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Nintendo 3DS: The November Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update With 3D Video Recording Has Been Delayed

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS firmware update that was supposed to be released sometime this month has actually been delayed. The firmware update which brings video recording to the Nintendo 3DS along with a few additional extras is now scheduled to be released on December 8th. Here’s some of the features you can expect to see in the update:

  • 3D movie capture and playback functionality added to the 3DS Camera program
  • Additional features for Mii Plaza
  • Functionality for transferring download titles and data from one 3DS to another

68 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: The November Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update With 3D Video Recording Has Been Delayed”

        1. I mean videos that were (or will be after the update) filmed from a Nintendo 3DS with the upcoming update. It seems like the articles say that with the upcoming firmware update, we would be able to record video (with audio to go with it) with a Nintendo 3DS. Another question: Would sound also be recorded? I know it is capable since there are built-in microphones in the Nintendo 3DSes.

  1. Boo Nintendo. Boo.

    Also. There are more Trolls on this website than in Mordor, so I’ll be taking a break for a while. Some of our trolls have been banned from a few other sites… I’ll try those for a while and return in a month or so.


        1. No, I have a problem with trolls in general. Sony fanboys, Microsoft fanboys, doesn’t matter. As long as they don’t troll for the heck of it, everyone’s welcome. What pisses me off is fanboys (from ALL platforms) that keep whining, cussing, dissing others, and generally being complete douches to others.

    1. well trolls are everywhare.some1 must tell those trolls that the site my nintendo nes is only for nintendo fans! so…..its good idea some1 kick a sony or a micro or a non of em fanboy whos trolling(exept for nintendo fans)

    1. Supposedly, December 8th. But you know, anything can (most likely wiil) happen. I just want the update now! Sooo much new stuff.

  2. They probably found some bugs in the software or something. Better to get it right than release something that isn’t perfect.

  3. now there’s no point calling it a november update if it’s postponed until december 8. instead, the super mario 3d land firmware is the november update. >:(

  4. The Only Pokemon Champion

    i think we can safely assume this new formula for major update
    Real date of update= The month nintendo said+1

  5. I hope they didn’t forget about the GBA ambassador games… They’ve got 1 month left to fulfill their promise.

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  7. I was expecting it at the end of this month, I never saw an official date anywhere. It doesn’t bother me that it’s delayed, but I’m glad that I can transfer my titles from my old 3DS to my new Zelda one! It’s so sad and empty! I hope they release the rest of the Ambassador stuff soon too, cos my friend is buying my old one off me, and I can wipe the memory so it’ll be fresh for her to use!

      1. Bastard?!? Looking at the name I think the person’s a girl, Mr. “The Only Pokemon Champion”! And also she’s selling one of them so you can’t assume she’s keeping both of them.

  8. hi there wow i have now lost count on delay updates for nintendo realy going for a 2012 update not 2011 update i realy wished it would come early
    it was suposed too be released november then delayed too december if it was delayed again thats early 2012 release

  9. maybe hulu plus the online system the better eShop and the demos will also be included thats why they delayed it. (probably)

  10. What are the other updates? i.e. the ones that are supposed to come in that update, but you get them when you try to play Super Mario 3D Land. I didn’t see any differences…

  11. I got it! People (such as I) are always complaining that the updates always come at the end of the month, so to meet the demands of “the people”, Nintendo smartly postponed it to the beginning of the next month! I applaud us 3DS owners!

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