Nintendo 3DS: Check Out The Skill In This Mario Kart 7 Video

Nintendo has released a new Mario Kart 7 trailer which focuses on one of the most important aspects of Mario Kart 7, technique. The video shows newcomers how to successfully turn corners while boosting and is super fun to watch. Mario Kart 7 is out now In Europe and tomorrow in North America. Who’s got their copy already?


    1. Got-Dang It! It’s two days until I’m allowed to get the game! PS. I know MK7 comes out tomorrow. Really need FCs…

      1. Here, have my friend code: 2578-3186-2932
        Be sure to add me and message me back on this site with your friend code

    1. They can give you other things or maybe games for other systems that you have or even for the 3DS. The 3DS now has a lot of games that are worth getting.

      1. i count 5, and i own 4 of them. ocarina, star fox 64, resident evil mercenaries, super mario 3d land, and this.

        1. I never played the original Cave Story game, so that’s one more for me, Super Street Fighter 4 3D was ok, but Dead or Alive Dimensions is one of the best 3DS games yet, I hear Shinobi is hard, which would be good for people who love challenges along with Dream Trigger, that Ghost Recon game that looks like an RTS is interesting, Nano Assault is coming next week.

          There are other games like Need for Speed the Run and Sonic Generations, but people who have a Ps3 or 360 may pick up those versions instead.

      1. we’ll see who will win after i FINALLY can play it tommorrow even though I’m from Europe..
        I’ll add you be sure to add my code: 2578-3186-2932

        What’s that ‘nya :3’ from btw?

    1. Yo, yoyo (lol), I added you as a friend in my 3DS. I won’t have MK7 for a while, but when I finally get it, we’ll definitely have a race (or twenty, :P ).

      My FC data is as follows:


        1. HealyHQ, I added you as a friend, now add me back.
          Name, Wayne
          FC, 2277-6788-0870

          Be ready to have your a** kicked on MarioKart7 ;D

      1. hey everyone i’m going to need a challange for when i get mario kart 7. Here is my fc: 0387-8801-9084 and put chris for the name. Reply to me back when you added me. Thx :D

      1. Please add me as well.
        Swam0 2062-9144-3878
        That’s a zero in my name btw.

        I’m glad I don’t see any snaking here.

  1. Last night, or at least today at 12:20 a.m., I was playing The Mercenaries 3D. Then the orange light on my 3DS started blinking to tell me some of my friends were online. When I checked who it was, without quitting my game might I add, there was one Internet friends online. The bastard was playing Mario Kart 7 at the moment. I really wanted to have the messageing app to send him a hate message for that. My reaction was funny, but at least I now have all characters in The Mercenaries 3D. I’m going to get an SS in all missions with Wesker, then I’m going to use his loadout with Rebecca since his is pretty nice.

      1. The spray attack sucks, but the other ones are good for someone like her. Plus, she’s my favorite character in the RE series. I hope they make another exclusive RE game with her as the main character for the 3DS or Wii U (Wii U preferably), so that they can focus on one hardware.

  2. AHHH its sucks I won’t be able to get it until after Christmas -__- don’t wanna face mom’s fury just yet lol
    this game looks so badass…… :D

    1. first:troll and secound:kid.thats all.and luigi is my favourite character so dont use him all the time .

      1. WTF? This kid is probably one of the least troll-like people on this site. Also, you cannot tell people who to use and not to use. That in itself is trollish.

            1. I see no way that Hybridshadowz was being a troll. To me, he was just a kid who was excited about the game.

      2. I’m only to reply once.
        First of all, I’m a girl. Second, I was most certainly not trolling because when I said it would be badass, I meant it in a good way; that it was going to be awesome. I was only complaining that my mother will be angry if I buy this game, which I want so badly. I advise that you not wrongly accuse someone, otherwise it makes you look terrible.
        Anyway, I fucking LOVE Luigi as well so don’t tell me to use him or not. >:(

      3. Judging by your grammar, you’re probably a kid too and even a younger one…
        You suck at having arguments with people because you only bring up the most stupid points.

  3. HealyHQ,and Skyrocket ive added u but i cant see u can rewrite my code.1118-0378-5922 name dr peter

  4. i cant wait fo the next update of 3ds.we can also download from internet what ur playing with the 3ds downloder if u want:)

  5. well dont use cheats on that game because thats not fair.(if anyone use cheats his 3ds will be in trouble.).

  6. i dont have a 3ds but i will buy it at christmas with the limited edition of zelda.i swear to u that i never played zelda ocarina of time.i cant wait to see. also i ll buy mk7.

    1. If you’re interested in fighters, give Dead or Alive Dimensions a chance. The game is really good and the 3D effect is good too.

  7. Hmm…judging from all the gameplay videos I’ve seen, they got rid of the “snaking” technique. That makes me sad…that was the only thing that separated the hardcore players from the lame ones. :( You could always tell who was a power-user with that technique. Oh, well. :/ I’ll just have to get used to the new gameplay mechanics. Once I’ve got the hang of things, I’ll start playing online. (I also typically make sure to unlock everything first before playing online. That’s just how I do things; I like having all my options available before racing others. It doesn’t take long, so no worries. :D)

    I just wish I could get it on release. I probably won’t have it ’till like, Q1 next year. (Probably Jan. or Feb. Maybe I’ll get lucky this Christmas though and get enough money to get what I need first, and have enough left over for MK7. (I’m in a bind financially right now, unfortunately.))

    In any case, for those who added me, thanks for that! Hope you be racing you guys sometime. By the way, someone should probably set up a “MyNintendoNews” community profile on MK7 (hey, Sickr, you listening? ;) ), that way, everyone from the community here can race against each other, even if you don’t have them all added as friends. :D

  8. I would be getting this if I had the money. I won’t be racing you guys anytime soon, but add me anyway.

    Name: LosT™
    FC: 2492-4124-1332

    Let me know what’s what.

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