he probably went through possible ideas, developers (people and companies), and characters for the 3DS version, and then later on had to force the Wii U into his plans, unless it fit anyway.

      1. Isn’t there gonna be a major one in January? I’m pretty sure there is… that’s when they’re announcing the release date, anyway, and they might as well announce more detail about the system while they’re at it.

  2. It should be about updating the social communication as well, I love Nintendo but that type of communication with others suck.

    1. They should add networking in the friends list. The whole point of Friend Codes is to make it so only our friends/family know our code, and then we’re safe from obscene stuff and other crap Nintendo is afraid from. Yet we’re still being limited as if our friends list is public, with limited information and no way to contact each other. It makes no sense; they should either limit us and give us the ability to add anyone (public), or they give us full networking abilities with friend codes. I greatly prefer the latter.

  3. Anyone else want the new Streetpass Plaza update that had been announced? I want a new Quest (to get more hats) and more puzzles.

  4. Another one? Maybe they will show off the new slider pad with the games and stuff. They might go into full detail about the features for Mario 3D and Mario Kart as well as Kid Icarus and other games. Then, of course, they will talk about the system update and what it’ll do. If they do announce some form of chat for the 3DS and something like an account system, then they may be preparing us for what they might do with Wii U. After all, there is a Nintendo licensed headset for the 3DS coming out the day Mario Kart 7 comes out. Can’t wait for this, and I don’t have any freaking exams this week!

    1. Chat works on the 3DS, but developers have to enable it themselves. No system-wide chat (which it should be able to do, because like the Vita it has extra megabytes of RAM which could be used for voice chat) yet, but games like Heroes of Ruin have it already.

  5. This had better be KH3D for Christmas or every single pokemon game smashed into one. Or… Portal 1 and 2 3D bundle with the extra slider!

  6. I’m hoping clarity is given to the following
    -Final 5 Ambassador Games, and a release date for all 10
    -Flipnote “memo” as I’ve heard it referred to.
    -A wi-fi enabled pictochat, or some sort of real messaging program between systems, instead of the little message you have for yourself.
    -Demos on eShop

    1. *facepalm*
      wow…. it’s ignorant fanboys like you that really ruin this site… is every single post you make putting the Vita over the 3DS? Because every single post you’ve made that I’ve seen have all been like that. Have some sense, please, or get off this site.

  7. Majora’s Mask 3D Majora’s Mask 3D Majora’s Mask 3D Majora’s Mask 3D for the love of all that is good in the world, Majora’s Mask 3D!

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