Nintendo 3DS: Japan Still Loves The Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has held on to the top spot in the Japanese hardware charts for the fourth consecutive week. Even though software sales haven’t been brilliant, it appears sales for the console are being driven by a large promotion for Monster Hunter Tri G which comes out in Japan, December 10th.

1. Nintendo 3DS – 55,025
2. PlayStation 3 – 28,596
3. PSP – 25,271
4. Wii – 12,161
5. Nintendo DS – 4,791
6. Xbox 360 – 1,887
7. PlayStation 2 – 1,280


  1. I can’t believe that the DS is outselling the 360 in Japan! But then again, I’m always hearing that the Japanese don’t game with Microsoft…

  2. That’s good news for Nintendo indeed. But that doesn’t remove the fact that, for the 3DS to start selling good, it had a cut on its price: Big N still won’t be profiting as they wanted with the system. I’m not being a douche saying that, Everything has a good, and a bad side =/

    1. they were making out like kings at 250$ 170$ they still should be way above positive on revenue. They just tried to get too much for too little. They corrected their mistake, and they are probably happy because they’re selling more 3DS than anyone expected.

    2. Any idiot could tell that the 3DS was hardly worth $250; the reason Nintendo even priced it like that at all is to make the more reasonable $170 price later on look positively inviting in comparison. It’s a way of generating demand. Bastardly tactic, yes, but those who are getting 3DS’s are probably hardly complaining. It wasn’t a price cut; it was a price restoration.

      1. Wrong, the price was completely fine. If I could redo it all, I’d make the same choice of buying it at launch again.
        The problem was the lack of good old nintendo games, and it was just released too early.

        1. The fact that you’d buy it at that price has nothing to do with how much the system is actually worth, and it actually isn’t worth over two hundred and fifty dollars. Be happy you have your own opinion to shield yourself from the fact that you spent over one hundred fifty dollars more for a system.

  3. That si more than the combined sales of the PSP and PS3, and those system have been getting a number of big games while the 3DS has yet to explode at all. The PS3 in particular had a price cut not long ago. If that Pokemon Grey turns out to be true and it’s a 3DS game, then sales will be unstoppable. We’re getting closer to the end of October now. Sales should start going up by then.

  4. The only thing Japan loves more than Nintendo is prepubescent anime characters engaged in tentacle molestation.

    1. The PS2 would still sell everywhere if it weren’t taken off the shelves in most places. The ps2 was a fabulous console and isn’t much worse than its successor, just a bit behind times now.

    2. Well, Sony did remove backwards compatibility for the PS3, so it’s no wonder people want to play PS2 games. Had they kept it, the PS2, would not be seen anymore. One of the reasons that DS sales have slowed down considerably, aside from development being shifted to the 3DS, is because the 3DS plays all DS games, except for the ones that require a GBA port. Even after the Vita comes out, the PSP will still sell since the Vita doesn’t play UMDs.

  5. Well, I dont know about you guys, but the big N kinda loses me with al the late news and consoles they made.

  6. The 3DS is already the winner of this generation of portable video games, but what i really like is Nintendo striking Sony in every possible way to destroi her.
    Fuck you SONY and your copied ideas from the Big N !

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