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Nintendo 3DS: Metal Gear Solid 3DS Is A Full Remake Claims Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has told press in Japan that the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D isn’t just a simple port but is a complete remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 that takes full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D comes out on March 8th in Japan.

108 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Metal Gear Solid 3DS Is A Full Remake Claims Hideo Kojima”

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  1. Im impressed by this games use of the 3ds’ tech. It looks great and its features are awesome. Plus I want to take dudes out from far away in 3d! :p

  2. I’m not so sold on this as everyone else with the HD collection out will people still buy one of the many games they may have already bought I can’t imagine the update to be that enticing

    1. Well for 50$ I got most of the series in HD and it looks amazing. For what 40$ I can get just 3? Oh well it’s in 3D I forgot. It’s ok to charge 20-30$ extra for 3D. No wait….

      Either way MGSHD is coming out on vita with transfaring. So it’s smarter *for me* to just get the HD collection. I replayed 3 and man, brought me back. Best game in the series.

      If anyone else hasn’t played it yet, got get a ps2 and get it, or you can get a ps3 and HD collection. There is no time to wait.

      1. You like mere graphical upgrades, which is incredibly easy to do, for $50, over a full remake which includes 3D for only $30, which is technically less than the original price of the original game? Yeah, you definitely have good spending habits.

      2. Devil Survivor was remade for the 3DS, and the remake was fantastic. It didn’t even use the 3D tech hardly at all.

        If they add content (not mentioned), might still be worth it.

      3. If you plan to use the transfer feature, then you need to buy both versions, not just one. Plus, it’s not just 3D what they’re doing with 3. They’re using the actual hardware and upgrading from there. The HD collection is nothing more than the same gamess with higher resolutions, which look worse than its native resolution. It’s like the RE4 and Code Veronica collection.

    2. that may be true, but the 3ds version is different than the HD simply becus its a remake which means it might get more added contents such as new areas and what not, not just a graphic upgrade….

    3. Yeah, as EVERYBODY owns a PS3 and 3DS, don’t they? Besides anyone who genuinely gives a toss about adding HD to games needs shooting. I’d rather have a remake, taking advantage of a consoles different features than the one it was originally on than play the game again with graphics a tiny bit sharper, changing nothing to the game. Really don’t get the fuss with adding HD to old games. It does nothing. Graphics aren’t important.

      1. Honestly he still has a valid point. Unless your new to the series (like me relatively speaking) then why bother when the HD collection is coming out? Sure it’s a “remake” but unless it has some differentiating contents, the HD collection might be worth it over this if you have a PS3

        1. If you have both then depending on whether you’re a fan or not then the PS3 one could be the better choice. But if you’re a fan why would you want to play 2, 3 and 4 again with slightly crispier graphics? As I said, personally I’d prefer to play a remake and experience it in a new way. Besides MGS2 is boring after the half way mark and 4 was a huge disappointment. If you play just one MGS game it should be 3 and (hopefully) the remake will be the definitive version.

          1. that’s what he just said. saying MGS2 is boring is an opinion. and i never recall any reviewer saying that MGS4 was a disappointment, besides the fact it got plenty of perfect scores.

      2. Hahaha tranfaring sounds stupid(the word not the function). And the vita has hidden costs, that TOTALLY PUT ME OFF OF SYSTEM! A goddamn 4gb memory card costs 30dallars! That 2or3 fully downloaded games! The 32gig(which I still think is too small) is 120FUCKIN DOLLARS! At launch with a game the vita is AT LEAST $320! $380 minimum if you want 3g! You can’t even boot a fuckin game WITHOUT a (AT THE VERY LEAST) $30 mandatory memory card! Im not buying a vita until Sony drops the price for those damn cards!

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          1. But as far as I know, the cards aren’t SD cards, in the same way PSP owners had to get the Memory Stick Pro, or whatever they were called.
            Though will the Vita not come with a card, the same way the 3DS comes with a card?

          2. 1. Should be 60gb+ if you want games and music and pictures and movies and videos stored with NO on board memory.
            2. Its a proprietary memory format, so no you won’t find them “dirt cheap on amazon”(not at launch any way) I think sony is trying to prevent mass hacking super early in the PsV’s lifespan all the while nickel_and_diming to make up for their small losses on each vita.

          1. I dont know what you said but I still dont know whats so great about it….no offense I dont see the point cause it looks so hard to beat!!!

              1. well dont leave me hangin tell a discription on whether I should/shouldn’t buy it. Cause one ive never played this kind of game before so..hit me with your best shot and ill think on it….

                  1. I am sorry i am barely new at this site so…give me a little bit of time and ill get used to it okay i was trying to ask jayc.

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  3. Based on the trailer they’ve shown, it’s not really a full remake. They are doin a lot of interesting things with the game that are new or different, but in the trailer they showed at this year’s E3, it was the same PS2 game with maybe some more color. It’s not like the tech demo they had last year, which looked stunning!

  4. gentle men and trolls listen please leave ps3 because it sucks and we know it.and secound talk about a litlle for this game.I thing metal gear solid 3d will be full in 3d i cant wait and for the special features.i am gonna love this game and i am lucky because i am 17+.yea cool.

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