This months Edge review scores are in and what an issue it is, with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword scoring a whopping 10/10 and Super Mario 3D Land scoring 8/10. Edge are renowned for their harsh but fair review scores, so an 8 for Super Mario 3D Land isn’t too bad. I was personally hoping for at least a 9 though.



  1. 8/10 sound good for me.
    Cause we all know, how harsh the Edge is and
    they have nor fear to use the whole review-scale.
    It will be a great game at least, an that’s what matters.


  2. I got to play Super Mario 3D Land this year at GAMEfest.

    It wasn’t all that great. I mean it was fun, but not as fun as everyone is hyping it up to be.


  3. I think 8 is pretty good. I heard that they have only given something like 5 perfect scores so it’s not bad. Plus, it just shows how great skyward sword will be if it is that much better than SM3DL. And also, i don’t think this mario game will quite match up to super mario galaxy.


  4. If the length of the game is too short, and if that caused the rating to go down, I’ll be slightly annoyed. Super Mario Galaxy was magnificent because you could play it for hours and hours, making steady progress, and there was always more to do. That is, until all 484 Stars were obtained between Galaxy 1 and 2.If I can beat this game in 1 day, and then do something else, I won’t be as enthusiastic about paying full price for this game at launch.


    • CVG have posted a couple of quotes on their website, the main negatives were that the suits are a bit underwhelming and the tanooki suit is too over used throughout the game, still said it was great fun tho!


  5. 8 is a pretty damn good score from edge, a 9 or 10 would have been incredible but I’m more than happy with that; they gave New Super Mario Bros Wii a 7 and I loved that game :D likely it’ll get 9’s and 10’s from most of the other magazines.


  6. From what I’ve seen, SM3DL doesn’t seem to be that long. Even Nintendo said that it has short levels because it’s a portable game. At the same time, you can go back and replay the game over and over just like the classic games without spending hours upon hours on it. That is nice for portable. As for the score, maybe this will refrain people from calling the SS score unfair or too high, as it’s the case in other places.


  7. Guess Edge is one of the few american gaming magazines using the whole scoring spectra. Which basically means 7= good, 8= very good, 9= fantastic and 9= perfect.

    In which case 8 is very nice :)


  8. I’m surprised this hasn’t sparked an argument yet, it’s the kind of thing the ‘eight point eight’ page at TV Tropes is for. Oh well, I’ll see what the game is like when it’s released and judge whether its as good as past Mario games for myself, since Edge also criticised Mario Kart Wii and I loved that game.


  9. Not surprised, actually. I don’t see much new material in this game; looks like Mario Galaxy’s platforming (sans awesome gravity) with tanooki tails on everything. Not that that’s inherently bad–I’m sure it will still be fun, it just doesn’t look like a game I’ll be picking up.


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