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Capcom Reveal Stunning New Trailer For Resident Evil Revelations On Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has revealed a stunning new trailer for the forthcoming Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS. Resident Evil Revelations is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and is due out January 27th in Europe and February 7th in North America. The game is available to purchase as a bundle with the Circle Pad Pro or it can be purchased separately.

25 thoughts on “Capcom Reveal Stunning New Trailer For Resident Evil Revelations On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. And such a shame that Capcom won’t be seeing my money for this product.

    Might pick it up used from Gamestop or Amazon, though. Doesn’t look back.

    1. Why not.? Being skeptic is not the way. You know I used to be skeptic, then I took a zombie to the knee xD.
      Resident evil can evolve or change… It’s our choice.

      This game, is the game that will mark a milestone in the history of handhelds and 3DS history as well.


      1. Im actually with him, not that the game looks bad or anything, its just that to stop capcom from doing all the bullshit theyve been doing, we have to speak with our wallets. cause they surely dont give a fuckk about what we say. i rather support gamestop than capcom (i dont sell my games so im not loosing) this game comed out on my aswell lol.

    1. No its not, it will play just like Mercenaries. I have seen this trailer already and I cannot wait for this game, it will be my favorite game on the 3DS. Also the best game for the first year of the 3DS’ life.

  2. And yet, still no zombies….


    Honestly, the game looks beautiful, but something just tells me it’s going to suck. (Well, not necessarily “suck” but it won’t live up to the hype.) From all these trailers, it just looks like the game is nothing but a bunch of beautiful cutscenes that take away from the gameplay, and ruin the experience. (Should a survial horror experience be full of cutscenes?) I do hope I’m wrong though.

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