Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Dominates Black Friday With Incredible Wii Sales

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that the Wii had its best Black Friday ever as Nintendo saw sales surpass 500,000 units just during the day, and pre-Black Friday openings at some stores. Who said the Wii is dead?





  1. Do people still buy the wii? I mean WTF? The wii is garbage, why does my NES has better graphics than this piece of shit. Second, what is the fucking point of swinging the retarded controler around… it looks like a fucking dildo. The only place I have seen people swinging their arms around like that was in a rave club for gay man. And what is the point of that fucking wii fit thing, not everyone is a stupid fat fuck who needs to excersice, if you want to exercise go to a fucking gym you lazy bastards.

      1. play each of these games: Zelda Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the Mario Galaxy series. See what u think of the wii after playing that. Trust me, Donkey Kong is WAY more difficult than COD on veteran mode. You would prob cry to your kiddie friends on Xbox live/PSN.

      2. im going to b mature about this, not go on a ramble, and agree with this troll. dont buy wii fit, go out to a gym. that is all.
        p.s.: in my opinion, the wii holds the best mario, metroid prime, and zelda ever made. aka, the best platformer, best fps and best game ever made! ;)

        1. You’re going to agree with yourself? Did you think people wouldn’t notice that it’s the same avatar? Go die under a bridge.

          1. um ya im the person who agreed with him, a totally different person. and i was stating that a work out is better than wii fit, i couldnt get in to the whole wii fit workout thing, and second that nintendo holds the best games ever made. read and think b4 u post


      1. mike..i dont know what are u talking about but i canot let that sony fan to insault one of the mosst succeful consoles like n64 ,wii etc.any way if u meen ignore the troll(the sony or micro troll)yes.But this page is only for nintendo fans so we must carful what we say about the legendary Nintendo and shigerou miyamoto(he is a god for me,the king of crativity) hey whu not?not bad idea.MIYAMOTO=THE KING OF CREATIVITY AND KING OF GAMES)

        1. succeful?! what is this motherfucker smoking?! wii is a fail epic fail its shit wii is not a console its a baby toy its just a ps2 that looks like a mac that kids play with you need to fucking groe and get a real console and stop playing with toys!

          1. For you, it won’t matter what type of console it is because they will all hur the same when we nintendo fans kick ’em up your ass!!!


          3. the ps3 costed 700 euros wtf!n1 bought that shit when the price cut out 1 year later.ps3 burns easy,ps3 doesnt have in most games full hd,ps3 isnt a pc,ps3 has casual games and sony is one of the cooperations which steals money.and see that video alsoReggie disses Sony and Microsoft!

          4. uhh, r u fer real. cuz um its fucking dominating the sales market for video games. and thewithout nintendo there wold be no PS3, cuz PS3 is making dildos for there consoles for ppl to swing around too u dumbass. The only differenc is that they light up, and for the microsoft duches, u just get a camera, that u can flail ur arms and legs with. big deal. no good games just shooters. Real games are on the wii. u fuck. if u like guns and blowing ppls heads, then stick to ur gay ass xbox ps3. wii has games and they damn good u fuck.

          5. stop arguing, you all numnuts. all consoles are fucking toys! stupid. all your arguments are invalid, games are enjoyable but seriously? fighting over this? none of your arguements could save this world. so stop bullshitting each other.

          6. Dude, not trying to start a war here, but Miyamoto has been very successful since the origin of Super Mario Bros. You know what it was like to work in the gaming industry when nobody bought games? Then BAM a rookie comes up with a good idea and makes millions! And to this day, he still makes more money than any of us will ever see. Call of Duty? It’s a good game. It’s not been out as long as Mario or Zelda. Halo too. There are 18 Zelda games since 1987. CoD has made 9 games since 2003. Games that have been around longer are enjoyed more. For example: You talk to somebody and ask, “You ever play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World?” Most people don’t know those games. Somebody asks, “You play Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask?” And they would know what Zelda is. The iconic gaming figures are what people buy. No two Mario game has been the same. Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are not. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out 3 years apart, and even they play differently. Skyward Sword. Controls are completely different than any other Zelda before. So please stop either trolling or starting wars.

          7. At the end of it’s run, the Wii will have outsold both the PS3 and 360 combined, if it hasn’t already. Wii is a fail? Maybe you’re the fail.

          8. Mmmmm, you avatar is familiar to me, I think I’ve seen you over doing exactly the same = troll

          9. Yes, Nintendo is successful little NoName since Sony the Shitty wouldn’t have been made without Nintendo. Anyways, PS3 and XBox both have childish games too (Crash Bandicoot, Little Planet, COD, etc.). Ten-year-olds (such as you) play them so they feel like rebels. Legend of Zelda is a lot more difficult than GTA will ever be since the GTA has an automatic lock with guns and PS3 incompetents say the aiming is hard. Trolls (such as you) also say that Nintendo’s Wiimote looks like a dildo, but the PSMove controller is the controller that most symbolizes a dildo since there’s a little bulb in the end. If you’re an XBox fan well the Kinect has more childish games than mature games. The Kinect also makes you look like an idiot since you have to do actual movements unlike the Wii which makes you move only your arms (and your legs if your playing WiiFit). The Wii is classified as a console. A PS2 that looks like a Mac? That’s impossible since it can only be one or the other, now it can be a MIX of a PS2 and a Mac but never a “PS2 that looks like a Mac.” Sorry to put all that information into your little, ten-year-old mind, you probably only processed 30% of the information I put in this comment. One last thing, you want to know what he’s smoking? He’s smoking more than 3 decades of awesomeness.

        1. ps3 has only shooter games and casual nothing better.thats why i prefare nintendo because they create the most exciting games in the world!

          1. Skyrim would like a word, so would little big planet, Motorstorm, mod nation, god of war, fallout, etc.

            Learn facts YO.

            1. Fallout is a shooter RPG though, but I agree that the PS3 has more than shooters on it, I preserve that horrible right to 360….such a horrible system. IMHO Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft.

            2. Motorstorm is only flashy. Mod nation is mostly customization. God of War is too over the top. Little Big Planet is given too much credit. Skyrim is basically an open-world RPG. And almost every other PS3 game relies too much on graphical ability rather than any advancements in gameplay that we haven’t seen in recent years. Easy user interface? That’s not good gameplay, that’s just encouraging laziness.

            1. seth.oh well anyway i like women.anyway lets stop thinking about biches and kcik some ashes here because that page is full of trolls!

        1. leave Anonymous alone!! he just want to let people know how shitty and gay the wii is and nintendon’t was on crack when making this baby toy >_>

          1. WHAT!first get out!! SECOUND wii isnt for babys!sony fanboy troll!go and play ze;lda to see what a REAL game is all about!wii is one of the most succefull consoles with sensor motion that microdick and sony stole from it.u suck noname and leave now!i told ya this page is only for nintendo fans not fans like u who doesnt know even the story of the console war because ty to nintendo u have a ps3 or a xbox!

          2. i have seen many people who are 40 years old like 4 of my neighbours and they have nintendo 3ds and a dsi!whats the metter!?they have some new and awsome consoles and something more!NINTENDO DESCOVERED THE 3D WITHOUT GLASSES GAMING SO A LITLLE RESPEACT HERE!

            1. Nintendo made a 3D glasses free gaming in 2002 with the GBA SP but they never putted it for sale.

              3DS was the first console that was sold with no glasses 3D

            1. just mike said dont feed the trolls.i am tired to speaking with bad ashes like sony fanboys(yawn).so be huppy with ur epic fail ps4 and ps3.haha!one more thing i am not a troll i know the nintendo and sony history 100 million times better than u because u never read the true story of nintendo.haha.

      1. I just want to butt in and tell peteriuss to please. shut. UP. You are making every Nintendo fan out there look like crap.
        And I’m just going to say one thing to all you Wii haters out there: Besides graphics and online systems, what else does the PS3 and Xbox 360 truly hold over the Wii? Sure, the controller can’t be used very well for all of your “hardcore” bloody and mindless fps’s, but it is compatible with a classic controller and a gamecube controller as well, so you can stop complaining about that. As for that “dildo” namecalling, well I think that if you think the Wii remote looks like one, just take a look at the PS Move. But really, no matter what you say, more people, regardless of age or style of play, love their Wii than those who love their PS3 or 360, and when it comes to sales, Nintendo is in the lead by more than 35 million units more sold than the next closest competitor. And when it comes to quality of games, well, the 3rd party argument may hold truth to it, but nearly every first party release for the Wii has been a triple-A groundbreaking title, such as the critically acclaimed Mario Galaxy series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, both Legend of Zelda’s, the Metroid’s, the Kirby’s, and even though fanboys may hate to admit it, even the Wii Sports series, as “casual” as it may be, has brought more hours of family fun to more households across the planet than any other game on any other system. And if Nintendo can do all this with “2 and a half gamecubes”, just wait for the Wii U, and see what underestimating that gets you.

        1. Well, functionality for starters. Just between the two systems alone, there’s MP3 and DVD playback. And of course, less shovelware. Great 3rd party support as well. Do I even need to mention HD resolutions?
          Honestly, I can’t say Nintendo has dropped the ball. It’s just Nintendo being Nintendo. You get amazing first-party games, but you have a ton of crap to fill the void, and every now and again, one of those craps will have a peanut, and that peanut is the one good 3rd party game.
          We can sit here, touting about how the Wii U is going to be OH SO MUCH BETTER!!1!, but we’re just talking out of our asses. Of course it’ll be more powerful than the PS3/360, but only because only in the same vain that the 360 was better than the Gamecube. We have a tablet controller! Which the gaming blog community seems to be divided about, ergonomically speaking. The library is going to be your typical Nintendo library. Legendary namesakes, some third-[party sequels, and another ton of shovelware. Any new IP’s are going to be few and far in between, but I guess there’s hope…
          Me, I’m not underestimating Nintendo. I know what they can do-they’ve had 25 years to prove themselves to the world, and boy did they prove- but after the gaming venture that was the Wii, my expectations are low. It won’t take much to wow me, but it’s a little sad that I am that way, if only because the competition did so many things better.

    2. “swinging the retarded controler”?

      I think that’s a good exercise. There’s no need to go to gym. Wii is very convenient to me.

      Your argument is invalid.

    3. “Do people still buy the wii?”

      Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that the Wii had its best Black Friday ever as Nintendo saw sales surpass 500,000 units just during the day,

      Yup, they do.

      1. What, you mean the fact that Nintendo dropped the price around the time good stuff started coming out, causing sales to skyrocket, and then giving 20 free downloadable games to everyone who had the good sense to know that good stuff would be coming from Nintendo?

        People like you always like to make it seem like that situation was a permanent black mark on Nintendo’s record. It’s not like they did something dangerous for people like Sony did by having an online system that held people’s debit/credit card information with a security system made out of paper clips and gum.

        1. My point is that they didn’t know what they were doing. They could have debuted it a lower price point, but they decided to try to cheat more money out of the consumer.
          You mention the games like they’re actually a good thing, Yeah, they’re free, but the buyer very more than likely paid $250 for their 3DS, and was equally as likely to not download the games had they been available for purchase. They only benefit the consumer who would have inevitably purchased them.
          In fact, the only reason they did drop the price was because of abysmal sales. It just happened to line up nicely with good releases.
          It is a black mark on Nintendo’s record. Permanent, no, but it’s still relatively fresh. People like you always try to make one “good” move out to be an entire history of sainthood. There’s no denying Nintendo has dropped the ball this generation. Hopefully they’ve learned from their mistakes and can make the Wii U a bona fide success.

  2. o my god nintendo is one of the cooperations wich creates and never steals ideas.also good job nintendo.and one more thing i have hearrd that america has a lot of wii gamers!

    1. For producing years of popular and groundbreaking hardware and software? I love Nintendo, but there is no need to be fanatical about it.

      1. wii sell more but its not better wii sold more cuz it’s not that much money like ps3 and xbox so thats what people buy it but they dont know how much wii sucks ass black ass

          1. i don’t say it sold more i said it was the better console dumbshit know what get the fuck out and play just dance 3 when i will be play skyrim :D to bad wii sucks to much to have that game dude kids are going to piss when they see they got a shitty wii hahahahaha

              1. I just don’t understand how you people can use such awful grammar and expect to make a valuable contribution. Like Mr. T says: “If you can’t spell, you can’t excel, sucka!”

              2. Hey Wii has great games, i love zelda and all but I like my PS3 more. I like them for the gameplay and not graphics either.

                1. I wasn’t slating the Wii by the way. I have one, I played it to death. I mostly use it just for Wii Sports and the Virtual Console (amazing idea by the way, Nintendo) now. I’ve always held gameplay over graphics too. I was just saying that is self-limiting and detrimental to be so fanatical about Nintendo or any of the others.

                  1. “Kids will p*ss whenever they see that they have a sh*tty Wii”
                    I don’t think that I have honestly, truly, every seen an actual person pee their pants the second they saw a Wii in their living room. I suppose it could actually happen, but… I mean, how often do you see a guy in public pee his pants the second he pulls out his smartphone? I’ve never seen that. So why would someone do it when they see a Wii? Unless it was one of uber-excitement that they actually have a Wii, but still…

                    noname, your logic is very messed up.

    1. Everyone who’s interested in Skyward Sword has had their Wii for years now. At this point of a console’s life, it only sells to non-gamers.

      1. Nah, I know some people that were buying it just for Zelda. Some friends, and some people I saw in store doing it on Friday. Software sells Hardware.

  3. I was going to get 1 for Skyward Sword but someone said the game is garbage the wii remote looks like crap and the music is full of mistakes. What A TWIST!!!

      1. yeah don’t buy it sucks the story is fucking stupid the controller is ungly as shit the music sounds like so 5 year made it it just sucks nintendo paid people to give that shitty game a high score just get skyrim its way better

        1. Lol so your calling a game that actually has a great soundtrack that was made by a orchestra and has a good story the controller isn’t ugly either.You sir fail at trolling you didn’t even play the game and before you go and call me a Nintendo fanboy I do own other systems then just the Wii.

  4. I’m really happy for Nintendo but a lot of people don’t realize that it is not backwards compatible with gamecube games including being able to use GC controllers for Wii games that enable it like Smash Bros.. People on Amazon are certainly catching on though :(…

    1. I’m pretty sure a lot of those systems sold are the old ones with backwards compatibility. Plus, most people who would’ve wanted that already have a Wii. This is mostly for people who wanted to try the Wii but did not have any interest in the gamecube. After 5 years, I think they can take away something that most people didn’t bother with.

  5. wild man dont scared us like that!of course nintendo is going and goes up! i cant w8 for mario kart 7 also!

        1. I love how noname uses the same lame comeback recipe every single time:
          “I know, I’ll call him a stupid fanboy and/or troll and then insert random cuss word(s) to make me look tough”…….”Hey mom, can you get me another pudding cup? I just dropped my other one off the high chair”

              1. Well apparently you DID do a LOT of things wrong, or else you wouldn’t have tens, maybe even hundreds of people yelling at you on the internet. And also, no, I won’t leave you alone.

  6. Safe to say at least 500,000 idiots in the world….. Or people that don’t know about Nintendo releasing an updated wii next year.

    1. tah.i read this from game informer and nintendos website from facebook with some people there.poor trolls u suck!not u winscar shinobi.

  7. Sickr!!! Please get rid of these god awfull trolls!!! They are going to ruin this great site! Please consider a member scheme or block their IP or something… If I want to scroll thru this shit I’ll go to IGN or Gamespot….

    1. please some1 kick those trolls imedietly.especially sony fanboys.(dont kick nintendo fanboys.)they are trolls.trolololol.

    2. I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to moderate all the comments due to the amount of visitors the site gets. I do occasionally issue out bans but it’s proving more and more difficult. You’ll just have to ignore the trolls!

      1. sickr, we can’t “ignore” the trolls. We can not replay but when they post 50 page screeds like above or just camp out in every comment section like vito16, waiting for somebody to say they like Nintendo or aren’t too fond of Sony, it’s hard to sift through and make a connection with others. You gotta at least ban repeat offenders.

        1. There’s only a lot of idiotic trolling when people actually respond to the trolls.

          Sometimes I’m not sure who’s more ignorant, the troll or the people that are stupid enough to respond to them.

  8. it was cheap. $99 for that kind of a system was great. Wii and PS3 was the big seller at my store this black friday. good for nintendo, they needed that. any news on 3DS black friday sales?

    also, since the wii just got so many new players, now is the best time to bring those rainfall games to the US goddammit!

  9. To my fellow Nintendo fans, I’d like to type up song for you.

    Youuu’ve beeeen trolled! You’ve been trolled. You have probably been told

    Don’t reply to this guy, he is just getting a rise,

    Out of you! Yes, it’s true; you respond, and that’s his cue

    To start trouble on the double while he strokes his manly stubble.

    You’ve been trolled, you’ve been trolled, you should probably just fold

    When the only winning move is not to play!

    And yet you keep on trying, mindlessly replying,

    You’ve been trolled, you’ve been trolled

    Have a nice day! :D

    1. ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄

          1. my friend, why you have to fight with everybody? don’t you wanna shared a nice opinion with someone, instead? so, you like Xbox or PlayStation? n_n

      1. It’s been said a million times in the past but heck… FANBOYS, GROW UP. Honestly. You’re all so ridiculous and ignorant.
        One question: why do you play games? You could give me a whole host of answers but in truth, there is only ONE answer and that answer is ‘for entertainment’. Some people prefer the Wii. Some prefer the Xbox or the PS3, and that is absolutely fine, but not everyone will share your view that ‘PS3 is king’ or ‘Wii is for faggots’.
        It may be that you prefer the exclusive IP of a certain console but that does NOT mean that the IP of others is bad. I LOVE Uncharted. I LOVE Zelda. I LOVE Halo. But I’m hardly going to go around saying one is better than the other because that would just be stupid. They’re all directed at different gaming tastes.
        I used to be a Nintendo fanboy. Then I juggled the Xbox and the PS3 for a while. I went around talking shit, thinking I knew better than everyone else BUT I DIDN’T. I came to understand that I was being an immature idiot. I came to see that everyone has different PREFERENCES when it comes to gaming. I came to realise that having a preference is good and positively healthy but that YOU HAVE TO HAVE RESPECT FOR THE PREFERENCES OF OTHERS. You need to realise that everyone is different and that there are A LOT of people in the world. Sure there will be people who agree with you that ‘Xbox is better’ or ‘Wii is king’ but saying it doesn’t make it so when there are multiple consoles to choose from, each with huge numbers of followers. I find myself extremely lucky that I can be a part of the Xbox, PS3 and Wii groups as it is.
        So please, go out, mature a bit until you realise how much of your life your wasting on trying to win a never ending ‘console-war’ of idiots, and return with an enlightened mind ready to be entertained by that miracle of modern era, video games.

    2. Ohohoh, I get the song now! It’s sung to the tune of “Be our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast! Now it sounds kinda cool… figured that out all by myself :)

  10. I work at Walmart where we had a special blue Wii (which was pretty fancy, I kinda wanted it) but it didn’t sell well…. An hour and a half later we had someone walking around with two trying to get rid of them. The PS3’s sold out in 10 minutes, the XBOX’s sold out in 20. I’m curious to know those numbers…..

    For that matter, did the Blue Wii even have any games with it…. Hmm… The other two consoles came bundled with two games (and Kinect with the Xbox).


  11. Damn, despite of what they say, haters still love Nintendo. I mean, look at them coming to a Nintendo site just to get inform and to get Nintendo fans’ attention. I guess Nintendo really is for everyone, even for haters.

    Wow those are some pretty good sales for the Wii in just one day.

  12. Good for them, maybe they don’t deserve all those sales, but what can we do?. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

  13. No lie, most people in my family just bought Wiis to send them to our extended family in Mexico xD shit costs $300 over there!

  14. Noname’s probably a fat ass who sits at his computer screen laughing at us getting mad at him.

    (p.s The more Wii’s the merrier :3)

  15. Good job, Nintendo. Keep making that money and funnel it into the Wii U’s development. Hoping for a kick ass launch next year.

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