Nintendo Wii U: Pachter Says It’s Pricing That Will Sell Wii U To The Public

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says that the doubt and uncertainty surrounding the Wii U will continue to keep Nintendo share prices down when the firm reports revenues well below its initial financial guidance next week.

“A large market opportunity may exist for the Wii U, but visibility remains limited on pricing and interest. It is unlikely that the Wii U is significantly more powerful than its HD peers, in which case pricing will be the likely driver of sales.”


  1. Yeah defo, I mean… it’ll still be expensive, but should be a reasonable price. I would have thought it would be more than the original Wii price, maybe a bit cheaper than the original 3DS price, not sure though.
    I would never buy a ps3 at it’s original price, but I would for the Wii U, so I hope it’s reasonable!!

    1. How could it be more than the original Wii price ($250), but less than the original 3DS price ($250). That’s impossible. Plus, why would Nintendo release a next-gen (yes, I think it’s next gen!) console for a price cheaper than a handheld? You make no sense. But I doubt the price will go up to $600, though. I’m predicting $300-$450 price range, knowing that Nintendo always tries to be as wallet-friendly as possible with consumers, and a quality next-gen console doesn’t come much cheaper than that.

      1. As far as I can remember, (and sorry I’m from the UK, so using £’s) I bought my Wii for £180. Actually yeah sorry, I was thinking of £250 for the 3DS but actually it was £197…
        What I meant was I expect it to be between £180-£250 ish, otherwise I won’t be buying it on release.

      2. It maybe Next-Gen to those who hates Nintendo. But to Nintendo it’s their Next-Gen. It will be less than $400 but more than $250.

        1. Based on hardware that rivals (if not claimed to be better) than a PS3 (which is priced at $250) then I expect about $300 for the hardware. The controller, to be honest, looks damn expensive and the technology to stream video to it probably isn’t super cheap either. So all together it looks like the system could run about $450 give or take. We’ll never know until they announce the price though!

      1. Well that’s not that complicated to predict. That’s like saying if the PS3 was priced too high, it wouldn’t have sold. Oh wait….

        (Haha, couldn’t resist Sony joke here. Understand it’s only a joke.)

        1. Haha yeah that’s kinda true. I just bought my PS3 because its a lot cheaper now. So now I have every console and I can play any game I want! So now I can enjoy good gaming to the fullest!

    1. He’s not being an idiot, whilst he can say stupid things sonetimes, most of the stuff he says is absolutely right. I think some of you try to disagree with anything negative he says because you like nintendo. I do too, but I’m not blind to everything he says just because of that.

      1. He’s stupid cause he constantly states the obvious….duhhhh Nintendo has new Mario game!— Patcher

      2. He generally comes off as a clown. A hateful clown. He had to add in that quip at the end, saying Wii U won’t be significantly more powerful than current systems. But it’s been much reported that it will. By Nintendo themselves, even.

    1. Heck to the yeah. Wii U looks to be Uber righteous and will hopefully put Microsoft back in their place. Which is to say no more FPS riddled consoles and start focusing on making above average computers again.

    2. Guys lets face it! All of us are probably gonna buy it on launch regardless of the price…why? Because it’s Nintendo, and we are their fan base.

      We will always find a way of justifying the price :P

    3. i bought the original PS3 so money isnt really the problem… all i want is good launch games and good use of the tablet. period.

  2. Why do you still post the stuff that Pachter says???

    You must not be a prophet to know that the price is an important point!!!

    All the stuff that pachter says is logical and not worth to post!!!

      1. Completly.

        I hate his comments on nintendo recently…. He’s a Microsofter anyway.

        Can he just stop talking about Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo anytime?

  3. I’ll pay up to $400 on launch day, but if it’s more than that and they don’t have any software to back it up… eh, I’ll still probably buy it.

    I’m thinking it’ll be in the $250 to $350 range. That’d be the sweet spot for a lot of people, I think.

    1. Ever since the day I bought a Wii (2007, I was a latecomer, I was waiting for Brawl), I’ve been saving up for Nintendo’s next big console. So far, over the course of about 4 and a half years, I’ve stashed away over $800 specifically for the Wii U launch and plenty of launch games. (which I WILL be getting on day 1) Once that’s over with, I guess I’ll start saving up again…

      1. When the Wii U comes out I will be getting one on the same day but I won’t hurt my bank account just for saying “I’ve stashed away over $800 specifically for the Wii U launch and plenty of launch games.” Dude seriously LOL don’t be rediculous besides no one knows from what I’ve read so far how much Wii U going to cost because nintendo didn’t release any details about the price so the same goes to all of you don’t make false inferences.

    1. Guess again. There’s no way that a next-gen over-the-top technologically advanced more-powerful-than-PS3 console with a tablet-like controller that streams directly from the console will cost the same as the original 3DS price. Try $350 at the lowest.

      1. I actually believe it could be around 300, technology is getting cheaper, and we are reaching a plateau in graphics so Nintendo is putting most of the money into the new controller, which is why they advertised the living hell out of it at E3. My opinion…*throws money at Nintendo* just take it all and give me my system.

        1. $300 is way to low as the 3DS was that for launch.

          Think other consoles, they were about $600 at launch think of the PS3 price shock.

          I’d give the Wii U about $500 with of course one Controller at launch. A UK retailer estemated £499 recently (UK pounds NOT Dollers ok) but thats just way to high and can’t be true.

  4. It’ll probably be $350-$400. I mean, come on, guys be real here. The Wii-U is using 2008/2009 Tech, one that can run Crysis 2 with near-PC-level quality. I don’t think something like that would be cheap.

      1. I kind of doubt that. Using that kind of technology would make it too expensive. I more-or-less expect the Wii-U to be as powerful as standard gaming PC’s, which is good enough in my opinion. Anything more would be excessive and pointless.

        1. well it uses the technology i just told you its a fact search if you dont believe me but if something is for sure is that nintendo will give it a reasonable price.

          1. its not a rumor its confirmed that is using technology from the years i said but i have to say that the console will probably be 350$

  5. The entire industry thinks the Wii sold just because it was cheaper than the others. Seriously, have they forgotten that people were paying $500+ for a Wii on ebay? And a large number of those got sold.

    Anyways, I’m willing to pay $400 for the Wii U. Any higher than that will require high profile Nintendo games (F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid, Eternal Darkness,etc). Bring games for the casual, but don’t forget about the rest of us. Even if Eternal Darkness is their only AAA game at launch, I would pay a higher price for the system just for that game. Games like Super Mario Bros Mii is not going to sell to the “hardcore” though. They should also make sure that they partner up with third party developers to ensure a steady flow of games and avoid the a game drought.

  6. It’s going to take more than just pricing for me to get this. Lucky for me, it kind of has some of those things already…and it will have more down the road.

  7. I’m still debating whether I’ll buy it or not, so he’s right. Since I play on PC almost exclusively now, i see no advantage over having a console, other than the system specific games like Zelda and Mario. So I have to decide, is an expensive system worth it for only a few games?

  8. People acknowledge that a statement is only a snapshot of a company’s entire essence, yet they also take that snapshot, and apply it to the entirety of the company. Nintendo reports below its estimate during one snapshot of their company, so clearly that means it’s dying by the truckload according to these tards.

  9. Acknowledging a lot of comments, this certainly isn’t one of the dumbest things he’s said. Pricing is an important factor, but I’m remaining hopeful that announced content @ E3 2012 will warrant the launch price.

  10. although the cheaper the better (in price not quality), games are always where its at. a zelda game is an instant buy.

  11. Haha, so I just saw the movie Real Steel (fantastic movie, Hugh Jackman is amazing, loved it), and so the movie takes place in like 2018. So in the final battle, in “Bing Stadium”, while the robots are fighting, in the background you can see advertisements for the Xbox 720. So there you go, folks. Looks like that’s the name of it after all. And yes, it is just a movie, but you don’t think Microsoft payed for that advertisement to be in there? It’s not like the directors and writers could just put that in there; it’s copyrighted. I’ll bet Microsoft payed big bucks for that ad. So it looks like the name is now semi-officially Xbox 720. This is really random, and has nothing to do with this article, I just thought you guys would like to know this.

    1. if this is true, maybe its safe to say that the following iteration of the xbox following the “720” would be the “xbox 1080”? lol or might it be the “xbox 1440”? lol

  12. As soon as the Wiiu was officially announced I set up a seperate savings account, so what ever the price I’ll be prepared to pay it. I mean seriously, why the hell would I not… It’s Nintendo dammit. I still own my original NES, SNES, N64 & GCN and I ain’t stopping now.
    Regardless of the Wiius’ power or launch games, it’s gon’ be mine.
    Anywayz, in my eyes, other gaming platforms don’t even exist, so if Nin ever goes then I go.

    1. I just hope third party developers get a grip. They’re finally going to leverage their games since even if the other system are more powerful, it’s not likely that the gap will be like the Wii and PS3. It’ll be more like PS2 and gamecube. They will have no more excuses. If I can have those games plus Nintendo games, then I’m going to have only one system in the next gen. Pikmin was supposed to be released this year, so that might become a lunch title for the system. I’ve already got savings for the games this holiday season (Zelda, Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Kirby, the 3DSware games) as well as the ones set for next year (Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion 2, RE Revelations). I’ve got a separate savings just for Wii U and around 4 launch games depending on what they are and the cost of the system, which I’m estimating to be around $400.

      Unlike the PS3, the Wii U won’t have blu-ray support and stuff. BD is neat and all, but streaming is becoming the standard for movies. The PS1 and PS2 sold a lot of units mostly thanks to CD/DVD player, which was novel tech back then.

    2. I’m kind of like that too. Nintendo is where my love of video games comes from and, even though I enjoy a good PS2 game (gotta have Kingdom Hearts) it all comes back to them in the end.

      And besides, if Nintendo ever left the game industry, it would become stagnant and die within 10, maybe 20 years. Everyone knows they are the only ones doing anything innovative or new in the industry.

      1. I would say the industry would die in 1-5yrs if nintendo left, I could picture people commiting suicide!

        1. i have to say that if nintendo goes they will take lifes with them im pretty sure most people will commit suicide if that happens and the gaming industry will die because nintendo allways makes new things that innovate the industry

  13. It’s unlikely that it’s significantly more powerful than XBOX360 and/or PS3? WTF is this guy on? Several third party developers have already confirmed that it’s plenty more powerful, and that’s just from underpowered dev kits. This guy’s talkin’ out of his ass.

  14. “It is unlikely that the Wii U is significantly more powerful than its HD peers”
    Even the Wii U’s underclocked dev kits surpass the PS3 in power!!

  15. why does this moron get payed for telling us stuff we already know? hell, its been less than a year with that 3DS price fiasco. patcher if you were a superhero your name would be cpt.Obvious, and yes you would be totaly useless, just like in real life.

  16. Well I don’t think any of us have anything to worry about. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere…ever. They will be around forever. They’ve been going for over a century now and they sure as hell aren’t going anywhere. :)

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