Nintendo 3DS: Ouch, Destructoid Awards Mario Kart 7 A Poor 5/10!

Popular online gaming publication Destructoid has decided to award Mario Kart 7 an extremely disappointing five out of ten. Jim Sterling who reviewed that game states that the series needs a severe shake-up and labels the game lethargic and mundane. Thankfully other publications don’t share Jim’s borderline trolling opinions.

Mario Kart 7 is as derivative as a game can get, and while we pour scorn on so many other games for rehashing themselves, something tells me this will get a free pass from many critics and gamers. That strikes me as ironic since Mario Kart 7 is the one game I’d hold up as the least deserving of any kind of leniency. It being an unadventurous and predictable retread, however, is only half of Mario Kart 7‘s problem. The other half is the fact that it’s a lethargic and mundane game, easily outpaced by games that could be considered knock-offs of the formula Nintendo itself perfected.

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    1. yeah they’re being unfair imo. They say MK7 is the same game we bought 6 times before so 5/10 but MW3 got 9.5/10. I’ve got nothing against COD, but I think it’s even more rehashed than MK7. And it’s not like nintendo makes more than one mario kart game by console and by year.

      1. How is COD more re hashed than MK7. MK7 has been using the same stages and characters for a long ass time. Haha. Their big selling point was some new characters, you can breather underwater………and……online play, something that is so basic and fundamental in games now a days. So people give shit to COD, assassins creed, or gears for being more of the same. Well, the Mario and Zelda games are not that much different. I mean it is the 7th iteration for gods sake.

        1. Why don’t you play Mario Kart DS then play Mario Kart7. Graphical differences aside, there’s the 3D effect, the ability to glide and go underwater, the ability to make your own online group, the ability to control it with the gyroscope, and more.

        2. I don’t agree with you on that one, i mean the zelda games are really different from each other. hope you played them to see that for yourself of course.

          on the mario side i have to agree a little, i played allot of mario games and i was hoping that super mario 3D would have more to offer because i hoped it would be a 3d remake of mario 3 (nes).

          i’m not going to be critic on the FPS games or COD because i never played them.

          but i must say that some new stages would be nice for a mario racing game
          but again if we look at the race game grand turismo or need for speed i have to say that it’s also the same game with small extra’s

          so i say let’s just take a look for us own and create our own opinion on those new games ;) not let others decide how good the game is

          just my opinion i guess ;)

        3. “Has been using the same stages”… um each MK has 16 new levels, and starting with the DS one 16 “classic” levels. These are meant as throwback levels for those of use to enjoy the game further and see how the new options hold up on classic courses. They don’t just copy and paste the course in, it gets the full upgraded graphics, and functionality. I know there’s videos of use of the Hang glider on Mushroom Gorge. So while the courses are new designs, they have been updated for the game.

          Each Mariokart game has different characters, others appear in some games, and others do not reoccur. The same “core” characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, are expected to be in each game. Metal Mario may or may not return in future games, same as Funky, Diddy, etc. The baby Mario and Luigi didn’t seem to make this one (although they might be unlockable, who knows).

          Online started with the DS, it’s not new, but it’s improving on that and the Wii version. There’s now communities and rule settings, new features for this existing functionality.

          As far as Zelda, Mario and COD, AC, GoW… they are series, they keep the core in place and build off of it. Meaning Mario and Link rescue the princess, go through temples/levels, etc. COD gets its core of just shooting at people, collecting guns. They are more or less the same types of game play with new features as the series progresses. Just like you don’t make a movie sequel with entirely new characters, different theme/genre, etc. Same thing.

          1. The Mario and Zelda series have just been around longer. We’ll see how COD and other established series hold up 10-15 years from now. They could certainly be around, I wasn’t saying that they won’t hold up.

            Guitar Hero flooded it with too many games and now that’s shut down.

            1. I don’t know about that… The only hallmark of COD games is the multiplayer, and even though the games are being pumped out at double speed thanks to two different studios working on releases, the multiplayer is becoming more and more similar and repetitive. However, unlike Halo, nobody gives a shit about COD campaigns- at least that’s what it seems like to me, virtually all of my friends have COD and nobody’s played through the campaign. As compared to Halo, Zelda, and Mario… the campaigns and their accompanying storyline canons are considered timeless classics. Honestly COD isn’t really a game for real “gamers” (whatever that means) I’d equate a majority of its fanbase to people who would otherwise play mostly sports video games (as in people who never play RPGs).

              In regards to the Destructoid review FUCK destructoid, I hate that nintendo games get a bad rap for being “kiddie” especially if they gave COD a 9.5/10- to be fair I haven’t played it yet but from what I seen it too has a rehash, giving to it all the qualities these cumwads would otherwise “pour scorn on”… with their gay english. Bastards… hope they take an arrow to the face.

        4. pull your fing head out of your ass, they use 16 new levels and 16 remade classic ones for nostalgia….

          Nothing against COD either but really, it’s been $60 for a map pack for the past 3 years. it’s the same crap rehashed, the graphics still look the same as mw2. They COULD take time and remake a new engine and change up the formula but they don’t. unlike MK which comes out every 3 or 4 years and takes time to craft.

        5. “How is COD more re hashed than MK7”

          I’ve seen the light, you’re totally right. It’d despicable how Nintendo charge people $20 to download 3 tracks every few months, and if you don’t download them you won’t be able to play online because everyone just wants to play on the new tracks. MK should be more like COD where all the content is available day 1.

          Hang on, I’ve got something backwards here.


        6. Well, MW3 is cod’s 8th iteration and mario kart came out almost seven years before cod. So that argument of yours doesn’t hold up much water. Also, nintendo doesn’t pump out these games like there’s more tomorrow. They actually put time into creating mario kart where it’s a fun experience that lasts for a long time. I play cod and it’s fun, but it loses it’s grip on me after a while and I go back to playing street fighter or some shit.

        1. But doesn’t CoD come out once a year? For 5 systems? So assuming that a gaming generation is 5 years (which it obviously won’t be for this current generation) CoD comes out a total of 25 times in a gaming generation, while Mario Kart is released twice.

    1. Lol I usually defend the reviews that are like this on ethe grounds that sometimes people just think differently than other reviewers even if they review for the same website/magazine but Jim Sterling is a total troll and everyone knows it.

  1. must he really? though i cant say much because i have not played but this is obviously an unexperienced reviewer. this must be the most imaginative mario kart yet.

    1. Except in general their reviews which receive extremely high scores get more views and when they do give a game a terrible score they’re more likely to lose revenue as companies are less likely to advertise on a site that trashes their games.

      Jim Sterling is a reviewer who uses the entire scale, he’s not harsh, games journalism at present just operates on a 7-10 scale instead of a 1-10 scale.

      1. This ‘he’s a reviewer who uses the full scale’ thing should not apply to Jim Sterling. Edge magazine uses the full scale, and they manage to avoid the use of hyperbole and have full justification for their scores.

        Jim gives games high/low scores for the lulz. Like when he gave Deadly Premonition 10/10.

        For the record, I’m not complaining about him giving MK7 a 5. Maybe it’s justified, I don’t know. I’m just saying you can’t hold him in any kind of high regard like other reviewers are when he does the things he does for the reasons he does them.

    2. I think Jim is just hard to impress. Although I don’t understand how he either gives REALLY high scores, or really low scores, I mean Kirby’s return to dreamland recieved a 10/10 from him for heaven’s sake!

  2. if i was in your shoes i expect a backlash from Mario Kart 7 players (I going with IGN and ONM on this one and buying it, see you onlnie whoever get mario kart 7)

    1. ONM is horribly unreliable when it comes to review scores. I’d trust IGN but never ONM, especially when it comes to Nintendo first party stuff.

      1. Exactly. Those are only in the hands of their Nintendo team, mostly Audrey and Rich as of late. Rich’s scores do have to be taken in a different scalular context, but most of the time they’re understandable. Jack can be a bit unfair at times.

  3. I guess I can understand why they gave this mark… I mean, to someone who isn’t a fan of the series, they probably just see it as just another racing game, where the only innovation was Double Dash, where 2 people rode in a kart. For example, I hate the CoD series, and think they all look like the same game, over and over again, but a fan of the series says blatantly otherwise (well… sometimes). I am definitely a fan of Mario Kart, all I’m saying is I can understand when they give games like this these low scores, because their own ignorance just makes them look at it as a rehash of every other Mario Kart game before. This however in no way, changes my want for this game, or the fact that I will buy it.

    1. Dude, even thought i kinda agree with you, i think 5 out of time is pretty harsh, if it were 7 or something i would say, well not so bad, but 5!?
      Man i don’t even know if they are trolling.

            1. well noname is the bigest troll i have ever seen!!!! man i am telling u that gye broke my nerves but thanx to my tea i got calmed.:) find that noname if u can now or when ever u can.

            2. noname aka mario aka um what aka anonymous aka CJ aka nintendo equals love aka First Stopper aka song of courage aka LPninten aka Animato aka Freddy has a big wood aka epic fail aka beefy aka troll says:

              oh no you didn’t.

              1. Wow dude…Sorry guys but I laughed. In any case you guys need to learn the meaning of “Don’t feed the trolls.” If you respond to them that means they got exxactly what they wanted no matter how well thought out and offensive your post is or how much you manage to prove them wrong. But of course I doubt you’ll stop and I don’t care too much anyway. I know I’m feeding him too but like I said I don’t care I’m only saying this for the people that actually do.

    1. Jim Sterling isn’t trolling. He’s giving an opinion that differs from yours. The series is repetitive and has hardly advanced in any of it’s iterations. To him that’s a flaw, to people who don’t want it to change, it’s a pro. Don’t call troll every time someone has a different opinion to you.

      1. But rating a game should be on the experience, not on how much the formula needs changing. Especially if its on different platforms; Modnation Racers (similar genre, so good example) won’t/didn’t get points docked off when it went from PS3 to PSP, and in the future the Vita, because it’s an entirely new platform; the most important thing is the game’s there (although innovation is welcome). Now if you have the same franchise, same platform(s), with little/no innovation, that’s a problem. LBP 1/2, SMG 1/2, Killzone, etc. all had to radically improve on their predecessors because they were on the same platform. Games that went from one generation to the other don’t have to change the formula; just better graphics or more gameplay (Halo, Ratchet and Clank, Super Smash Bros, etc.). Mario Kart fits in the latter category.

  4. IGN is better with nintendos reptutation!that destaction shit is doing that because they dont know about gaming they suck!all mario karts are the BEST.

  5. It’s Jim Sterling. He gave Sonic Colors a 4.

    If he can find one fault, the game is considered to be a failure.

    1. Depends on if the fault ruins the game experience. If justified he’ll give it a low score. If a game gets given a 7 or more I expect almost no major flaws like that. 5 is an average game, not the worst shit ever written to disc like everyone seems to think it is.

      Reviewers need to use more than the 7 to 10 end of the score scale.

      1. A game has to be pretty awful to deserve a 5 or lower. Like a game that has a lot of glaring flaws, not one that has one (subjective) flaw.

        I agree, game reviewers should stop being too generous, but at the same time, a 5 seems a bit ridiculous for a game that was praised by a lot of people.

      1. Think about it like this: I found the UI in Skyrim to be downright awful. Would everyone be okay if I worked for a big gaming news site and gave it a 6? I mean, sure, the rest of the game is awesome, but the UI isn’t good, so I’ll give it a 6.

        This is, effectively, what Sterling did with this review.

    2. And for good reason. What a cheap Mario rip-off THAT was…-_-

  6. Just cuz it isn’t some overhyped shooter doesn’t mean it has to get a 5/10
    Jeez it’s a new Mario kart for a new portable system
    It’s not supposed to be the next frickin bio shock or skyrim

    1. That doesn’t mean it should be given a free ride. It’s being reviewed as a kart racer, not reviewed as a fantasy epic like Skyrim so don’t think it got marked down because of that.

  7. Attention whores. Metascore was like 96, I remember when Sonic Colors had a metascore of 8.5 maybe 9.0 and then they ruined it and gave it a 4.5 even though everyone loved it. I remember writing a whole essay raging at Jim Sterling, I was absolutely furious.

          1. READ THE REVIEWS for both versions and you will get your answers, instead of just jumping to the “score”,

            1. All it says is that the game was the same as before, which is a lie.
              See? And if you are so confident about this guy, then tell me a GOOD point of why it deserved a 5.

    1. He gave that game a low score for good reason. That game had sloppy, sloppy platforming among countless amounts of other problems. Many who loved it, simply have low standards.

      1. “That strikes me as ironic since Mario Kart 7 is the one game I’d hold up as the least deserving of any kind of leniency. It being an unadventurous and predictable retread, however, is only half of Mario Kart 7‘s problem. The other half is the fact that it’s a lethargic and mundane game, easily outpaced by games that could be considered knock-offs of the formula Nintendo itself perfected.”

        Are you actually saying THIS is ok!?

  8. HAHAHHAAHHA I just realized thus was Jim Sterling too. Yup, he’s just being an attention whore again. Whenever a game has am 8.0+ metascore that he doesn’t think deserves it, he gives it a rediculously low score to bring it down and get ad revenue on his site from people being angry.

  9. I might have listened to him, but reading part of his review all he does is whine and complain and that annoys me, I bet some of his favorite games that were “rehashed” got a free pass too. It’s all about preference, letting someone review a Mario Kart game that obviously doesn’t like the Mario Kart series very much is ludicrous.

  10. Have most of you people even read his review of it? Then you would know what he actually feels about it and is justified for giving it a 5/10 (which is a AVERAGE!!). Try reading the review(s) instead of just jumping to the score or reading a site that has a blatant tendency to lean to one platform over another.

    1. 5/10 is more like an F. I read his review and all I can say that he holds no real argument besides that it’s the same game, I haven’t played it so I have no opinion, but if that’s the case a lot of games should have 5/10s

    2. I saw the review and it says nothing, all it says is that the game is the same, which is ridiculous considering that dude gave Sonic Color for the DS a 8.5 even thought is a lot like Rush and gave Sonic Colors for Wii a 4.
      Besides, do you even know what a 5/10 means? For Mario Kart 7 is pretty damn low, is an awesome game but this guy just want to see rage, because he go no valid points.

  11. Even though I don’t care for this guy either, I’m still gonna rent it first. I already own Mario Kart DS and Wii, so I honestly don’t have the cash to “shell” out (lol puns) on another Mario Kart game that most likely plays the same way.

    The features and additions do sound cool, though. Once again I’ll rent it before buying it. Besides, I’m still waiting on getting Super Mario 3D Land ;)

  12. Please, can you tell me what the hell Destructoid is? I mean, nobody will know about this stupíd review, so dont take care about it, now, we all know we dont have to trust on their reviews, they cant be more stupid

    1. Destructoid’s actually a very nice news site. Sterling is my only problem. All of his reviews are exaggerated, pretentious and VERY inflammatory.

  13. Can’t help but notice how he completely breezes over the Multiplayer aspect of the game which, y’know, is the single most important, fun aspect of Mario Kart…

  14. How can he say it’s a rehash when they’ve added both underwater and flying? I mean there isn’t much you can add to the series. It even has kart customization for christs sake. What does he want? Them to drive corvettes and have realistic physics. Or maybe have some dumb plot going on in the background like CTR did?

  15. i don’t get it i mean what do they want it to be a flying simulation now? what can a racer do that is drastically different anyway? seriously thee reviewers need to be more realistic about how they view games. different games exist for people who want different gameplay styles. people buy Mario Kart for Mario Kart and not a shooter or a flying simulation or whatever.

    i’m getting annoyed of all these “oh there isn’t a lot of change in this game and that game”

  16. Also this is a very unfair review to someone who is new to the series, which I’m sure a lot of younger kids might be if they didn’t have the Wii or DS versions. If his only complaint is there isn’t enough change, but the game itself might be the best Mario Kart out there. Reviewers need to review the game for what it is and not based on their expectations…

    Maybe ding it a point or two for unoriginality if it really deserves it, but don’t drop it down to 5/10

  17. I’m not really sure there is much that can be done to the Mario Kart series to make it different. Yeah, you can glide and drive underwater in this one, but what else is there that can be done, put guns on the karts? Just kidding.

  18. Honestly, he has a point. Mario Kart 7 just doesn’t seem to be different enough. It’s disappointing. Don’t let your love of Mario kart cloud your judgement, because it’s true.

    It does do new stuff but it doesn’t seem enough to me. I’m still getting it though.

  19. Whats is wrong woth you people? Just because its made by Nintendo doesn’t mean its gold right out the gate. Jim may have some strong points since he has actually PLAYED THE GAME. Thays the point of a reviewer to review a game, not to give it a perfect 10 or 9 just because it’s made by Nintendo. Perspective, people!

    1. Except that he’s basically saying he doesn’t like Mario Kart. It certainly may not deserve a 10 or even a 9, but a 5? That puts it next to the really bad games out there, and I doubt MK 7 is a bad game.

  20. Jim Stearling is just a fat bitch or an attention whore… or both

    and Nintendo hater too… (everybody know it)

  21. Why are you always just insulting anyone who has their own opinions of things, He’s got A point though even though i like mario kart it’s in the top ten most rehased games ever under mario party. Everyone who gives low scores are bitches and trolls. You guys are fanboys…

          1. Two different developers made two different games. While they shared the same name, the gameplay was, in fact, different. He didn’t like the Wii version of Sonic Colors but he did enjoy the DS version. End of story.

            1. Is the same freakin THING!
              The only difference, is actually nothing, since most of the Colors for the Wii levels are on 2D and some times 3D, while the DS is completely 3D.
              And for you information, the gameplay is the same.
              If you want to debate, don’t act like this stupid who gave Mario Kart 7 a 5 without an actual reason, bring me a valid point, or GTFO.

  22. First it was SS, now it’s MK7… I don’t care, I’ll play the game myself before taking this guy’s word for it.

  23. First: you people need to learn what trolling is…. Having a different opinion than you is NOT trolling.

    Second: I believe he just said in the subtext that mod nation was better. I agree, love getting dat free DLC every week.

  24. So, they think they can give the game a really low score so that the series will change? That is one lame reason for the score. If the game doesn’t have faults that break the fun of it, then why should it suffer just for what the person reviewing it thinks is not good enough. If anything, I’d said that Mario Kart 7 is the one having the most change at the moment compared to other games they’ve reviewed like Modern Warfare 3.

    Then again, this is Nintendo. First it was Skyward Sword with lame excuses to bring down the score, now it’s this, a racing game like most other racing games but more fun. I played Skyward Sword and found out that the complaints they had were total BS. It’s not like this will affect my purchase anyways.

            1. But it’s the same as the Sonic Rush games.
              And Colors was fun and something new (No, Unleashed doesn’t count because it had the Werehog) AND it had more levels with more new and awesome moves and wisps.
              It does NOT make sense.

  25. I’m not really sure we’d like it more if it were different. And the praise garnered at a very different Mario Kart wouldn’t really be based on Mario Kart’s merits, but on the mere fact that it’s different. That’s not good reviewing. That’s just being happy that something is different. Anyone can do that.

  26. He is entitled to his opinion, but I do not believe this game is 5/10 material from what I have seen. Sure, it has the familiar racing formula, but what sequel does not? I find it funny that other sequels that are not Nintendo related get higher scores than Nintendo sequels and say Nintendo games are repetitive and predictable. What about first person shooters? I like FPS games, but if you want to talk “predictable”, then FPS’s would not be exempt, you just run and shoot, run and shoot.

    I am not going to rant over this review; I am still getting the game next week. :) I encourage everyone else to do the same. Do not take reviews like this too personally if you know YOU will enjoy the game. I know I will.

    Me: ಠ_ಠ

    Seriously, Jim Sterling is entitled to his opinion. As long as he isn’t bashing a game for playing it incorrectly, *cough*gamespot*cough*, then I see no reason to flamboyantly bash him.

        1. No i’m not.
          How do i even know you are a fucking stupid piece of shit if i don’t even know you.
          How can i give my opinion about someone i haven’t even meet?
          I don’t even have any good points or proves of it.
          Get it?

    1. People said the same thing about gamespot’s review, yet people finally got to play the game and it turned out to be a mediocre review. He didn’t like the game. That’s fine and all, but that’s not really a review. He is supposed to play the game and tell consumers what the game does right and what it does wrong.

      I’m not expecting a 10 or even a 9 by any means, but I don’t think MK7 is a 5 game. They gave Need for Speed the Run an 8.5. It looks to me as if they’re using Nintendo to to generate views. They give MW 3 a high score, and since that series has a lot of hate, they’ll get views. Nintendo fans alone generate a lot of views, so this is the only explanation I can think of. Opinion or not, this is not a professional review.

  28. Why am I not suprised there is a lot of critisizing comments? Don’t get me wrong, I do like how this game looks and that, but Destructoid must have had SOME reason for rating it 5/10. It’s rather dumb that they would rate it 5/10 because they hated nintendo.

    8-9/10 would probally suit this game instead of a perfect ten. That part there is just my opinion. But HEY, we all have different opinions, right? ^^’ Eh, whatever.

  29. 5 outta 10 for a triple a nintendo title and one of their leading brands seems EXTREMELY suspect to me. u DO NOT drastically alter a winning franchise. you tweak it or add a few new features at best, which is what nintendo have done. i am not a nintendo fanboy. im playing skyrim at the minute and can tell,u that bethesda has not greatly changed much since oblivion and fallout 3. open world/go explore? same premise in each giving u a mirage of free will and choice, yet u cannot do one thing which the programmers hadnt bargained for in the code. mark it down, sterling!! cod and assassins creed do not blow your m8nd anymore with orig8nality and innovation. with regards to mario kart 7, sterling was being more subjective rather than objective. therefore to be unbiased and fair he should have gave TWO scores= his own non-fan of the series score, 5/10. and an objective score acknowledging that if you are a big fan of the series then with the tweaks and extra features its probably about a 9/10. (i think alot of reviewers should use this objective/subjective 2 score review scale. it would be more trustworthy.)

  30. The comments on these articles really make me laugh. Not to sound rude or anything, but why rag on the guy for his own opinion? If you don’t agree with it, more power to you, but insulting him because his opinion doesn’t correspond with yours isn’t very mature.

    Also, before anyone even says it, my opinion does NOT coincide with his, and I agree that many FPS games are guilty of the same thing over and over again as well, however I’m not gonna be a baby about it. It’s his opinion. Just saying XD

    1. Opinion here is irrelevant, specially after gamespot’s review for Skyward Sword. You don’t give this type of game a low 5/10 just because you don’t like it. You give it a deserving score for what it does. For comparison, they gave Need for Speed the Run an 8.5. He is supposed to be a “professional,” not some random dude on youtube.

  31. Really? I’m losing hopes on critics. I’ll get what I WANT, even though I’ll listen to what they got to say.

  32. Call Of Duty, Halo, Madden, NBA…. just a few games that are EXACTLY the same every year, spare a few new features to make it fresh. At least Mario Kart doesn’t come out every year, constantly dishing the same game with minor additions.

    Whatever, what REALLY matters is that fans of the series will like it. I’m honestly beginning to think people are just TRYING to bash on 3DS games and Wii games to try to make it look like Nintendo has lost its touch, when really, they’ve shown a lot more promise as of late.

      1. Based on the fact that he give lower score to awesome games like Sonic Colors for the Wii and ridiculously high on games like Sonic Colors for the DS.

          1. I want to remind you this is a review, not an opinion.
            Saying that is like if in the News, the reporter state their opinion of, let’s say, a Obama speech, saying it sucks and all.
            You are not suppose to say your opinion, you are suppose to give people the News.
            In Reviews you are suppose to say if game deserve the right score, if you are a professional reviewer, you can’t state your opinions, and you can’t give your own score without consulting the rest of the people or having a valid point, otherwise you are a troll.

            1. Then if you don’t think game reviewers aren’t suppose to state their opinion without the approval of their peers, then whats the point then?
              He gave BF3 on the consoles a 7.5, did I get angry about it? No I didn’t. He basically sad it wasn’t as good as the PC version of the same game, it happens. I dealt with it and I still enjoy it. Hell even he gave Batman: AC a lower score than the rest. He may be harder when it comes to reviewing a game, but its very much appreciated.
              Also I didn’t agree with his review of Assassins Creed 2 (he gave it a 4 or 4.5), but I did see where he came from about it (its called “perspective”).

              1. >its called “perspective”

                Then, he is a troll.
                Because trolls have awful opinions and we can still deal with, and this dude, is a troll, the only difference is that you don’t see, either because you think i’m a butthurt Nintendo Fanboy, or because you think i don’t respect “opinions”.

                I don’t respect his opinion because he doesn’t have ANY valid point to give a game 5 points, and then review a over-repetitive game, that is not Call Of Duty, a 8.5, he is, in fact, a troll.

                1. If you’re butthurt about it, then why the hell do you care so much?!?!? Also the last time I checked, COD and MK are two totally different games. It’s easy to see that he thought the game was “meh”, and he sounded he was more disappointed in the fact it didn’t even compete with other games in the kart racing genre (since Nintendo pioneered the genre in the first place).
                  Also I was referring to you about perspective and you lack of people may actually have different opinions than you.

  33. Just one tip Sickr, just because he doesn’t think the game is good, that doesn’t mean he is trolling. Specially in the way he worded it.

    Another tip, you, as the blogger here, shouldn’t really call his opinion trollish either, doesn’t look right. Is entirely ok for you to take an opinion, and disagree with his review, and give a counter argument, but to call him a troll just doesn’t look professional.

    1. Exactly!!! When a good video game comes, some people give it bad reviews because it’s just a rehash. And look at the games that are just being repeated and got good reviews:Cod, Nba, etc. People these days don’t care about the main point of a game except for graphics and stuff like that( Please note i’m not trying to be a troll and I don’t if i’m being a troll right now). Critics these days are crazy and stupid

  34. Games Radar gave it a 10 and had good arguments unlike Jim’s butthurt hurr durr they criticize CoD review.

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