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Cyber Connect2 Hints At Sequel To The Brilliant Solatorobo

During a one year anniversary fan appreciation event for Solatorobo CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama hinted to the audience that the development team behind the fantastic Solatorobo on Nintendo DS are working on a sequel. Matsuyama wouldn’t be drawn into revealing what platform the game would be for, or when it’s planned to be released.

“In the not so distant future, I would like to greet everyone in the Little Tail Bronx world. Although, I don’t know what media it will be. As long as it has everyone’s support, the Little Tails Bronx world will live forever.”


    1. I don’t think it sells good enough for that to happen (unless Sony pay them to do it), and the first one was for DS only anyway.

      1. Actually, the first one was Tail Concerto which was on the PS1

        So they do have a chance, it’s just choosing a console and finding a publisher

        1. That’s not an actual sequel, it’s a “spiritual sequel.” So the two games aren’t related, in any other way than their inspirations.

          So no, there is less of a chance for it to be on a Sony system than a Nintendo system. Not saying there isn’t a chance at all (because they’re obviously open to different systems), but it would be counterproductive to make a sequel on another company’s console since gamers on that console most likely wouldn’t have played the first game… which a sequel is supposed to have.

          1. especially when that console sucks at selling… and can’t even sell more than a sad failure of it’s predecessor … … basically the vita sucks

    1. thats gr8..many good ds games get overlooked because of some non-deserving overrated games

    1. i wonder for how long u r going to do this. why waist your time like this? i bet you have important things to do. things to worry about, go hang out with your friends, have fun! relax!!!! ^_^

        1. You can stop the act now, we all know your a troll posing as a 12-year-old. The anonymous avatar is proof enough.

  1. This game was pretty decent from what little I’ve played of it. Are they bringing it to the 3DS, or WII U?

  2. Make it Wii U too, while you’re at it. Two screens worked with DS, so it prob. will with 3DS and WII U. Deserves another console version.

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