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Nintendo 3DS Breaks The 4 Million Barrier And Super Mario 3D Land And Mario Kart 7 Break 1 Million

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has announced that Nintendo has reached the four million milestone slightly earlier than they had previously expected with the Nintendo 3DS. The publication also revealed that both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have both broken the 1 million sales barrier.

Nintendo 3DS: 4,135,739

Super Mario 3D Land: 1,042,511

Mario Kart 7: 1,082,391

51 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Breaks The 4 Million Barrier And Super Mario 3D Land And Mario Kart 7 Break 1 Million”

    1. 3DS is selling realy well out selling the vita and that is a big thing to beat but of course it would out sell vita due to quality first party line up!!

        1. The PSV has a quality lineup, I just think that it released at the wrong time. The PSV launch for NA & Europe should be better since we have better launch games. Either way I Love both consoles and can’t wait until more tops games come out for them.

          1. It was the other way around for the 3DS. Released at the right time with a terrible lineup, and that still sold more in its first week than the Vita did in its first.

            1. Vita came out 8days before x-mas, it just couldn’t outsell the 3da with its MK7,SML3d and Monhun tri 3g. It won’t be different in the US where the PsP isn’t nearly as popular as it in JPN. The Vita is too pricey(Psv+16gb memory card+game=$350), and the 3ds’ 2012 line-up will rock its socks off. Not hating, people do you really think its going to change in the US?

  1. Lol! I thought Super Mario 3D land would get more sales than Mario Kart 7 because Mario Kart 7 was released almost a month later than Super Mario 3D Land.

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  3. The Vita isn’t even a threat anymore. Thanks to Sony carving a horrible track record last gen, nobody wants a Sony device until Sony shapes up.

    I personally won’t be picking up a Vita no matter how many great games are released. Most of the better ones will be remade for 3DS and/or Wii U, and the ones that aren’t can be gotten later when Sony releases the 5th or 6th line of Vitas with 4G instead of 3G and all the hardware/security issues ironed out, or alternatively, when it dies and becomes incredibly cheap as people try to get rid of theirs.

  4. thats great! i really new Nintendo could of done it. but to the people who say “3ds outsold the vita, vita sucks lol!!11!”. werent we all expecting this? i mean (no offence to vita fans) but i dont think the majority of the parents would give up on buying a system thats $170 for for a system thats $250 because its technically better. it was like the DS and PSP, they were aiming at different demographics.

    p.s are you guys comparing the vita’s japan sales to the 3ds sales? i dont think thats how you do it :p

    1. Yeah, that’s the thing about the Vita. It’s not really appealing to parents for their children or to the children themselves. The 3DS offers games for children, which is not the case at Sony’s Vita. That’s probably the main reason why the 3DS will outsell the Vita. The price is probably kinda a reason too, but to be honest, I think it is worth its price. As you said, the Vita is technically better.
      Anyway, I love both devices and I’m happy to hear good news about each of them. [:

    2. They’re being compared because: a)3ds launch was better than the Vita’s sales wise b)the 3ds outsold the vita in its first week and c) its STILL selling better in JP than the Vita. Its pretty damn easy to make a comparison when both systems are launched at the same price in the same region, especially when sales records can do all the talking. Vita had software, Christmas and all those “what are you interested in japanese gamer?” Poles(that didn’t mean shit. Lol), and it STILL got outsold.

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  8. The 3DS is a flop no more. It isn’t perfect but it’s proven to be incredibly popular this holiday season. Let’s hope third party developers and publishers embrace the system more.

  9. That is what you get for even trying to compeat against the BIG FUCKING N, Sony bitch !
    You can put all the technology in the world on PSPvita, but you dont get a Pokémon !
    Just fail again, Sony, and get out of mi sight !

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