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Nintendo: First Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Rockstar has finally given us the first official look at Grand Theft Auto V. The game is set in Los Angeles but Rockstar has yet to announce which formats the game will be available on, or when the game will make its début. Fingers firmly crossed for a Wii U version.

95 thoughts on “Nintendo: First Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer”

    1. there are a lot of sony fanboys in that page talking shit about the Wii U saying it wont be more powerfull than PS3. those guys probably dont know that the prototype stage of the Wii U is already 50 times more powerfull than PS3 which means that the actual console should be EVEN more powerfull

        1. I will explode if its on the system! Then do a victory lap on a bunch of mofos on the ign fb page! Hate those fanboy douche bags. >:]

          1. Haha Anonymous articles such as those are exactly what I’ve been thinking about as to whether this will be on Wii U or not. I really hope it will be, or else I probably won’t be interested enough in getting. GTA is getting kind of boring with no big new additions to gameplay, and I’d only get it if it utilized the U in a bunch of cool ways.

            1. To be Honest GTA 4 was my least favorite. rockstar tried to show off there RAGE engine but wasn’t focusing to much on gameplay. GTA 5 looks like a game thats going back to its roots, being fun again. graphics aside.

              its ok they use the wii u’s tablet ability, i just dont want it to be the main thing for the wii u’s version (as in motion controls and stuff of that matter), another my comment was towards the guy who said that the wiiu is more powerful than the ps3. which is true, but as i said these things are expected of a next gen console.

                1. sony has said their next gen console wont be about graphical power, so it might not even be as strong as the wiiU, but honestly who cares, the ps3 is already strong enough.

                  1. Not true. The Wii U will once again be less powerful than the ps4 or next xbox. But seeing this game getting released on ps3/xbox360 I expect it to be on the Wii U.

                  2. actually those are just kotaku rumors that apeared on week after wiiu’s anouncement at E3. get some facts straight.

    1. i don’t clean i play games and i get the guys to clean for me now get yo ass cooking i want a cheese omelet nya! >:3

  1. Watched it a couple of times now, paused every half second, and it looks like there is going to be on hell of a lot to do in GTA V

    1. I believe it’s rockstars goal to out-do itself in every new game that it makes. So far it has been successful in that goal.

  2. Seems like I’m the only one not hyped… Just seems too samey… I do hope it’s a Wii U launch title cause it is def a system seller.

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  3. If you want to know…. sometimes they don’t say coming to Wii U when it’s a all format game and the wii u is annouced.

    In many E3 2011 trailers, its coming to wii u but they say PS3 360 PC & not Wii U.

    Look at many all format trailers that are coming to Wii U and see the end does not say Wii U

    Batman arkam city does not and some others.

    1. Its probably becauae the realse dates for those games are a year away for the wiiU. Don’t worry that will change in 2012.

    2. True airbuz…. arkam city does not say wii u but its maybe because Wii U is coming next year.

      Similer thing with some other games that had their first teasers/trailers at E3.

  4. Im getting it for PS3 for sure, but if its coming out during the WiiU launch than i would love to get for the Wii U. if rockstar added SIXAXIS controls to the ps3 version of GTA 4, than im pretty sure they would add something interesting using the tablet for GTA 5.

  5. Those are in-game graphics! It seems this is going to be on next gen machines rather that in current systems (ps3/360). The game has very impressive lighting effects and complex designs that are not possible on current systems. It also has a lot of color, which was absent in GTA4 for the most part. GTA 4 was utter crap compared to San Andreas, and this trailer shows that they’re going back to that awesome state.

    1. thats exactly was i was thinking, and if it is gameplay, they should be far along with production meaning… this might be the WiiU version :) all i can say is… amazing hopefully its an exclusive to the wiiU

      1. At the most it’s going to be on Wii U and PC if it has these kinds of graphics. A game like this would be too expensive for it to be just on one platform, unless Nintendo gives them a really FAT check, and that would be just too expensive for ANY company. I’m hoping for a Wii U release as well with that controller.

        1. Rockstar has endless amounts of money, Nintendo needs to get great games on their system at all costs. Put that together with the old rumors that R* had a dev kit fairly early, and you got yourself some hope that it could be a wiiU launch title.

          1. If I’m not mistaken, GTA 4 cost around 100 million dollars to make, so it would be really expensive to make this an exclusive with an improved engine and stuff. We’ll see what happens.

            1. Yeah, wtf i misread the comment(I thought you were saying it wasn’t going to the wiiU at all for some reason)………….-________-

            2. Those costs are mostly attributed to marketing, voice actors and music licensing. The actual development of the game was a lot less than that.

              1. Oh, ok. I was going by the numbers they released, but it’s still expensive since all of those elements will be part of this new game as well.

    2. I dont exactly agree with the “it wont run good on this gen consoles” thing, trust me developers always find a way to make games look awesome and run ok at the same time. example: GoW3, killzone 3, UC3, BF3 and Mario galaxy 2 (i say SMG2 because it look like a 360/PS3 title, thats how good nintendo makes them). plus PS4 aint coming out till 2014, and rockstar nows they can leave sony out of there releases.

      I have too admit, rockstar north really fixed the lightings and inproved it much from GTA 4. compared to Red Dead Redemption (which also used the RAGE engine) the animations and AI looked much improve.

      to be honest dont hope for a tremendous amount of change of look from the gta 5 PS3/360 to the wiiu version. developers sometimes get lazy and just adjust a couple things. rockstar north were probably making this game for YEARS now, and the wiiu wasnt even made public until this years E3.if a games look were based on a consoles hardware then the PS3 would of have the best look because of the cell processor (not including PC :p), but because its easier to make games on 360, developers get lazy :/. its not to offend you just dont get your hopes to high up.

      1. Games like GoW 3 and Killzone look good, but they lack a lot of color not because that’s the theme of the games, but because the systems could not handle them. Killzone 2 in particular had a lot of issues running on the system. Even with Uncharted 3 you will see a lot of rough animations and some ugly textures. Even GTA 4 had pretty rough animations and lacked a lot of color and the lighting was ok but not excellent. It also had some not-so-good model designs. In this trailer, it has a lot of everything including very impressive models for the people and the houses, the lighting is bright and vivid, and the animations look neat. The lighting in particular looks way better than that of Battlefield 3 on PC.

        Saying that it’s going to be on next gen consoles is not putting my hopes up; it’s just from examining the trailer and what it contains.

        1. guerilla games said killzone 2 only used 40% of the cell, most of it was for effects and such, killzone 3 on the other hand used 100%, and it ran really well. i dont know what you mean by GTA 4 lacked color. you know that you could change the saturation and contrast in the options, right? that means you could change the “color”.

          another thing, animation, know matter how powerful a console is, its always gonna run the same. why? because programers made them like that. so even if you ran it on the strongest PC rig, the animation would still be the same. the modeling of a character has to do with the designer as well, its not the systems fault.

          i disagree with you about uncharted 3. naughty dog actually took there time and made some really nice detailed HD textures. and the animation is great and fluid, only on multiplayer it gets a little fast-paced. no whats really funny of you is that your comparing the lighting of a GTA 5 trailer to BF3 running on PC. your comparing a half-cinamatic trailer to PC gameplay, not ps3/360 but PC. your comparing an updated RAGE engine to FrostBite 2. now im not saying that RAGE is not as strong, because the lighting really looked superb plus RDR looked great as well. but your seriously comparing it too frostbite 2? RUNNING ON PC ASWELL? you need some glasses dude, no offences.

          FB2, a sophisticated next-gen engine that can make more refined physics and quasi-realtime radiosity using Enlighten from Geomerics. compared to an updated RAGE… you now what, its not even worth waiting my time.

          1. y think there was a typo, you said “waiting” you probably meant “waisting”. back to topic. i totally agree, FB2, cry-engine 3, and Unreal engine 3 are next gen engines. really hard to compare with this generation engines like RAGE.

          2. GTA 4 had color. When I said it lacked that, it was because it looked grey; not as severe as Gear of War, but it still looked grey.

            As for Uncharted 3, animations are still rough and stiff, and textures are not as redefined as you’re saying. And by animations I mean in-game animations, not cutscenes. Battlefield 3 on PC has fluid animations and a lot of detail and lighting effects. It almost looks like the real world. However, it’s easy to see what elements took a hit in the console versions. Animations are rough, textures are of lower quality, lighting is not as impressive, etc.

            To give a different example, Kirby’s Epic Yarn has fluid and seamless animations. It’s a Wii game. I know that it’s a Kirby game and that those games don’t use much graphical fidelity, but I used that to show you than limitations are irrelevant if you know how to use the hardware your working with. Those other games put priority on how “good” a game looks. The other problem we have right now is that AI is really poor in games because they decide to put effort on graphics and stuff.

            1. omg….again gta 4 color can be changed in the options. you can change how strong the contrast, saturation, hues are.
              -uncharted 3 has “rough” animation because its a faced-pace game where you move fast making it look a bit unrealistic. compared to how you move in heavy rain which is slow like a real human does.

              -“Animations are rough, textures are of lower quality, lighting is not as impressive”
              animations are more fluid than any other FPS in the market, theres something called HDtexture pack, and lighting…. well they lowered it down a bit for console, but werent we talking about PC?

              -” AI is really poor in games because they decide to put effort on graphics and stuff.” that is a good amount BS. better graphics wont make the AI worse. tell me this, how come Skyrim looks so beautiful and at the same time uses Radiant A.I? an advance A.I technique that effects how NPC treat you, or how they behave when you treat them. you see, AI, Physics, Visuals, are all up to the developers, its not about “well better graphics mean worse AI durr”. try to READ, not skim through it just to comeback at me.

  6. Looks epic, but I never approved of the sexual content this series is known for having… but still, these games are one of a kind.

  7. So is this what “next-gen” graphics are going to look like? If so then I bet the Wii U could definitely pull this game off.

    1. If you examine the trailer more closely, you will find that it looks awfully similar to that Japanese Garden and Zelda HD tech demos they had for Wii U.

      1. ^This. Not the videos from the presentaion, but from the hands on videos. The wiiU could look close(or be) to the pc build(which im thinking the trailer might be) just not optimized for a pc. Slower framerates and some lower res textures, but overall above the other consoles. I would be 100% fine with just a an interactive map, but having played chinatown wars i think R* might do some impressive things with the interface. That said, im not expecting anything fancy. Going back to the old rumors, R* could’ve recieved dev-kits at or close to the beginning this year, so they could be making magic happen as we speak. This is a game i really want to play on my wiiU next year.

    2. no, we already having these types of beautiful games on PC an some on PS3/360.

      Red DEAD Redemption, it uses the same RAGE engine as GTA 5. killzone 3 ,uncharted 3, Gow 3, BF3, Crysis (1 and 2 for consoles), Skyrim. these are just a couple of games on PS3/360 that use next gen engines.

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