Nintendo 3DS: Luigi Playable In Super Mario 3D Land During Special Stages

Kenta Motokura, the art director behind Super Mario 3D Land has explained in the latest Iwata Ask segment that Luigi will be playable in Super Mario 3D Land. You’ll be able to use Luigi during special stages that can be found after beating world 8-4.



  1. aw… so now mario galaxy thing like when u beat it u play the game as luigi? i hope not, that’d be lame. still gonna get it though.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. Nintendo have been giving us playable Luigi in the past few Mario platformers for a while now.

  3. I seriously don’t want to unsubscribe from My Nintendo News – it has so many interesting posts, but PLEASE, try to conceal spoilers like this if you can. I come to sit at my computer and the first thing I see is LUIGI PLAYABLE IN MARIO 3D LAND! I’ve seen far worse spoilers than this, but it feels like there’ll be no surprises for me when I play the game if I keep subscribed to these posts. :(

      1. Yes it can be considered one. The latest platformers that just say “Mario” and nothing with “Brothers”, can go either way for playable characters. While it can be expected Luigi would be there, but he’s not always there. Same with Yoshi.

        If a Mario platformer revealed that Peach was not the captive, that’s also a spoiler. Just because everyone expects him there, doesn’t mean that he is, or has to be there. And if he is there, then there’s the possibility of him being playable.

        There’s just different types of things for spoilers. Games like Legend of Zelda you don’t want spoilers, but I don’t mind reading spoilers for Mario 3D Land. Just like I don’t care which characters are in Mariokart 7.

        1. It’d be like saying Mario is a playable character in Luigi’s Mansion*. You wouldn’t expect that, so hearing that would be a spoiler. Some people want little to zero spoilers.

          *This was made up by me as an example and not claiming this as fact.

          1. Hmm… Personally I don’t see either situation as a spoiler at all. The reason that playing as Luigi wouldn’t be considered a spoiler, but bits of Zelda would be is because it has to do with the storyline or specific gameplay spoilers. Being able to play as Luigi has nothing to do with any storyline, it’s a gameplay mechanic. I could even understand if it was some sort of revealed technique, like… “Super Mario 3D Land: First Boss Must Be Defeated With Fire Flower” or something like that… lol… But it’s not. The fact that there’s gameplay of Luigi means that Nintendo doesn’t care if people know, it’s not that big of a deal. Everybody knew that Luigi was playable in Super Mario Galaxy before it came out… In fact (I can’t quite remember right now, but) I think it may have actually been advertized on the box.

            And… Personally I’d like to know I’d get to play as him before buying the game rather than playing through the whole thing expecting him to show up somewhere and getting disappointed :P

            1. But a spoiler is fact about a game not known to others. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gameplay or characters. It’s a hidden element of the game, and then the surprise is ruined. It’s like revealing a hidden character in brawl. Not everyone wanted to know every character from the get go. I’m not bothered by this spoiler, but there are people that want to know next to nothing about the game before they play it.

              1. Ok. Well I guess our definitions of ‘spoiler’ is different. I could see where you’re coming from, as long as the fact that you can play as luigi isn’t on the back of the packaging or in the manual.. lol… And we already saw that Luigi was hidden in the box art.

                1. I had changed subjects back to talking about Luigi, so the use of “him” was referring to playing as Luigi.

  4. AWESOME!! I’m so glad I preordered it =DD
    I fucking love Luigi!! <3
    but this news doesn't make the wait any easier =( lol

  5. Nice, I saw some footage and he jumps way higher than Mario, not like in new super Mario bros where hi is just a skin change

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