Nintendo 3DS: Shigeru Miyamoto Plays Games For Ten Hours A Day

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told Weekly Play News that he spends up to ten hours a day playing games during a typical day at Nintendo head quarters. Miyamoto usually has as up to seven games on the go at once even though he usually focuses on three games a year.


        1. This site is in serious need of a moderator. Yes he got it wrong, no need to be so callus and rude. I doubt you would treat people this way in person. Hiding behind the Internet makes you looks weak and cowardice.

          1. Ditto. These type of comments are ruining the quality of this site. I dread reading the comments here, just like at IGN. Almost makes me want to stop coming here altogether.

        2. whats the point is saying that?!?! are we not all nintendo fans here? are we not all having fun? why the FUCK are you ruining it?!?!

    1. He probably focuses on GTA IV, GTA IV TBOGT(The Ballad of Gay Tony), and GTA IV TLAD(The Lost and Damned)! Just kidding! We all know they have to be Mario, LoZ, and Metroid Prime, right? That gives me the idea, I hope they come out with SOME form of Metroid Prime for the 3DS even if it is a side scroll.

  1. That´s not a dream job, if you take into account that he has to WORK with every aspect of every minute of every game. I bet the work don´t stop at home either, he probably dreams about games and problems, problems, problems. You got to love your work to put that much effort into it, even if the outcome is pure entertainment for someone else.

  2. That leaves him about 2-3 hours of work a day.
    Shows just how much of a brand his name is nowadays.
    Don’t get me wrong – I fully respect and love Shigeru Miyamoto for who he is and what he has done.
    But if such person spends 10 hours gaming, a day, we can only assume 8-10 hours of sleep, which leaves us with 4-6 hours of work. And he also has to eat, socialize, get from/to work and also, personal healthcare (shower, toilet, teeth, etc)… So yeah. 2-3 hours a day where he can ACTUALLY work. And even if that would be his everyday-routine, he’d be stressed out and overexhausted in just a couple of weeks.
    Somehow I don’t believe that he is either;
    1. ACTUALLY gaming about 10 hours a day.
    2. That he actually needs to work anylonger. He just gets the fame anyway.

    But again – don’t get me wrong! He could come up with great ideas and have others design and code them, but they’re still his ideas and decisions.

    Shigeru – thanks for creating awesome games and making lifes happier everyday!

    1. What are you saying…??? Its his job to play games(upcoming games,games under production etc…) 10 hours play games..its mean 10 hour of work.. He is not playing games for pleasure in his office… Understand what you reading…
      Sorry for my bad english..

    2. He has to play them to test and come up with new ideas, it’s his job… He isn’t bumming around playing MW3

    3. I think you misunderstand something here. It IS his work to play games and solve the problems that they may carry.

    4. Actually, 10 hours of sleep is too much considering that an adult male should only sleep around 8 hours a night, a growing teenager’s preferred sleeping time is about 9.6 hours because of growth spurts, and an infant/baby/toddler sleep time is 10 hours of sleep at night. Besides the 10 hours of video gaming is, believe it or not, work. He is the one that perfected Mario’s jumping and a few other ones, and hopefully more things he could perfect later on in the future. (Doesn’t the man who basically started it all deserve 10 hours of gaming anyway?)

    5. Haha, I didn’t realize all of this was going to spur up a wildfire. ^^

      Well what I’m trying to say is;
      If Miyamoto is working on, let’s say Super Mario Galaxy 3 (which doesn’t exist to my knowledge, but let’s just say..), and he’d be playing THAT game 10 hrs a day, then sure. Work.
      But what if he’s the leader of that project, but keeps playing SM64? How is that going to help SMG3?
      Sure it could bring up some ideas, but then again, 10 hours a day just to force ideas out of an old game into a new one? Not really professional, is it?
      Nevermind though. I do appreciate Shigeru and all his work. I was just implying that I really don’t think he spends 10 hours of gaming each day.

    1. Bas, ik las op je twitter account dat je RuneScape speelt. Mag ik misschien je accountnaam weten en je toevoegen aan mijn friendslist, dan kunnen we misschien eens samen dungeoneering of iets anders doen :) . Mijn naam is trouwens: stompkiller9

    2. I think he isn’t really into playing games for fun. He plays the games to create and perfect games. If you play that much at work you don’t also want to play much in your free time.
      It’s like a comedian who is really funny on stage but off stage he isn’t funny at all. Because on stage he is it all the time.

  3. lol, his relatives probably are like, ‘when are you going to get a real job?’ then he’d say, ‘but this IS a real job. I get paid to play.’

    1. Somehow I doubt his relatives accuse him of that considering he’s the most respected video game designer in history, and he undoubtedly is very comfortable financially.

  4. I beat you Miyamoto in that 10 Hours of gaming but seven games on the go I can’t do that. I myself want to be a Second Party Developer for Nintendo after College.

    1. I wanted to before but my thinking has changed.

      Really I play games often anyway! but creating them automaticly makes you a gamer because you play so much.

      1. I am currently creating an RPG game with RPG Maker VX. It current name is Shadow Realm: The New Story I only got the first 2 minute done.

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