Nintendo: Australians Get Fantastic Super Mario 3D Land And Mario Kart 7 Pre-Order Bonuses

EB Games in Australia has revealed the pre-order goodies gamers can pick up for purchasing either Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land. If you pre-order Mario Kart 7 you’re entitled to a plush Mario hat and if you purchase Super Mario 3D Land you can grab a cute Tanooki plush hat. Not bad!


        1. At least I could wear the keychain in public… on my bag… IIIII dunno about that Tanooki hat. That seems more like a “spare yourself the embarassment, and keep it indoors” kinda hat. xD

          1. Why? What is there to be embarrassed about the only thing that can make it embarrassing is if you are ashamed to wear it. I would proudly rock that thing everywhere.

  1. Hah, first to take the place of the trolls who say first =P

    Looks cool, Australia always gets the great pre-order bonuses, it seems -.-

    1. I reaaallly hope we get hats, I’ve always wanted one… But then again, we do get the Game City day in Nottingham for Zelda…

      1. Actually, the UK is getting a Mariokart7 pouch for our 3ds. only if you pre-order from Game or Gamestation. It says on NintendoUK.

  2. Just pre-ordered Super Mario 3D Land the other day (U.S.) and I got no keychain. It was at GameStop. Wrong store?

  3. here are the ones for mexico:
    A metalized poster for mario 3d land and a mk7 cap
    (please note its the general page with all the preorders)
    and also halo 4 and gtaV are already for preorder witch i think this is extremely ankward

  4. As I said with my thoughts on Nintendo’s DSi XL Bundles coming on November 6th, blame Reggie Fils-Aime for not doing a great job as President of NoA. He only built hype for himself to only make himself more popular and not doing what we want him to do.

  5. 0____0 Okay new rule. Australians are not allowed to get such glamorous pre-order bonuses until they can ban Yahtzee from reviewing games.

  6. Guys, just coming from some who works at Eb games… We just don’t get these pre-order bonuses from nintendo exclusivly we actually buy them from suppliers and give them away with the game for pre order incentive.
    Otherwise there would be no pre order bonus!

  7. Gamestop never gives me the U.S. pre-order bonuses that we are supposed to get… They always make me get it some other way.

  8. What wrong, America? Upset that Australians get something before you for once?

    You know, you guys can be real bitches about stuff you don’t get. Do you know how much Australia misses out on? For a start we have to pay the most for games, up to 109AUD a pop. secondly we only just got given an R18+ rating because our backwards Government is so backwards. And even with all of that, you guys still get games that are exclusive to the states, you get Netflix and we don’t, blah blah fucking blah.

    So now that Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora’s tower are all headed our way before you, it gives me a guilty pleasure to know YOU have to wait for once. How does it feel?

    1. Honestly it’s really sad. Not the whole America getting everything before Aussie Land, that, my good sir is hilarious, but you being so butt-hurt over it. If you don’t want to pay 100-110 dollars a game then import it. I’m having to do it to get my gf a pink 3ds, but you don’t see me complaining. I can find a Tanooki hat better than that on ebay or just make one myself for way less than the price of an Aussie game, so you know what, I just don’t give a fuck.
      :D bitches love smiley faces

  9. WHAT!? If they get plush hats, then the US should expect to get a full-fledged Tanooki suits!

      1. Bah… just imagine a fat male american (do i need to specify fat?) walking down the street naked and there you go: tanooki!

    1. Win comment failzore name though :s pride because your born somewhere is stupid, that was luck of the pussy

    2. YEEEAH!! AMERICAN PRIDE!! were we invade other countries without a question to our government and follow like blind sheep because of our retarded american pride!!! yeah!! if you have oil, be sure to preparr yourself for us to come “check” the weapons of mass destruction your currently working on!!

    1. Sure we do, for one we don’t have to listen to that cunt figure-head of a queen. On the other hand though we have to deal with an idiot mudblood president. Eh, fuck it at least he’ll be gone in another year they have to listen to her till she croaks… >„> watch your back you old bitch. Idc if Australlia isn’t officially British anymore the wanker blood is still in you whores.

  10. Well, When I pre-orded Super Mario 3D Land from my EB games I got a double sided poster and then 2 days ago I got an email from EB saying I can now get a Tanooki hat and Im now twice as excited then before!!!

  11. With everyone saying the UK gets nothing; On the NintendoUK site, it says we get a MarioKart7 pouch for our 3DS if we pre-order from Game or Gamestation. Now I’d say thats better then a gay hat.

  12. The Super Mario 3D Land Pre-order bonus is waay better than the North America one! Speaking of which, what’s the GameStop pre-order bonus for Mario Kart 7?

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