Shigeru Miyamoto Says ‘Nintendo May Be Better Without Me’

Nintendo’s legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo is working hard to put in place a structure where they can cope better without him if he does decide to retire. Miyamoto also mentioned that Nintendo may be better off without him to allow for a different approach to the organisation and to see new talent emerge.

“We have to construct the structure so that the organization so that it can make it without me.

“I should also admit that it might be better without me; I mean that a different approach and different talent might emerge…”

“Although I shouldn’t dwell on this because then the article might indeed say ‘Mr. Miyamoto is thinking about retiring,’ because that is not the case.”



      1. Nobody fucking cares jackass troll,Miyamoto is gonna be around for a while and its gonna take more than that ridiculous Voodoo bullshit.

        1. Agreed. Miyamoto is very important and influential, but I feel if he can mentor some younger developers and leave a far lasting impression Nintendo will last forever… or at least longer than the idiots trolling about xbox in the comments


        Oh wait, that was easier to fix than I thought…

      3. shut the **** up i will do every thing in MY power to stop YOU!! YOU CAN NEVER HURT ANYONE FROM NINTENDO AS LONG AS THERE IS A NINTENDO DS LEFT MOTHER /(%¤”=!!!

    2. That’s because Nintendo is failing and Miyamoto it’s too damn cool to be there -o- corporatives.please listen to the genius behind of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

  1. As hard as it may be to admit he may be right
    I mean i love moto-man
    but hes been in nintendo for too long
    the reason people like sony and microsoft bcz their willing to change the approach to gaming once in a while
    although i dont want him to quit
    he should stay and share his views and allow others to share their ideas

    1. I agree 100%. Nintendo does rely on him quite a bit. At the same time, I remember him saying that Super Mario 3D Land wasn’t really his idea, but people still love it. I hope more ‘out the box’ ideas come forth in the years to come.

      1. I agree. Even though practically shigueru owns nintendo, he’s aging, just like everyone else, and they have to prepare for his retirement, couse obviusley he has to retire sometime.

        It would also be interesting to see what kind of talent emerges, we might be amazed!

  2. Oh dear. Miyamoto san, I think it would be the other way around. You’ve made triumphs with the Mario and Zelda series (with the help of Aonuma-san) and it would be a real shame if you did.
    The Wii U is out next year, and people need you to help create the games. If it weren’t for your expertise the gaming we play today wouldn’t be the same (in my belief). Please don’t take this road :(

  3. without Miyamoto, the game industry will finally crumble into FPS that are only good for online gaming

    1. Yes, because Miyamoto is the only person on Earth who can make non-FPS games. (/sarcasm) He was, in my opinion, the greatest game desinger ever, but I doubt him leaving will have that much of an effect at all.

      1. That’s true, thanks to Miyamoto, Nintendo is Nintendo, a company that don’t make FPS, without him, i think the company will still understand that FPS are not as fun as the platforms or the other adventure Nintendo’s games.

        Now, if i ever see Nintendo’s making FPS, i officially quit video gaming.

          1. But that was in the gamecube, and it had no online function, which means no annoying 13 year old campers.

      1. Oh, it will. It will be very good in the long run! Even if the console is not that successful, it will certainly make Sony and Microsoft (& Apple?) perk the F**K UP and start making better ideas at a more competitive price. Will see the changes start to happen from NextBox and PS4…

  4. the old guy’s finally coming to his senses :) sounds like hes starting to realize that the past is the past and his tastes now dont fit with today’s gamers. at first i thought the Wii U was going to be the end of Nintendo. many other people did too. but i feel like Miyamoto is reassuring us that when new talent emerges then Nintendo will get its long deserved fresh start and no longer be “the baby” or “the kiddie” consoles.

    1. Nintendo never was a baby or kiddie console. It was always a console for everyone who wants fun.

      Just because you can’t enjoy games that aren’t rated M isn’t the consoles fault but yours.

      1. Well Nintendo has been to casual latley, the guy has a point. Skyward sword has really been the only awesome game to come out ffor Wii latley.

      2. i didnt mean to call the wii a baby or kiddie console. i was kind of vague but i meant that the majority of gamers see it as one.

    2. Hey Listen! , Without Miyamoto you would’nt be enjoying the M rated games you play right now. Wii U is the end on Nintendo…that’s so nonesense it makes me laugh

      1. im sorry just no. Doom and Goldeneye is the reason people play call of duty. GTA is the reason people play Just Cause and Saints Row. Legend of Zelda is the reason people play Legend of Zelda. and Mario is the reason why people play Mario. Miyamoto makes one of a kind games that people try (and fail) at replicating.

    3. See garbage like you is the problem I have with gamers and the industry today. So you’re saying that all game franchises that aren’t M-Rated don’t fit with today’s gamers? How about I shove my damn boot up your ass instead?

      Today’s gamers, have no taste, no imagination, no creativity, and just merely want to wank off to shooting things in gray and brown colored environments and you think that’s how it should be? Go fuck yourself and fuck everything you stand for.

        1. While I may not condone the harshness of anon’s signoff, there is more to it than “I don’t like you because your tastes are different.” What Troll With a 3DS says is the only sensible game for people pre-teen and older to like threatens to eliminate the kind of variety the industry needs to thrive and avoid going static. It would be healthier for the games landscape for quirkier projects to coexist with the “black, brown and grey” shooters than have nothing but the latter which is what RWa3DS seems to want.

      1. yay. i have an opinion of which you disagree and i shall burn in hell for it. I Love Nintendo. I Hate the Decisions they have been making this generation. all im saying that the majority of gamers now a days are 17-40 year old guys with Xbox’s or PS3’s. just because i point out that people think of the wii as a baby console doesnt mean i think it is. which i believe i did not make that clear enough in my statement. but anyways saying today’s gamers have no imagination, no creativity, and just merely want to “wank off to shooting things” is utter bullshit. where have u been this generation? playing the wii and only the wii im guessing. theres a game called Minecraft for the PC and soon for the xbox which is the most creative game i have ever seen and it truly brings out the imagination of gamers. i could say that since you are a nintendo fanboy that you enjoy to wank off to jumping on shit in green environments or waving a sword around like an idiot.

        1. HOW DARE YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION!? WHAT!? MY WAY OF LIFE AIN”T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YA PUNK!…Just kidding I do see your point and know you are talking of most kids these days hence your generalization.

          1. minecraft IS a fun (you can make ur own levl right? haven’t played it) But yet I see a downfall I played a game called roblox a few years was really fun (looked and probaly was like minecraft). Alot of creative games at the time but as more people game and time went by it became FPS or Zombies and I started not to like it and instead started playing my wii/ds and since then I really don’t trust computer gaming.

    4. “Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

      C. S. Lewis.

      You could learn a thing or two there.

      1. didnt read but ill tell you what i told everyone else. didnt mean to call the wii a baby console. meant to say that the majority of gamers think of it as one now.

    5. Since you said you are not a troll or a Nintendo Cock Sucker, all i can say is, i don’t agree with you, that’s all.

    6. I love it when trolls play the victim, saying they got rights to their opinions when they don’t acknowledge the facts.

  5. I could see a better Nintendo without him. The approach they have now in every game they make, dont get me wrong, they’re great masters of their craft, but a Nintendo game has generally few options, and always a simple control with some depth – and not a steep control and challenging games from the start (some games should be hard from the beginning, all games can not be for everyone everytime, but thats the Miyamoto approach.)

    But of course I want Miyamoto to make his own games at his own company for Nintendo. New masterpieces with him working on every bit of the game.

    1. Nope. I doubt it. Mario and Zelda print money. And Shigs is training the younger Nintendo staff and supervise them while they create their own Zelda and Mario masterpieces. Such as the recent Skyward Sword and 3D Land.

      1. Walt Diesney died like 45 years ago, and we still have Mickey Mouse around.

        Jim Henson passed away nearly 20 years ago, yet we had the ubber awesome Muppets movie this year.

        Keiji Inafune left Capcom, yet they just stated that despite all the harsh things, they will still make MM games without him, just like Nintendo and Hal still do Kirby games without Masahiro Sakurai.

        See? IP’s don’t die with their authors. That’s why they are IP’s to begin with.

  6. Miyamoto, did you remember the last someone made a Mario and a Zelda, and you weren’t there in the development?
    Do i need to remind you how Philips turned them into a joke?

    1. The last zelda game (that wasnt nintendo) was capcom, and it was amazing, minish, oracle games, and four swords…. but thats not what he ment, nintendo mascots would still stay with nintendo, they just wouldnt be overseen by moto.

      1. Capcom made those?
        Wow, didn’t see that coming.
        I thought the only games that were made by other companies were the CD-i’s games, and we know how much they suck.
        And yes, i’m aware that is not Miyamoto the only one who works at the games, but for some reason, whenever Miyamoto works with a game, i think is going to be a decent game.

  7. The thing is, he will do it at some point, everyone knows that, is the law of life, we all get old, and Nintendo must prepare for when Miyamoto leaves the company, the real truth is, thing’s wil change, perhaps in a very radicall way when he’s gone.

  8. It would be very interesting, I could see a change in Nintendo when he does step down. Remember guyz, Miyamoto has been training his young successor. There’s no way he would leave and take his talent with him. He’s passing it on

  9. Well there will come the day he dies/retieres. Wether you people like it or not. We will probaly never know until that day how much Nintendo will change with out him. I just dont want to see nintendo going all main stream and constantly pop out FPS’s but rather have a bit everything like Sony.

  10. As harsh as this is, he may have a point now. Indeed, while it was his ideas that made the NES era Nintendo extremely successful, some of his other thoughts are arguably what’s holding back some of Nintendo’s franchises. New Super Mario Bros Wii might have been better if he was willing to put as much effort into it as the 3D Mario games, and we’d get actual characters rather than Toads for players 3 and 4. Donkey Kong Country Returns may have had Kremlings. Not to mention, some pet projects like Wii Music could have been thrown away before being made into a game.

    On the other hand, he was one of those people willing to tell other Nintendo developers that their ideas sucked when necessary, which has probably prevented quite a few likely terrible games and gimmicks from ever being seen.

    1. >and we’d get actual characters rather than Toads for players 3 and 4

      The original idea was to put the Princess and one Toad, just like Super Mario Bros 2, but since the Wii hardware is bitching developers it was just impossible, without lags of course.

      >Donkey Kong Country Returns may have had Kremlings

      I think they wanted to make a different story, but a cameo could have been a good move.

      >Wii Music could have been thrown away before being made into a game.

      Because of that game, Nintendo’s 2008 E3 was a complete disaster.

      >he was one of those people willing to tell other Nintendo developers that their ideas sucked when necessary

      Prove it.

  11. Nintendo would most likely be WORSE off without Shigeru Miyamoto. I mean no offense by that, but he’s the ultimate games designer, without him, most likely any new Mario and Zelda games would suck because they’d take an untraditional approach, unless he tells the Mario and Zelda teams to keep them the same as if he were still there.

    1. >unless he tells the Mario and Zelda teams to keep them the same as if he were still there.

      Are you fucking kidding me?
      You can’t repeat the same shit over and over again, it will lose it’s magic (Halo and most of the FPS are a great example), of course, they can’t make a major change because the character could lose their personality (Crash Bandicoot).

  12. God no Miyamoto. Don’t even think that. Nintendo would never be better off without you. I know it’s inevitable for it to happen one day but not now. Not when gaming needs talent like yours the most.

  13. well i dont want to know what will happen without miyamoto.(one thing that i dont want to see.I dont want to see nintendo to cooperate with sony)

      1. They did, but the history is divided in 2 versions:

        The Nintendo’s version:
        Because Sony wanted to have the copyright of famous characters like Mario and Zelda, the Sega CD and 3DO failure and because Nintendo thought people care more about games than CD consoles.

        The Sony’s version:
        Because of the Sega CD and 3DO failure, and because Nintendo backstabbed them making a contract with Philips because they thought they could have done a better job than Sony.

        I kinda agree with the Nintendo’s version, but the Sony’s version was more of demonstrating that Nintendo is not the god of gaming than actually care about the games, which explain the PS3 bad luck.

        1. “Nintendo is not the god of gaming than actually care about the games, which explain the PS3 bad luck.”

          Ultimate non sequitur there.

          1. Remember that in PS1 and PS2 Sony didn’t make almost nothing, all they did was making their system more attractive to the third-party support to make games on their consoles, when the 360 and the 600$ PS3 came out, Microsoft make their console more attractive because no one wanted to buy an over-priced console, and since Sony didn’t make a lot of games at that time, well, the PS3 got bad luck.

    1. Now

      >I dont want to see Nintendo to cooperate with Sony


      >I don’t want to see Sega to cooperate with Nintendo

      You may write now like a normal person, but you comment are still too fucking stupid.

  14. What a humble and honourable man. The day will come when he has to retire, but he will make sure that the house that he built (Nintendo) will be left in good hands.

    I don’t think that will happen soon though, he still has some good years left in him.

  15. NO NO NO! He MADE Nintendo what they are today and he IS Nintendo pretty much! He needs to stop lying to himself. Does he really think he doesn’t mean that much? He’s wrong. Wow, first time I ever said Miyamoto was wrong. Feels kinda weird saying that.

    1. If you actually read it properly, he says it may be better as then other people will be able to present and create their own ideas. He says nothing about his removal from developing games being an improvement.

  16. So many trolls and so many hurt feelings. I’ll miss Miyamoto for sure and I don’t think Nintendo will be the same but he’s going to have to leave us some day. I applaud his optimism but I don’t know what it will be like without Mr. Miyamoto. Nintendo is the most innovative video game company that makes consoles that I can think of (D-Pad to shoulder buttons to triggers, rumble and thumb stick to ergonomics to touch technology to motion gaming to 3D without glasses and beyond). I hope Nintendo can continue to get new talent with fresh ideas. You guys on the board joke but without Nintendo what is left for Sony and Microsoft to mimic? The whole “crumble into FPS that are only good for online gaming” may not be too far off.

    1. I agree. Miyamoto will be missed, but at least he’ll be remembered for the legacy he left: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc.

  17. I think this is sorta true.
    I mean, we have to remember that while Miyamoto is probably one of the best people to come out of Nintendo, it IS called Nintendo and not Miyamoto. If he leaves, Nintendo will still carry on and probably make quality games still. Whether they are as high quality or not is to be debated, but the point of games is to have fun anyways, regardless of quality.

    As horrible as it is to think about, people do get old, tired and pass away, he won’t be around Nintendo forever and I think if he is going to leave, which he will eventually, be it in 5, 10 or 30 years time, the best Nintendo can do is prepare for it, so that when the time comes the company will still be able to function without him.

    And as he says at the end of the article, he doesn’t want to retire fully yet, so everyone needs to chill a little.

  18. How old is he now, 49? I guess he’s going through his mid-life crisis. At least he’s dealing it, well, I think. It must be tough on him though, to be able to admit that because I feel like he wants to continue the thing that he loves to do (I know that he said that he will continue to do so), but it just wont be the same.

  19. Noooo!!! It would suck! It would turn out to be something like ps3 and xbox right now, so we would later on have 3 of everything that comes out just for them to make money -.-ll

  20. Guys… I’ve dreaded the day Miyamoto would decide to do this, but have you seen the credits to the games? There are a lot of other people who put effort into the game, it’s not just Miyamoto. As some people have stated before me, it’s NINTENDO not MIYAMOTO, Nintendo’s been around for well over a hundred years, do you think they’ll let one person leaving destroy them? No. I don’t want him to leave, but there is a time and place for that, look at Steve Jobs or other famous people, they have all had to step down sooner or later. So live with him while you can, but I expect Miyamoto to retire before I die.

    1. Miyamoto’s role in most Nintendo video games nowadays is similar to Hironobu Sakaguchi’s role in later Final Fantasy games before he left Square. It was mostly a ceremonial thing, not necessarily active involvement with the game. It’s like how they do it with films: the executive producer in a film, for example, might have had actually nothing to do with the film, but they just put his name in there out of a sense of properness.

  21. I suppose its no different than when Hayao Miyazaki had to retire. Its a great loss, but now both his son and his former company are carrying on the tradition. So the same with Miyamoto. As for the haters here, I don’t get it. Why hate a video game company? If you don’t like it don’t buy one. Why are you even posting on a Nintendo topic? Anyway, no worries people. Nintendo is a fine company, and the Wii is still one of the best selling systems of all time. Even without Miyamoto the big N will not go the same way as Sega :)

  22. I think he was afraid that whatever involvement he has had in recent Nintendo games and hardware has been holding Nintendo back in terms of progress, and that he probably felt the best way to rectify the situation would be to make the games he wants to make on his own terms and not interfere in Nintendo’s advancement.

    The other reasoning would be that Nintendo is holding Miyamoto back, and he wants to be able to make the games he wants to make on his own terms.

  23. Like others, I’m sure Miyamoto will have the House of Mario in order when he finally does leave. I just hope that nothing happens with Nintendo like what happened with Disney and Eisner when Roy Disney was on the way out. Hopefully future people take the Roy approach by making their own great marks on the company and the industry while never abandoning the proper reverence for Miyamoto’s legacy.

  24. Gunpei Yokoi was a legend who became the mentor of a legend named Shigeru Miyamoto now the legendary Miyamoto will create a new legend from Nintendo’s staff..kinda gives this old man a feeling of nostalgia.

  25. Miyamoto don’t do it dont care if someone says that you should retire come on you are the best japanese man whoever lived and if you leave i think the games wouldn’t be as good

  26. Don’t take me wrong, I love Shigsy and all, but let’s face it, the man is reaching his 60’s so his health and ideas may decline anytime soon (I hope not,. though) and yes, his ideas, while still original and -somehow- relevant, lack the freshness of what he did in the 80’s and 90’s, plus his recent interviews reveal that indeed he’s very oldschoolminded in many areas, which prevents Nintendo from evolving. So yeah, in order to move further ahead, Nintendo needs a breathe of fresh air and getting new heads is a good way for it.

    Plus, it’s not as he’s doing much today, is he?. When was the last time he did direct/produce/design a game ACTIVELY? Nowadays he just sits there supervising and approving or dissaproving ideas, giving the occasional suggetsion. Sure, that gives the game a taste of his vision, but not much more than that- there’s not much actual creation being involved in his work to be honest, so him leaving won’t be a big loss in the new games department.

    I do not want him to stop making games (he indeed said that he’s not completely retiring). It’s just that because of his legend, he has a huge weight within the company that overshadows many young, brilliant minds in there. With him out of the company (or at least not anymore being the head of EAD) those minds will shine on their own.

    His line “I mean that a different approach and different talent might emerge” supports that vision. He still cares about games, but he is aware that he’s not the only genius around and that Ninty should focus on them, for the sake of both Nintendo and videogaming. And that is a really humble approach, which I admire.

    So in few words, he rocks and I love him, but there’s always the need to pass the torch, and for Shigsy and Nintendo, that time has come. Long live Miyamoto.

  27. When Miyamoto retires, a new producer/supervisor replaces him. I think Nintendo knows enough by now to make sure the new person is still great, or possible even better, so don’t freak out. Keep an open mind about this. ;)

  28. Miyamoto has been there a long time, Nintendo needs to stop using him as a crutch because I don’t see him being there much longer. Because of them Nintendo has been relying on the same franchises, which are still great but they are exhausting them. I’m glad they are bringing back some forgotten ones like Kid Icarus, but they need some new stuff too. Reason I like Sony is because they come out with new characters and new games frequently while still supporting their big name franchises.

    1. He will probably be here until he dies just saying and just go AWAY FANBOYS that are talking bad about him and nintendo.

      1. Look who’s being a fanboy. I respect and love Miyamoto’s work. Been playing Nintendo games since I was 2 and have owned every Nintendo system released in the US except for the Virtual Boy. But Miyamoto is just a man, he’s going to want to retire like everyone else who works. I’m sure he’ll still have a say in the company but he won’t be going in to work every day for the rest of his life.

  29. LOOK! ALL YOU STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO THINK MIYAMOTO WILL RETIRE ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID. sorry for the CAPS, im just irritated on how XBOX dorks are HAPPY-GO-LUCKY that Miyamoto is retiring. i HATE XBOX, but i like PS3. I am a HUGE fan of Nintento. for all you XBOX fans, shut the FRONT DOOR! MIYAMOTO ROCKS!

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