Nintendo Wii: Here’s An Unboxing Video Of The Super Cool Blue Wii

Youtube user Inutile87 has posted an unboxing video of the super-cool Blue Wii which was recently released. The console was launched to coincide with Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and is available to purchase now.

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  1. No gamecube backwards compatibility. :( Silly move to get rid of that, but I understand why they did it what with the wii u around the corner.

    Why cant consoles just always and forever be backwards compatible? What’s so wrong with keeping the old classics of gaming alive?

    I wonder if this means gamecube games will be added to the wii virtual console?

    1. because of the changing format in game programming from one gen to the next. however i would expect a Gamecube emulator build into the new system and downloads available on the virtual console with in a coupe years if not sooner/

    2. It’s money related (cost) and typically if you are buying a new system, you are not just replacing the system you have, you are getting it for new content.

      I fully agree with this, but I do understand why they don’t. I was hoping that the Wii VC would have all the titles, but was completely wrong about that.

      1. Because they sell the gamecube games at the Wii shop, no backwards compatibility means more money for nintendo.

  2. The percentage of people that use the backwards compatability for Wii in this day an age will be very low, like 1%. And anyone who wants to do so, will already have a Wii. It makes perfect sense that they remove the cost of the such a feature. You can barely even find gamecube games anymore outside of ebay.

  3. Looks cool, but I see no point in getting another color wii when I’ve already got one. The zelda 3ds on the other hand could be bought.

  4. The reason that they eventually take out backward compatibility is twofold:

    Nintendo, wanting to preserve the way that previous games run, opts to include the actual gamecube HARDWARE inside the Wii. It’s not merely EMULATING a gamecube when you put in a disc, like with the other systems. When you bought a Wii, youw’re actually getting a fully-functional gamecube included inside the system!

    Now that everyone who bought a Wii for backwards compatibility already has one (and the only ones who are missing out made the conscious decision to risk waiting too long anyways), removing this ingrained system cuts manufacturing costs, allows them to sell the system for less, and allows Nintendo to start R&D-ing Gamecube compatibility for Virtual Console possibilities on the Wii U.

    1. The sad thing is I had to go online to find out the blue ones don’t have backwards compatibility. This is of course AFTER the mother in law bought one for my daughter. Funny thing is on the Wii disc channel it lists GameCube as an option.I guess the GameCube will have to get hooked up elsewhere.

  5. My sister bought one at Wal-Mart during their Black Friday sale. I had to go with her, so I stood in line for over 5 hours.

    Which makes it the second time I’ve stood in a line for a Wii; the first time being launch day back in 2006 :)

  6. I stood in line for black friday for this Wii as well, i hadn’t really had a reason to buy a Wii yet because all of my friends have one so I have been able to play everything I wanted to on it. I was a little disappointed with the lack of backwards compatibility, but I still have my gamecube so I haven’t been too upset. Plus if anyone is too upset about the backwards compatibility you can always get a GC for like twenty bucks. Places like Vintage Stock still carry them and games for the GC. Skyward Sword was definately worth picking up the Wii for though :)

    1. For a moment I thought I was reading myself….

      lol, it’s crazy, on this aspect, we just got the very same life buddy :-P

  7. Unfortunately I too am a Black Friday victim. I got the Wii because of it’s backwards compaibility after my kids ruined my GC controls (I also had been unaware of having to hook up the controls). Wrapped it immediately so I wouldn’t be tempted to play it and accidentally leave it out for the kids to find.

    We hooked it up Christmas day (yesterday) and tried the GC games today to find it didn’t work. With the software being without difference (still instructing you to insert GC games, memory/save cards, controllers etc. Extreemly annoyed, but my kids and I are enjoying the Wii games at least (:-( disjointed I can’t play my Zelda Collection GC disk).

    Although I don’t want to have to give in and purchase the downloads from the Virtual Console, I might just have to give in… Question though, since this system does not support the controlers, are you able to still download and play the games with the Wii-mote, or are you also unable to access that feature? If not able to access it, this Wii nearly becomes a $99 paperweight.

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