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Nintendo 3DS: Play The Demo Of Super Mario 3D Land And More At Best Buy

One of the posters over at NeoGaf has reported that Super Mario 3D Land is playable at Best Buy. There are other demo’s you can play including Pilotwings, Zelda, Starfox, Nintendogs and Steel Diver, but I’m guessing the game you’re all itching to play would be Super Mario 3D Land.

32 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Play The Demo Of Super Mario 3D Land And More At Best Buy”

      1. Why is every one going to best buy why don’t you just buy a 3dsd like humans so that you can play it when ever you want or maybe even get a 4ds (fake)

  1. This was a really good post, then you went and wrote “demo’s”. It’s demos. If you put an apostrophe there, you make it mean “belonging to the demo”, which isn’t what you want.

  2. Welp, good thing best buy is like 5 mintues away from my house. Now I will go and give it a run through to see how it works. I’ve been waiting to play this, mario kart 7 and sonic generations 3ds

  3. Just came back from Best Buy. The demo is extremely short but calmed my curiosity for the time being. However, those 400 seconds were perhaps some of the best I’ve ever had! I’m so excited for this game!

  4. This is sad…B4 3ds launched, didn’t Nintendo promise to have game demos available on the eshop?? Currently PSP has demos, and you know the ps vita will too. Love Nintendo, but as of late, they are really dropping the ball.

    1. There is an eShop update coming soon probably there will be an update having demoes on it. Plus I bet this station is for to get people interested. Even the DS has demoes and the eShop IS an improvement over the DSi Shop so hopefully this update may be a worth while update (untill Dillon’s Rolling Western that is.)

  5. Well to tell you the truth, I’m more interested in Pilotwings than Mario. I already know I’m getting it so I want to save my experience for when I buy it. Pilotwings, I want to buy but I want to test it out first before I buy it. It’s like with Kirby Mass attack. After I played the demo, I bought it because I liked the gameplay. Maybe I’ll go this weekend.

    1. Well Super Mario 3D Land is the only one of them that isn’t out yet, which is probably why he assumed people would be most interested in it.
      And I don’t know about anyone else, as it seemed to sell well, but I found pilotwings quite boring tbh…

  6. Too bad I live in the f***ing MOUNTAINS. No Best Buy here. Put this in the e-Shop!!!!!!1 I think that’s what everyone would want. A downloadable to play at anytime demo.

  7. Well, I made the trip to two of my local stores. One system was being set up for it, while the other just refused to turn on. Guess this is a continuation of Nintendo releasing things late in their defined period, like when something hits the eShop at night.

  8. Oh my god nintendo!!! Like I’m really gonna want to travel 5 miles to Best buy everytime I want to play the demo! NO! Why couldn’t they make it downloadable from there or the eshop. Geez!

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