Nintendo 3DS: Miyamoto Isn’t A Big Fan Of Mario Kart 7’s Customisation Options

Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told 1up that despite Mario Kart 7‘s vehicle customisation making it into the final game he wasn’t entirely happy with the new feature, as he believed the ability to tinker with your kart deviated from the “core fun” of the franchise. Miyamoto only allowed the customisation feature to feature in the final build on the condition that the rest of the game had to be phenomenal.

“I was actually pretty well against some of the customisation features of the game,” he explained.

“It can be fun to win money for racing and use it to buy parts and such, but I didn’t think that had much to do with the core fun of the series.”

“The idea for that [feature] came from the studio staff, though, and my final response was ‘If you can build this customisation on top of a solid control and gameplay foundation, then go ahead.'”


    1. No, it means he didn’t like the idea of customisation in the first place. Not like they showed him what they had made and he didn’t like that….

      1. But he presents a valid point: A lot of the customization options in modern games really pull away from gameplay and create dry areas. Of course, it’s all about who likes what in the end.

        1. I agree with you totally Timothy! They definitely pull away from the cores of the game and hinder the main idea or pulling point is!

    2. Miyamoto doesnt like HD. Miyamoto doesn’t like good gameplay. Miyamoto doesn’t like good games. Miyamoto has changed over the passed 25 years. its time for him to move on from gaming and just sit around and play his Zora Guitar like the old man he is cause he’s getting stale.

        1. How do I thumbs his comment down. i REALLY want to thumb his comment down. Clearly frwfew needs to be shot in the kneecap for that kind of offense.

      1. Actually I see what your saying, but he does like good gameplay and good games. The problem lies in what he defines as a good game is no longer what the gaming populace entirely defines as a good game nowadays. I mean I prefer games as they were back in the 80’s and 90’s too. And there are lots of others who do to, but they have also grown up to like other games than just shooting other go karts with koopa shells in standard definition. The train is not going to stop coming just because Miyamoto says it will, he is going to eventually have to
        fully adapt or die. The industry has kinda left you behind Miyamoto-San, I respect you, but seriously, retire.

        1. Yeah I don’t cimpletely agree with you (especially not the part about retiring) but Miyamoto is a bit too traditional. I’m sure the reason he didn’t want the customization feature is because he doesn’t feel like it goes with Mario Kart’s traditional style.

        2. Just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean the man should retire, seriously. And how did you get to standard definition from this? The 3DS screen is small; it doesn’t really need HD. Plus Wii U is already confirmed with HD, so I don’t see your argument.

          I guess Nintendo is doomed by living in the past because Miyamoto is just too stubborn and old. Its over, Nintendo is finished.

          1. So you want Nintendo become a Sony?
            People who only cares about features more than games?
            Or a Microsoft?
            People who thinks lying to people is fun?

          2. SD was actually referencing all the nonsense talked about the Wii, and I am glad the WiiU has HD output. Did you ever stop to think that Miyamoto is too stubborn and old? I mean yes he’s a legend, I flip out about new releases just as much as the next guy and defend Nintendo when they need defending. Just as I am doing now, it might just be he is stuck in his ways and doesn’t want to change and don’t want to see the company that got me into the hobby that dominated the next 20+ years of my life and is responsible for so many good memories I have to potentially end up stagnating. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. I say what I say cause I love Nintendo and everything about them, problem is the industry isn’t the same as it was and the last person of the old guard there at NOJ might just need to take a good look at things.

        3. And tell me sir, what nowadays games are fun to you?
          Cuz if Miyamoto wants to adapt to the games nowadays that means shooters, blood, dead people and nothing else.
          I like Nintendo as much as i do now because i like they keep the classics in classics and don’t change it in a horrible way, for example, does anyone remember Crash Bandicoot? or Spyro? or Duke Nukem (before Forever)?
          See, those game changed, and for bad, because adapting to the games nowadays is killing my interest in video games, like the music did with you know who, and the movies like over-repetitive action movies or novels like… you know what i mean.

          1. The internet is full of over-exaggerating old farts. News flash people. The older people of your generation hated your music, devices, and video games as well (even when they were brand new). Elvis was hated by the older generation as much as Justin Bieber(except he was seen as vulgar as well) is now. New games are nothing but blood and guts? That’s completely untrue. It’s like the early view that video games will rot your brain. I’m sure most of your parents didn’t approve of how you entertained yourselves either.

          2. What games nowadays are fun to me, well considering Square screwed up Final Fantasy not them any more the last I started with FFII (not FFIV, FFII) on snes, Mega Man is dead, Sonic is finding his way back but there will never be anything like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Metal Gear was fun until recently, the original game was better. Rare is never coming back. Duke Nukem was awesome before Forever. I play racing games, rpgs, and rhythm games now. All genres I have liked in the past, but nothing else out there excites me anymore, not really even Zelda (you play Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask+Wind Waker put aside, you have played pretty much every modern Zelda). And speaking of Zelda if I want to follow that design I’ll just go back to reliving that I am 10 years old and Link to the Past just came out they is same basic template that every console Zelda pretty much follows. I am just saying that in order to keep the hopefully their classics alive at all there is some measure of adapt or die. Now is adding customization to Mario Kart a good idea, eh who knows. But I do see for a game that is 7 games in and its all about kart racing somethings have to be done to keep it fresh. There is nothing wrong with handing the reigns over to someone maybe a little younger than him. And I trust Miyamoto would find someone that would be up to his standards in doing so. But let’s think about how many responsibilities he has I am sure he is pulling his hair out alot and I fear to see what his blood pressure might be.

            Besides, when Nintendo adapts they take something and make their own. All I have to do is point towards Metroid Prime for that.

            1. I feel bad for you if you think the Nintendo frachises haven’t changed. Sure the plot of Zelda or Mario hasn’t changed, but the gameplay, weapons and levels all do. That’s what happens when it is part of a SERIES. Usually you keep the main core together, and expand to new ideas realms, controls. Ever noticed how movie sequels tend to have most of the same characters, actors/actresses? Just a different plot. Same goes for video games.

              Skyword sword isn’t your ordinary Zelda game, there’s new puzzles, completely new way to defeat enemies (not just swinging the sword whenever and whereever) and a new item upgrade system. Mariokart gets new courses, new items, new characters, and new karts (upgrades). This game is more multiplayer based which makes it so darn fun.

              Nintendo already said they are working on new fresh IPs. Obviously you followed the FF series, so the games are mostly the same, you go around on quests, level up, defeat the boss. Same formula for each entry. They change characters, weapons, magic, spells, classes, etc.

              FF2 on SNES is FF4, so that reference confused me.

              1. Zelda III: Link to the Past: Get 3 Pendents Get Master Sword, Fight Agahnim, Goto Dark World, Rescue the Seven Maidens, Kill Ganon.

                OoT: Get 3 Spiritual Stones (red, green and blue same colors as the pendents), Sleep seven years (instead of going to the dark world), Awaken the Seven Sages, Kill Ganon.

                see the pattern here, the only one that really tried something different was Majora’s Mask. Wind Waker, replace land with water which changes the gameplay mechanic beyond that really the core template was the same. This goes as well for Twilight Princess as well, following the same template.

                And no, my only experience IS NOT with FF, unless you mean to say FF games are only games I have played since 1989 which I can assure with ENORMOUS of amounts of confidence that is not the case. 22 Years of gaming experience under my belt, I feel confident in passing some
                judgement on this. Having seen games come and go for this long and and sticking with nintendo even when I questioned their judgement. I have no qualms saying Miyamoto needs to stop being such a grumpy old man and to listen to the younger people on his team and what ideas they have. Yuji Naka doesn’t seem to have this problem, he is problem was he and Sonic Team needed to just slow down on the idea that there can be a Mario 64 version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Generations shows slight acceptance of this theory.

        4. he really is just a grouchy old guy now. Nintendo told Anouma to produce Skyward Sword. Anouma had a GREAT layout for it (which inculded no motion controls and a better artstyle (Monster Hunter like). Miyamoto came in. looked at it. and was like “art style people want? in my zelda? lulno change this this and this” and to be honest. the controls and art style is what ruin Skyward Sword. the control is atrocious at points.

          1. I lol’d at this. The controls are no where near atrocious. You might not like motion controls, but they work phenomenally in SS. Art work is well done but I can understand if it’s not in your taste. Be sure to separate opinion from fact.

          1. i just bought CoD limited edition and is garbage
            the controller looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

            1. go suck off reggie you faggot’s and crazyj71 i fucked you’re mom when i was playing COD you little pussy bitch

      2. I think you may be right… I love nintendo games but that man is holding them back and everybody blames reg,,,

    3. No, it’s not like he’s saying Mario Kart will suck entirely if the customization is included. He’s just pointing out that it will take away people’s attention from the core idea of the game.

      I have to admit, when I first saw the customization I was like… ehh…. I’m actually glad to see that I’m not the only one.

      1. ^ This.

        Miyamoto knows that the fun or Mario Kart is in its racing itself where it should be. Customization as he knows is just a feauture not part of the core of the franchise.

        You just read it wrong. As I understood he said that like saying: be sure the game core si fun then (THEN) work in extra features. He wasn’t opposite at the end with the idea. If not it wouldn’t be in the game.

        What he said to the team who made the game is in fact very important. Game developers shouldn’t start with the feautures that wouldn’t be an essential part of the core of the game. That’s why there are lots of games with lots of things but give the player a sensation that something is lacking.

    4. miyamoto doesn’t like anything if he didn’t come up with it himself. That’s my take on the man. He’s a bit out there if you ask me, but a genius none the less.

  1. Customization is a really good idea, while it does stray from what MK has done since the beginning, there’s no reason it won’t work.

  2. It’s so interesting to hear how he thinks. At least he fights to keep the “core fun” of what he creates a priority. Wish more in the gaming biz had that type of focus.

    1. Indeed. This whole thing is sad really. If you rely only on the “core fun” the game gets bad reviews, if you make a game more complex it gets praised by reviewers while losing some of the “core fun” (which is what makes Mario Kart 64 fun to this day, while modern games seems to die by age).

      1. Ive seen plenty of games get 1s and 2s for making a game too complex and either killing the fun of the game or just making a never fun game arduous, usually by not being very intuitive or fluid. On the other hand I’ve seen 9s for games that were just plain fun, simple, and built on a solid, engaging story. If you think a game has to be complex to succeed, go play limbo or minecraft or any Pokemon game and tell me it wasent complex enough to get good reviews.

        1. You missed my point entirely. This was about a franchise growing to become more complex not a concept were the core fun is the only selling factor as these games are usually very cheap. Also both Minecraft and Pokemon are extremely complex games if looking aside of the graphics (something “you guys” tend to do).

  3. I think that he feels that it’s too close to the kind of feature you get in modern FPSes where you can unlock new guns and attachments through buying them with in-game money. I can entirely see why he doesn’t want to make the racing into a simple matter of grinding to earn certain items rather than just racing for fun.

  4. I’ve been expecting some kind of customization to come to the Mario Kart franchise since Mario Kart Wii, however, i wasn’t expecting a Kart customization, i more so expected a track customization feature (much like how the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game brought the stage builder, where you unlock parts for beating parts of the game) I am not surprised though that they brought a Kart customization feature to the game. You do have to start somewhere, ya know? I’m sure someday they’ll make a Mario Kart game that allows you to not only create custom Karts, but also create custom levels, and even share your levels with the rest of the world over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and play world wide with people who downloaded the stages you built. I told Nintendo my idea, and they actually have told me that they have been getting a lot of requests for the same thing, as well as they have wanted it themselves. However, still no word on if it’ll happen soon or not though. *sad face*

    1. Nintendo are always up for new ideas. But I wouldn’t worry about your idea, since it’s been considered one too many times. It’ll show up soon. :)

  5. And this is why I’m afraid of the Wii U and nintendo games going forward. They have a way they like to make and play games and they(sometimes) don’t think of the consumer.

  6. Don’t worry. I’m sure that with the team not being as experienced in game design as Miyamoto, the kart customization will feel “tacked on” and “unnecessary” to some reviewers. Particularly the ones that took points away from Skyward Sword.

    As long as I’m here though, there will always be “How To Better” articles, even if they come out slowly!

  7. Im honestly a bit disapointed with the game myself. I was expecting some cooler characters. Instead they introduce us Quenn Bee, Metal Mario, Lakitu and Wiggler? I hope Mario Kart for Wii U has at least one of these characters: Whittle (The tree guys from Galaxy 2), E Gadd, or Kamek.

    1. Whats wrong with Lakitu? Hes been the countdown guy in all the MK games, so having him as a playable character is really cool. Metal Mario is awesome, hes sort of like the new dry bowser from mario kart. Wiggler looks really cool and different when he drives. Queen Bee is good for the balance with female characters. Your comment is completely bias. Most people don’t know who E Gadd is, Whittles are very unknown and probably won’t be appearing in future Mario games. Although, Kamek is cool.

      1. I’m starting to think either you guys don’t know what bias is or you pretend you don’t know when it’s convenient. Meh, either way your comments are entertaining.

        1. Your comment is actually wrong. Being bias is when you don’t view both perspectives of the subject. I clearly explained the new characters and his decision for what they should be. Being bias doesn’t mean going against something, its just the act of not viewing both sides of whatever your trying to prove. Erik was bias by not explaining the need of not having wriggler, lakitu, etc.

          1. @Mario: E.Gadd is actually popular in the Mario series. He’s the guy who invented the vacuum from Luigi’s Mansion and the FLUDD from Mario Sunshine. He also showed up in the Mario and Luigi saga. So to say that most people don’t know who E.Gadd is, is like saying we don’t know who Wriggler is. Sorry to say but that’s my thought.

            @Erik: I first was not excited for Queen Bee or Wriggler, but for someone to say that they’d prefer to have Whittles over any of these characters is like saying they prefer Ollaliberries over Boysenberries.

          2. No bias is prejudice for or against a person group or idea in favor of another. So yeah he was biased but you still didn’t know what it means./ me being an immature troll

            Seriously though you’re right, or rather half right. Not explaining something doesn’t make you biased. What makes him biased is that he already had a set group of characters in his head that he wanted in the game and he would automatically be upset with anything else. wasn’t upset that wriggler MM etc. are in the game he was upset that they were chosen over E. Gadd and the others. Then again there’s a chance(though unlikely) that he would have been happy with characters other than the ones he already had in his head in which case he wouldn’t be considered biased. In any case though I was right(as in correct in my first comment since you didn’t know exactly what bias means) I was also wrong(morally for trolling) so I apologize. Also some of the points ij this post may be wrong(incorrect) so yeah check to be sure. (and google the meaning of bias before commenting again please.)

            1. I agree that my comment was bias, but aren’t all comments considered bias when you are defending your opinion? We are looking way too much into the comment structure. In the end, explaining WHY you chose your statement is important. I think the only reason why Erik didn’t like the new characters is because of the fact that they are new. He didn’t explain his decision which made the whole argument “one sided” and bias.

              1. But i can admit that my comment is also very bias. If you think that all opinions are bias, then I don’t know where this leaves us. I think not being bias is impossible.

              2. I wasn’t saying you were biased. I was agreeing with you about him being biased. However I was disagreeing with your definition of the word. That’s all there was to that comment.

    1. Agreed. I say keep all characters preset in games like Smash Bros- leave the customisation to other areas like stages/music/what have you. As much as I hate to say it I’m really scared that the whole 3DS + Wii U connectivity may turn the game into something gimmicky…

          1. Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Twilight Princess constitute a large 1%? Only good games I’ve seen for the Wii. It’s a taste thing, but I really didn’t see any others that worked out well.

            1. Seem to be missing Galaxy 1 & 2, NSMB Wii, Punch Out, Skyward Sword, Goldeneye, DKC Returns, among many others that were particularly good.

              1. No, there’s a reason they weren’t. Except for the Mario games, I’ll give you those. Then again, it comes down to taste. I didn’t like the original GoldenEye, so my point may be invalid!

  8. First time I have disagreed with Miyamoto :o If it’s done right, why not Miyamoto? It enhances the exerience does it not?

    1. and thats exactly what happened Miyamoto didn’t like the idea but allowed it if the gameplay was solid or even better. That did happen so Miyamoto gave the OK.

  9. Its a backward step to not have customization in a kart game in 2011! This is blatantly trying to defy the progression of a long running series. Idk how customization would take away from gameplay. Mario kart has had a locked racing formula since day ONE. Customization can only add to how you play, and your personalized vehicle could only add to your enjoyment of the game. I fully disagree with Miyamoto’s “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” toward gaming. Things must advance over time or they die/lose their appeal, its true in every part of life and its true in gaming.

    1. Agree with you 100%.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love what Miyamoto has done for gaming over the years. However, he does seem to resist most kinds of progress in games.

  10. From what I saw with the customization, I don’t see a need for it. It’s suppose to be fun and a focus on racing. Not “Ooo let me get as much coins as I can get to unlock this, while player in 4th place passes me”. If anything you shoud’nt need to unlock stuff. If you want real customization, then there also should be change color of karts, emblems, logos, titles, MAYBE parts but so far it’s only frame, wheels, and glider.

    1. Those features could only add to the game though, the level customizafion in the wiiU v ersion should be awesome! I want a track-editor! Jesus, imagine you and your friends holding a cup of your personalized tracks named by you with karts made in your image! I don’t see how much more fun you could have in ANY racing game! Its not like im saying I want a forza experience, but games like mod-nation racers show you what the genre has to offer. Its not hyper realism, not crazy difficult racing competition, its a NEXT GEN MARIO KART! Im not going crazy, but come on, ive playing mk since I was 4 in 1998! Its time to take mario kart to a new level. Plus imagining customization on the wiiU tablet makes me drool…

  11. I don’t know what the “core fun” is, but I like the concept on customization. To me, it adds more replay value to the game, making gamers try out what they like best and see how it does.

    I don’t see how it can be a bad thing.

    1. The “core fun” of the game is the focus of the game itself, in this case the racing part. It would appear from Mr. Miyamoto’s comment on how it better be good and add something to the game that he originally thought the customization would pull away from the racing portion of the game too much. Having grown up with Nintendo games and seeing other game companies quickly moving towards making games that put personal aesthetic control in player hands but not necessarily adding to gameplay, I see his concerns. Nintendo games have traditionally been about gameplay over appearance, giving players new ways to experience the game without focusing on looks. Take for a contrasting example Skyrim: It’s an awesome game, but at the beginning you have this giant range of character customization. After it’s all said and done, how many times do you look at your character while you’re lopping off dragon heads? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just doesn’t add to the game as much as much as another feature might.

      1. Thats what defaults are for, nobodies going to shove it down your throat. You can still pick up in play for that “core experience”. Hell you can default in Skyrim if you want. I want features that build on that core experience, while keeping the gameplay fresh. It can be done, MK7 is proof of that, I fully expect the wiiU versions of all games specialized for the system to take creation and interaction to a whole new level.

        1. Well yeah, like I said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The bad part comes when you prioritize niceties before necessities. When you start putting in time for code that focuses on aesthetics when you could add new experiences to the gameplay side of it. Also, I’m not completely certain Mr. Miyamoto didn’t like the customization, it sounds as if he just didn’t want something that didn’t add to the game. So, if the customization adds to the experience, I’m sure it’ll be implemented.

  12. Hey 1. We all love Miyamoto and what he has done for gaming and look forward what he’ll be in the future!, but it’s time for new ideals and ip’s. No I not talking cute cartoony I mean some real serious characters….y u ask because they got enough cute and enough cartoon I love Mario and the gang, Yes Link is the man but I also want serious to and out side of maybe METROID U really dont get that. Allow Mario to make u that guaranteed money and on the side work on new ip’s with a serious nature!

    1. Agreed new ideas and ip’s something more than Pikmin (not that anything is wrong with Pikmin) but some other new stuff would be nice. I mean a more mature story line and and settings would not be a bad thing. Especially if it could be done with IMPLIED violence like in a Hitchcock movie, that would be badass.

  13. I’m not sure many of you understood what he meant. He isn’t against customization in the first place, he is against taking development time away from the core mechanics of the game in order to make available customization. They only have x amount of time to make the game, they can’t waste precious time on cosmetics while half assing the foundation.

  14. What!? He didn’t want kart customization? What the heck? I think kart customization is a sweet and fresh idea for the MK series. It’s a step forward that’s what it is, Miyamoto!

  15. I am glad this feature is in. I believe customization adds more fun and replay value to the game than just racing. It wouldn’t be much of a change if they left everything the same. I pretty sure the “core” gameplay won’t be affected by this.

  16. What Retro has done before is absolutely incredible, from Metroid Prime to recent Donkey Kong Country Return. So I think Mario Kart 7 should be very good. Nintendo may really consider let them make Zelda game in the future.

  17. Miyamoto knows what’s up. Nothing comes before the core gameplay. He wasn’t against the customization, he just said “Hey guys, build me a solid game and if you want to pretty it up after that fact, it’s fine. But the game must be good.”

  18. I think he doesn’t like the customization because it basically takes away the uniqueness of each kart and therefore taking away the tradition of Mario Kart. I also think that modern games (CoD, GTA, etc.) aren’t really asking for you to finish the game, it’s asking you to kill people, while Miyamoto is trying to keep Nintendo’s tradition alive. Their tradition is to make good games that you’d want to keep playing over and over again for the story.

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