Check Out This Official Golden Wii Nunchuck And 3DS Cartridge Case From Club Nintendo

Nintendo of Japan has announced that a Golden Nunchuck and a 3DS game case capable of holding 18 games are now available on Club Nintendo. The Nunchuck retails for 600 points whilst the 3DS game case is worth 150 points.

The Nunchuck is part of a special campaign with The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Buy Skyward Sword, register the game at Club Nintendo, and you’ll be able to get the item for 400 Points. This offer is available through to February 20th.


  1. is it just me or is the stuff in the Australian Club Nintendo overpriced? Still, our isn’t as overpriced as the UK store!

    1. At least your country has a Club Nintendo : /

      I would love to have both the golden nunchuck and the game case, they look awesome : )

  2. Nintendo why did I not get this when I got the special LOZ:SS. It would have gone perfect with the gold wii mote.

      1. I would had traded in more games to lower the price since I got for $18 from the gamestop near by. I traded in Fall Out 3, Mario Kart DS, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Battle Revolution. I would has added Metroid Other M and more such as Marvel vs Capcom 3 for ps3.

  3. Can’t see these on the UK store.. it seems it’s rarely updated. I rang the UK Nintendo office, they said that they’ve had no news about it but if something like this was to be released it’d most likely be notified to users in a newsletter email.

          1. Odd, because I’m in America and my poster set is on it’s way to my house. I placed my order two days ago.

    1. Club Nintendo of America was updated.. but did not include either of these rewards. We got our games finally, LOZ posters, and notebooks. Nothing cool or awesome like Japan.

  4. And as usual, Japan gets all the awesome stuff while we’re left with squat.

    If the Australian store were a physical place, it’d be the size of a cubicle

  5. Do want! Bring it out of Japan please nintendo! This will go nicely with my gold wii mote and gold classic controller.

  6. People, go back to Kindergarten and learn to read again. -_-

    On the other hand, WANT! Why us Americans so crappy? We get games later than Europe now, and we get Xenoblade as a GameStop Exclusive! Man, I feel everyone hates America now, =(

  7. That game case would def come in handy. too bad I already have the games that you can buy with coins and mario kart snes is free for me tomorrow. I’m glad they offered it to non amdassadors so I can play with my friends who didnt buy the 3ds at full price.

  8. been wondering about a golden nunchuck since i have the gold wiimote. Glad I registered Skyward on Club Nintendo so i can get a matching set. I dont need the 3DS case since I already have a Pull in Go case that holds 29 games.

  9. I kinda wanted this, until I realized the chord is still white. So it’s kinda like a cheep painted nunchuck theyre trying to make money off of

    1. The buttons on the Gold remote are white. It doesn’t clash at all, plus it’ll look nice with your white controllers as well. And uh… provided this deal comes to America (or wherever you live), you won’t be dropping a dime on it so idk why you’re insinuating that this is a cash-grab scheme.

      I also don’t understand why you end your sentences with prepositions.

  10. The American Club Nintendo website is finally updated! looks very nice to me =)
    They better include this stuff in the us too! I may not have a wii, but that nunchuck looks awesome. And i sure could use a case like that, but it would be better if it had some kind of mario design or something

  11. Golden Nunchuck is nice, however so is the case. Which reminds me I need to get that clear cover 24+game case that I saw somewhere and customize to my own.

  12. I like both, but I wouldn’t take out my games on a case. If it gets stolen, then there goes my library. =P

  13. God %&$%&/
    if you are talking about u’r on
    USA o canada
    try to feel what im feeling right now…

    I’m from México and my wii mote need that
    nunchuk too, cant have another one….

    pffff %&/()

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