Best Buy Is Selling Nintendogs + Cats On Nintendo 3DS For A Ridiculously Cheap $7.99 Each

US store Best Buy has the Nintendogs + Cats games for the Nintendo 3DS on sale for a super-cheap $7.99 each. For that price I’d highly recommend either picking up a copy for yourself or giving one to someone you know who has a Nintendo 3DS as a present.

Tip: Andy Stancil


  1. Welp. Wasn’t ever planning to get it since I have the original and I figured it couldn’t be too much different, but now I’ll be getting it!

  2. I live on a farm >.< my life is taking care of animals lol. No more please. But I must say 7.99$ is tempting….

  3. tempting, but until i find my 3DS charger (it is probably at my dads but i may have lost it) i am not buying a game even though i want Mario kart 7 and maybe this for being this cheap.

  4. Nintendogs has always seemed to be a pretty interesting experience since the DS. If I had a 3DS and the chance to get this game at a price like this (I guess living in Chile won’t allow me to find it at an equivalent cheap price) I’d probably get it to try out its features. And yes, maybe later I’d give it to… um, a beloved girl with a 3DS (if she got it that is), hehe!

  5. In other news, animal shelters EVERYWHERE have dogs and cats for free right now! Lol

  6. And here I was thinking if I should sell or give away my 3DS. Now they throw me a deal I can’t refuse. Damn you best buy, cute dog, and kitty with a thousand-yard stare, damn you!

    1. How could you even think to sell your 3DS? Some great games (SM3DL and MK7) just came out and there’s plenty more great games to come! I mean a whole new Smash bros. for it too!

      1. Well i was kinda joking, but I can live without it and wait for future 3DS revisions. I’m not a Mario guy, I mainly bought it for zelda oot 3d and pokemon. It looks like Poke and Smash bros won’t be coming out anytime soon.

  7. Pay check in on friday and boy do I have some shoppin’ to do. I was planning on getting this game some time down the road but I’m gonna pick it now fur sure (no pun intended). I will feel bad though since I have a real dog and I’ll probably spend more time playing this than with her…

  8. Wow! And to think I paid $40 on release day and really haven’t played it since then…maybe I’ll try picking it up again as it was pretty good

  9. DARN! i added it to my cart and it said $8. i ate dinner and came back and now it says $40. the sale is over. or there was no sale and it was all a glitch T-T

  10. LOL I went straight to their site and printed off that ad, took it to Wal-Mart and got a couple copies(price match guarantee ;) )… The employees were bitching because I was saving so much. So I purchased 2 of the tittles, come home and as Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz said, the sale had ended. It was a mistake on BB’s have in my opinion.

  11. Lol Nintendogs was my first ever DS game, I still have it but abandoned it xD I much rather take care of my 6 wonderful budgies in real life. Is take a bird over a dog/cat anyday!

  12. I would definitely buy it, if they would do something like that in Germany.
    Why Germany, y u no do this ? :c

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