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Nintendo Is On Its Fourth Or Fifth Wii U Development Kit

A member over at the Neogaf forums has uncovered a document on a Singaporean government site that shows that Nintendo is currently on its fourth or possibly fifth Wii U development kit. To put that in perspective the Wii apparently had five development kits.

105 thoughts on “Nintendo Is On Its Fourth Or Fifth Wii U Development Kit”

    1. I think it reaffirms the rumors(01net) and what the Darksider-guys were saying about problems with the controller.
      It doesn’t necessarily say anything about the console itself other than Nintendo is putting out good effort on the Wuu’s wireless devices (wlan and bluetooth).

    2. problems arise with systems as companies start to develop games for them, this is common for all systems pre-launch. innovations get added in and bugs worked out. (most of these posts are just here to act like fodder, while we all wait for the actual console to come out.)

    1. That the Wii U is really close to being finished, if it isn’t already. When incrementing features on the Wii U, they have to keep developers updated, so the final product (game) will fit best with the final product (console).

      1. Do you think that it could make the release any different? Like is the Wii U possibly/probably being finished at this time surprising? Is it surprising to them?

        1. it doesn’t matter if it is finished if it doesn’t have games then there is no point in releasing it. when they have many games ready for it then they will announce the release but we won’t know that until after E3 next year

            1. It’s launching after E3 2012.

              I estimate a June 29th for Europe, games are released on mainly Friday for Europe and 3DS was released on Fri.

              Really US should expect a July release date.

    1. it’s an SD and one of those things like the wii mote connector button.
      And also two USB connectors

      The HDMI and all the connections is behind the console. look at the video below to see what Kotaku saw at E3

    1. Not necessarily. Nintendo slowly unlocks restrictions with each developer’s kit, while also fixing reported bugs found in previous development kits

      1. This. Nintendo is also taking the developer feed back and boosting specs, i think thats what happened with the amount of ram in the 3ds to help out 3d playing. This also makes me think of the possibility of the tablet/console looking very different from e3 much more likely! Im hyped and im not even going to hide it! :D

        1. I’d like a new Wii U design :D I think they’re clinging on to the Wii design too much, they look too closely related. I want something new and refreshed

  1. I could care less about that. My question is why do they keep taking features away, like Gamecube compatibility? That’s the only real complaint I have about the new Wiis. Why take that away?

    1. It’s so newer players will not be attached to the GC games. That way, when the Wii U launches, they won’t have to worry as much about complaints about the lack of GC compatibility. That’s what I think, at least.

    2. My guess is that the games will be re-released on virtual console, in hd. Luigi’s mansion as it should have looked. Twilight Princess HD anyone?

      1. I’m Hoping that Wii Discs, when played, will be up-ressed to at least 720p or even 1080p … lets do backwards compatibility right… none of this play station 3 crap… i mean honestly is it that difficult to write a line of code that says wiidisc_nativres=1920X1080… ? I mean if hackers can do it on a windows based computer completely software emulated… then Nintendo can do it with the flip of a switch…

        1. It isn’t 720p though, they just stretch it and soften it. I’m sure Nintendo will do it but it is physically impossible for it to be 720p. Sure, it will have 720 pixels but they will still appear the same. And it isn’t as easy as just stretching it. You have to put lots of different variables in. People think that 1 line of code can sort everything, it can’t.

        2. People also seem to forget that 720p and 1080p does not only stand for screen size, but also bitrate! Like people yapping about a 8GB Blu-ray, 1080P >>> IMPOSSIBLE….
          WTF, why make good games which we already have seen and played be remastered like a real star wars bitch and bought by us AGAIN? The gameplay was great, the visuals were great, don’t overestimated the power of HD…It’s just pretty, if I can push the A button 100000000 times to play the game and it’s pretty, it’s lame BUT pretty!….><

        3. They already said that Wii U won’t upscale Wii games.

          To suzuriheinze:
          The GameCube will have been 2 console cycles ago when Wii U releases. Adding a reader for the proprietary GameCube discs would just add unnecessary costs for Nintendo and the consumer. Nintendo will most likely re-release GCN games via Virtual Console to capitalize on both the nostalgic and uninitiated gamers. Plus, having GCN controller support would be massive overkill when the Wii U is built to support two different controllers already.

    3. Backwards compatibility is a HUGE undertaking. In order for the Gamecube games to work, the Wii U would need extra hardware/software to emulate the features the Gamecube had that the Wii U doesn’t. It’s not so much they want to take away the features, they’re just trying to release a cost effective system that can compete with the other consoles on the market. Besides, that’s what Virtual Console is for.

      1. i’m a bit confused at what you are saying… but I think i understand… As awesome as it would be for Game Cube games on VC (I really hope so) the simplest form of emulating it for backwards compatibility would be including the Gamecube chipset on the motherboard… i suppose there is also software emulation as well but that takes a lot of processing power… so if the Wii U maintains the Wii/Camecube Chipset… then I think it is highly possible that Game Cube games will be released on the virtual console… and maybe those front USB slots can be put to good use when nintendo releases a USB to GCN controller adapter!!!… that would be awesome…

        1. Nice idea. I like it. However, each GC cost about $50 to make and would you honestly pay that just to play some games you can get on VC? In fact, trading in your Wii would get you less, they’re worth peanuts. Just keep your wii.

    4. I think it’s because since now we’re unable to play GC games on our Wii, we would have to play them on the Wii U Virtual Console, hopefully. The reason GC games weren’t on the Wii Virtual Console is because the Wii was compatible with GC discs. The Wii U isn’t, and Nintendo would need to support GC games through the Virtual Console.

      Think of it the same way the DSi-Onward lacked GBA support, but GBA is confirmed to be in the 3DS Virtual Console.

    5. Removing the compatibility results in dropping prices. If removing it more people are buying Wiis, then it’s a good marketing strategy. The Wii U will be rather expensive due to the tablet-like controller. Any price cuts are welcome, including removing the Gamecube compatibility.

      1. really though think about it… is the controller THAT much more expensive?… I heard a Wii Remote is about 5-10 bucks to manufacture… and they are selling them for $40 now… basically they are using the same parts… accelorometers, gyroscopes, speakers, plastic… buttons… it’s not like they’re using brand new tech the Screen is probably the most expensive part and it’s just a widescreen VGA, LCD, stylus based touch screen… not even oled or led or even capacitive… (at least at e3 it wasn’t) maybe the developers have told them to step up the quality in the controller…then I can see it being pricier… i mean it would be smart to include a capacative touch screen because any developer who can make an ipad game can now make a Wii U game… smart move for nintendo… more expensive than a wii remote for sure… but I don’t see it being $100 or anything

        1. Wiimote? 5-10 bucks? Dream on! I made a similar device for a Xbox 360 controller mod and for basic tech alone, sod the in controller memory and mother board it was $25. I know Ninty will get it cheaper but… Seriously? And they aren’t using brand new tech but just because someone’s done it before doesn’t mean it costs $100 less. A 5″ touch screen aint cheep cheep (scuse the pun) and it is significantly higher than VGA quality. And let’s name a common place device that uses OLED… Some mobile phones, smaller screens more expensive, some Android tabs, hell of a lot more expensive, and the PS Vita, it costs $300 for the love of god. And don’t even get me started on making it like the iPad. The iPad is a horrible piece of tech when it comes to gaming and for the LOVE OF GOD! It costs half a thousand dollars! I see $50 production rate and $75 when sold in a bundle with the console and $100 sold alone.

      2. and dont say that wii u is a portable console!some people says that and they pisses me off!wii u IS a home console!remeber that people!

    6. You *couldn’t* care less ;)

      Most companies do that, GameCube removed stuff that they ended up not using so it cut costs, PS2 did it too, PS3 did it with PS2 compatibility, and Wii did it with GCN compatibility… The reason is, again, to lower the costs so they can have a price reduction and get the last bit of sales from consumers holding off and waiting for the lowest price. After 4-5 years, 5-10-year old games from the last generation are hardly the reason anyone’s buying it at this point, you can’t find those games new, maybe used but that doesn’t benefit the developers or hardware makers at all, so they scrap it. It sucks for someone who maybe waited but still wanted those features, or someone who needs to replace a console later in its life, but it makes sense.

      1. RE:4HD with wiiremote+ support for download DAY ONE would be god like! It would be funny because the ps3 version didn’t have move support!

  2. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    this is not necessarily a good thing people. think about it this way.
    a few months ago 3rd parties said they had trouble making games for the system.
    nintendo fixes it but screws something else up (maybe flying backwards mario lolol)
    there are so many problems that they have to put out another update.
    and so on and so forth

        1. ya just like 2 weeks after that report the Darksiders 2 developers made a statement saying how easy it was porting their game over to the Wii U and how it worked and felt great on the controller, therefore being a first-hand account testifying against 01net’s little rumor.

    1. If you read an article from long ago, a developer specifically said it took 5 min of screwing around and they were streaming the full game on the controller. Read plz

        1. Considering they dont want ro repeat the flaws with 3ds I think they’ll release like one or2 months away from Christmas

  3. Due to this article and all the backward compatibility comments, Ive hooked up my Gamecube.It still works! ^^ Even though I hear something loose inside when I shake a little…

    Time for Bloody Roar! FY!

      1. are u stupit?if nintendo put a blue ray then they must pay sony.maybe u need a blue ray or a dvd.wii u is a GAME console not a machine like ps3.(machine=not even a game)

        1. They don’t pay Sony but the Blu ray association. There is a difference. Sony would get about 1 percent of the total cost.

  4. Keep getting better Wii u can’t wait till u come out… Once I get my tax money im going to save $550 dollars to pre-order it and pay it in full once the Wii u comes out I’m going to put my ps3 to rest well actually my ps3 is going to rest after god of war IV im just going to use it for watching blurays. Hopefully PIKMIN 3 is a launch title so I could get dat on day one

  5. The only thing that this means is that nintendo is hard at work on the wii u as they should be. it doesnt mean that its getting released or that every console has 4-5 development kits.

    with each development could come either hardware, software upgrades or bugfixes or a combination of both in one thats what it means

  6. I honestly cant wait for wii u and all the great 3rd party and 1st party games im gonna pre order with it just so many 3rd party games for me to choose from Tom, clanys Ghost recon online,Battlefield 3, Aliens colonial marines,Zelda HD,New super mario bros mii (has only been confirmed as a Tech Demo for the 2011 E3 so far),NInja Gaiden 3 etc,plus the fact that the Wii u will have backwards compatibility but the #1 thing they must include is allow the players to play the Wii games on the Tablet so i can enjoy games such as Kirbys return to dreamland,Donkey kong country returns.Super mario galaxy 1&2,Super mario all stars,New super mario bros wii,The legend of zelda skyward sword,So basically if they included that the loss of gamecube compatibility wouldnt such a huge loss since were probably already gonna regain most of them via the Wii u Virtual console at a lower price then what they’re worth used at gamestop now (Which is normally 5-9$)

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