Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Scores Highly In Famitsu

Respected Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has awarded Super Mario 3D Land an impressive 38/40. Four reviewers mark the game out of ten and then they give the game an accumulated score out of 40. In Super Mario 3D Land’s case two reviewers gave the game a nine, whilst the other two reviewers gave the game a ten.


      1. Ummmm… Nintendogs was great. It was pretty revolutionary at the time, being one of the first major uses of voice commands in video games. Just because the game doesn’t appeal to you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Those individual reviewers felt that Nintendogs was a 10/10, and I find their judgement (on any game) reasonable.

      2. ive never played nintendogs, but for what it is, im sure it does what it sells perfect, and it kinda started a new genre, much like gta did with open world games, didnt start it 100%, but made the best most perfected version of it

      1. No offense but I disagree they gave gave the popular xbox game halo only 32/40 but that may be due to the unpopularity in japan.

        1. Actually FPS in Japan do not do ep well in Japan generally. It is said they get motion sickness when playing them.

  1. Glad to know at least one magazine is giving this game a great score, even if it is Famitsu. I’m slightly more confident of it being a good game now, the previous eight out of ten scores slightly worried me.

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