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Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Could Have Launched Last Christmas If Nintendo Were Concerned About Making Cash

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo could have released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last year, but the company was determined to make it as good as possible so they delayed it until now to add extra polish to an already great game.

“We’d only been thinking about what was most convenient for the company when we made this new game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, we probably would have put a half-finished product on sale last Christmas by saying that we have managed to make it on time just because it was the order from the company.”

“We spent six months making the game, and another six months fine-tuning it. Because the game we were making was so huge, we needed to work that hard on it. Otherwise it would have felt like a waste. We spent so much time making a really good game and it came out so well that it would have been a waste not to make sure that it was really polished.”

“If I had said last Christmas, ‘We need something to be our big end of the year product. Make a new Legend of Zelda game,’ you would have made some sort of game. Because you would have spent as much time as you had and put in as much energy as you could to make it.”


94 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Could Have Launched Last Christmas If Nintendo Were Concerned About Making Cash”

    1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
      the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

        1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is awesome
          the wii remote looks like gold the orchestra soundtrack impresses full of creativity and the game is just perfect, the controls are responsive.

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  1. im soo greatful for nintendo’s existence, dunno what i’d do without them :’) im loving every last second of skyward sword, thank you so much to the whole zelda team :D :D :D

  2. I’m glad they took their time. I prefer best quality games over quick releases and Skyward Sword is just awesome the way it is now!

  3. I’m happy he took the extra 6 months to work on it, I would rather have a brilliant game late than a “half finished” game early although it was quite wait for skyward sword. Still, a great game :D

  4. Its fine that it waited until this year….spent last holiday playing DKCR which was an awesome game and gran turismo 5. Now this holiday season is pretty much full of nintendo titiles for me SM3DL, skyward sword and soon MK7.

  5. In some respects, I would have hoped that they would wait even longer with Skyward Sword. Even though I’m enjoying the game, I would have loved to see how this game would look like with better graphical power.

    1. Tell that to the fans who have been waiting for a year for it. It’s hard moving back the day when it was promised sooner. Keep delaying it and you get angrier fans.

      Obviously it’d be nice for a Wii U version, but this was built for Wii as TP was built for the Gamecube. There will be a Wii U version that will have top notch graphics.

      1. I still don’t believe the Wii U will give this game the TP treatment. Though it’s possible the Wii U controller could work as a menu navigator and aiming aid, I feel it would take away from the more imstant scheme already established.

        And don’t get me started on why it can’t just be on the Wii U controller. -_- It will get its own game tailor-made for it.

        1. The WIIU also also accepts wii controllers. maybe they’ll stick to the SW control scheme , and have a friend help you out with the WIIUcontroller ala tingle tuner style in WW.

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    1. It always makes me laugh when Americans (I’m guessing you’re American) talk like this. They assume that because all their businesses are all greedy, capitalist pigs who don’t actually care about anything but the thickness of their wallets, that this is how all businesses in the world works. Fortunately for the rest of us, most non-American businesses know how not to be disgusting pathetic failures.

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    1. i read somewhere it was about 5 years. don’t why he said 1 year which i think is impossible for the game this scale.

    2. I guess 1 year to make and 1 year to “polish”? I know it was due out last year, but I thought it was longer than 1 year dev time…

        1. @troll So you hate nintendo, yet you can’t wait to play a nintendo game on XBOX? lol, your not just a troll. Your a stupid, blind, and ignorant troll =P

    1. U really think that… They didn’t make as much money this year cause they didn’t sell about 10 million systems. But their far from bankrupt.


  6. I remember Metroid Prime 3 got a delay to make it better. Always pays off.

    Skyward Sword is amazing, great gameplay, great dungeons, great music although I prefer Twilight Princess music. The game is massive. 20 hours in and I’ve done the third dungeon.

  7. 1 year they worked on this game….. Smh. So they waited 4 years? And this is why I don’t support Nintendo as much as others. I get a Nintendo console….. To play Nintendo games. I get 10 or so games out of that console and then, in order to enjoy the next 10, I have to buy a new console. While other systems I enjoy 10 games a year at minimum.

    Like I wanna play SSB, I get 1 game per generation >.>

    1. Have something awesome to often and it won’t feel awesome.
      If you wait 3-4 years between 2 titles, you will like them more than if you get 4 games during the same time. It would be to much.

      I too would like to play 1 Zelda game per year, but I know that after 3 years it would be to much. But with this current rate, even after 25 years, I still love Zelda games.

  8. I still think they could have polished so much more, since dungeons seem rather easy for veterans and the graphics in cartoon is great and all but they could have done a bit more. Mario galaxy is in cartoon and still looks very sharp and defined. No Im not saying its a bad game and i hate it no, Im saying that for a Zelda game (which is the highest standard in video games) i expected much more.

  9. Many people thought the game was just about ready by last year. I love Nintendo for this, though sometimes it can harm their company and it can hurt their fans. There are quite a bunch of quality games coming to the 3DS now, but they were nonexistant when the 3DS launched. The wait can be painful, but the reward is even better. Nintendo games are among the ones that have little to no bugs because of this. If there are bugs and glitches, they are not as bad except for the door in Other M, and that was on a few discs.

  10. i just played i at the last dungeon 7 in total **spoiler**

    (not connoting the sky loft one because of the lack of boss) but this game is so hard jeeze i thought this game was going to be sorta like TP but only a little harder with a much harder hero mode but wow it is hard i am too afraid to play on hard mode i will have an easier time playing halo on legendary with the skulls activated that makes it harder still to play like invisible gun and things like that.

    1. I’m fine the way it is granted the newest game console i own is a wii and i have only played the PS2 and some of its games for me I’m current when it comes to this stuff. HD still is pipe dream maybe ill get a PS3 when it is as old as the PS2 and just as cheap. so you better be happy with what you have and not be spoiled by HD so what it isn’t in aHD it is still a good game and they didn’t want to alienate people who own a wii like they have done for the last 5 years where the best games on it have never come to america instead we get the crappy shovel ware the stuff that didn’t make it big in japan. be happy

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