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GameStop Blames Wii Sales And Lack Of New Hardware For Poor Christmas Sales

Popular US gaming emporium GameStop has blamed low Wii software sales and the lack of new hardware as the reasons why it this achieved less than stellar results last Christmas. The retail chain saw minimal sales gains in the nine weeks leading up to December 31, bringing in a total of $3.02 billion during the entire holiday sales period.

119 thoughts on “GameStop Blames Wii Sales And Lack Of New Hardware For Poor Christmas Sales”

    1. When you’re rich, yes it is. For us, mortal common, it’s great!!! But it’s gamestop… and they are just like that Pachter guy and Gamespot; they hate Nintendo for whatever reasons they can come up with.

      1. I’m pretty sure they love Nintendo since they’ve made them alot of money and they even helped them localize Xenoblade so that they would be able to make even more money. Well maybe they don’t love Nintendo so much as they love the money they get from them. They’re probably “blaming wii sales” because they expected wii to sell extremely well like it usuallydoes during christmas.

  1. well that’s pretty stupid considering the wii has pretty much the same gamesold/console ratio as the ps3 (360 is slightly higher) and they sold a lot of wiis during the holidays

    its their own fault if they didnt sell games, other stores probably had better deals n whatnot

      1. Best Buy was dishin out $5 game deals on 1st-party Nintendo titles like Other M and Steel Diver. I got both of those 8)

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

      yeah. 360 has higher sales because its got nothing fancy unless u count the Kinect. its just a gaming platform and the best at what it does. sales wise people who buy the wii are casual gamers and they dont buy any hardware because the Wii comes with Wii Sports (and i think now it comes with Mario Kart). most people buy the PS3 for Blu-ray but if people want it to game then they buy a couple of games when they buy it. and i read a study that said that people usually buy 5-7 games when buying a xbox (i probably bought around that but come on 7 games? i would think it was more around 2-3.

  2. Everyone owns a Wii! There’s no one left to go out and buy them. Unlike 360’s, they don’t break and require replacement every six months.

    Nintendo have been keeping gamestops outdated sales method alive for years now so how about they STFU.

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

      Nintendofanboylol ive had my xbox for 2 years and havnt had a problem with it. unless u have a really old school Xbox u cant get a red ring.

      1. Yea I’ve gone through 3 and finally the newer ones don’t get it. It is true however people with older xboxes have had to buy at least one new one. If they have an older xbox and haven’t they are either lying or never play it.

        1. I bought a new slim model about four months ago, the disc tray started jaming about 2 months in, and a month later it red ring, my wii has been going strong for 3 years, and my ps3 for 2.

          my point was, im glad it messed up this early (warranty) but the 360 has really shitty production.

      1. How can you possibly break a wii ?? I´ve had my nintendo wii since launche and in that time it has fallen like a million times but it still works…sure it´s not that good looking anymore but it works like a charm.

    2. Pokémon FireRed Liker

      For some reason, my Wii breaks every 2 years….

      Anyways, my 360 broke and got sent to repairment once.

      Yeah, 360 wins.

  3. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

    they never have sales. games are always full price and used games are only $3 cheaper. new games are already opened and use game boxes are usually messed up.

      1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

        dont worry about this guy -.- he’s just a bitchy baby on the internet that believes everything he hears from his favorite youtuber.

        1. He is telling the truth. I bought Phantom Hourglass new, when I got home, it had an already saved file. Gamestop are monsters.

          1. I totally work at gamestop and yes, we totally do that XD I’ve gone through at least 3 new 3ds game INCLUDIN RE: Mercenaries. I feel sorry for the sap who bought that and thought it was new

        2. a few of my friends often play games a week before theyre released, gamestop alows them to borrow them and bring them back, but if it has any scratches, scuffs, or even fingerprints, they have to buy it. (a few copies grom gamestpp are often used)

    1. Oh wow, that’s pretty awful. Never happened to me here in Germany.
      And they also do have sales here. Like, last week they were selling every game for any Nintendo system 20% cheaper. This week it’s PS3 games. Probably Xbox360 games next week.
      I kinda feel lucky now (:

  4. Blame it all on Nintendo -__-‘ I hate to live in this Nintendo hatefull time :S I really hope that the haters gonna stop hating soon.

      1. EB Games and Gamestop are the same company…just different names for different regions…(Canada=EB Games, US=GameStop)

        1. They where seperate at one time I remember an EBgames in one shopping center and gamestop in another. I actually preferred EBgames since they had a lot of old PC offerings. Then all that was gone one day and it was gamestop. This was in the mid 90s when I was in high school.

  5. Ya, for a gaming-dedicated store they have the worst deals on new games… on second hand, they did sell me the stellar Elite Beat Agents new for $10… and a bunch (read: good priced but completely sold out) deals on some good games… but overall, they have the worst deals available on video games.

    And this is obvious… it’s practically last gen… instead, they should be happy the DS is still selling, with the 3DS… then, adding up last generation Nintendo platforms (which includes the Wii and DS, now that the 3DS is out and the Wii U is announced), you get better sales from Nintendo than any other hardware provider.

    1. I just don’t get what they were expecting this year. Obviously there would be fewer sales on Wii compared to normal since A) The next generation is comming out soon and B) MOST of the people who would have wanted a Wii would have already gotten it by now. Also, their sales for the Wii were almost on par with 360 and PS3, so its not as if the Wii alone is just responsible

      Also, lack of new Hardware? I don’t even want to get started on that.

      1. “Lack of new hardware.”

        Translated from business speak:

        “Microsoft, Sony, get your shit together and release new consoles. Nintendo, get going in the Wii U; we mentioned the Wii explicitly to get you to work faster. Now do it.”

  6. I think the billions they made is enough to keep them afloat so they can piss off. I bought my most-wanted titles and hardware at launch like a good consumer, only buying Mario Kart 7 during the month of December, which is eating away all my free time, what little I have.

  7. They should blame their lack of discounts on Black Friday and the rest of the Christmas season for their poor sales. Why would people go to a store that doesn’t have any sales when others do. Walmart had Wii’s on sale for $99 along with a bunch of games for cheap, Best Buy also had good sales on systems and games do you think people will be lining up to buy Gamestops retail price systems and games.

    Sorry game stop it’s no ones fault but your own. People expect good sales during the Holidays and don’t want to pay retail prices for everything

    1. Agree, I was looking for an intelligent comment such as this.

      When YOUR ad lists it at FULL RETAIL price on a day where many consumers HUNT FOR DISCOUNTS, it is not the manufacturer’s (i.e. Nintendo’s) fault when it doesn’t sell. Consumers that do not already own one, are looking for deals; not full priced products.

      Everytime I see a Gamestop ad, I think they did they waste paper on this if they are advertising basically everything at full price. If Gamestop expects to outsell Walmart, Target, and/or Best Buy, they need sale prices, not full retail price.

  8. I’m not sure what it is like over in the US, but here in Ireland GameStop is the most expensive retailer that stocks games, by a large margin. I’m sure that probably doesn’t help their cause.

  9. Don’t blame the product… blame the seller…. It’s fucking Gamestop… If you buy from gamestop you are an ass hole

    1. Sadly, there are just few good retailers around some places. We are sometimes forced to buy from this assholes

    2. Because Gamestop is the only even half-decent game store in my area, I’m an asshole? Because my family gives me Gamestop gift cards for Christmas, I’m an asshole? They’ve already got the money, I might as well get something out of it.

      Think before you speak or just shut your face, you moron.

  10. yea…wii and lack of new hardware is why, not the fact that their “deals” sucked. walmart’s deals were much better. console bundles for roughly the same as the cost of the items separately compared to bundles that were actually less than the console itself? also walmart had plenty of new games for ~$30. best gamestop had was those console bundles and yea….the prices were terrible

  11. Maybe because gamestop has sucky employees. The ones here where I live have bad employees so I try to buy less from there

  12. Wii is not the only thing they sell in their stores, you know. Plus, they had terrible deals. Everypne else had good deals, so people went there like best buy and toys r us.

  13. Because Nintendo rapes companies with sales. Where as most companies buy wiis to sell at cost. So they only make money on software. Nintendo barely released games this year. Means low profit.

    This can be seen from Walmart. They sold wiis at 100$ for a loss. That means Nintendo sells them to stores for over 100$ and with the tech in the wii. It’s not worth 100$

  14. Yeah, poor Xmas blamed on no new software, Erm……there were loads of games released Sept through Dec and poor Wii sales? Really? Haha. Good to know they are putting their eggs in the basket of a console that’s prob seen its last Xmas and has prob kept most retailers a float the past 5yrs!! XBOX & PS3 & 3DS obviously don’t exist! Idiots.

  15. Went to 3 GameStops in my town a couple of days ago, the lines to pay were so long it wrapped around the store and almost out the door.

    Yeah GameStop your sales are doing horribly.
    Oh and most people in those lines were holding Wii games, thanks.

  16. I don’t like Gamestop. The employees are weird to begin with. Prices for pre-owned games can be too high, you can fine a cheaper game new online.

  17. for me wii is good console because it has wii fit and wii sports my favourite games and gymnastics hehe and super mario galaxies of course and golden eye remake

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  19. Maybe it’s because Game Stop sort of Sucks… that’s why it had bad sales… IDIOTS work there… no one really wants to talk to the lame dudes behind the desk… and they open NEW games…

  20. Pardon me, but the fact that Gamestop sold a relatively low amount of Wiis during its best holiday should tell us something about people’s relationship with GameStop. While it’s true that the Wii U is coming this year and there’s rumors of Sony and Microsoft’s next systems, “lack of new hardware” is a pretty lame excuse.

  21. about 93 million people have a Wii about 70 million of those brought the recent games.

    62 360 and 59 ps3 what do you expect for those.

  22. I guess the Blue Wal-Mart Wii git more attention from the public than I thought. Yes I’m aware they sold like hot cakes I’m just saying I didn’t think it affected GameShit like this.

  23. Meh, they are just trying to shift blame here. The real problem is GameStop does not want to admit that they have and still consistently give the customer the short end of the stick in their sales. Also, it does not help that after Starbucks, at least where I live and work, GameStop seems to have more locations than any other retailer, yet none of their locations seem to talk to one another.

  24. That’s entirely unfair. First they credit the Wii’s ridiculous sales number to shovelware and now when shovelware is at an all-time low, they blame them for not selling more? Also, since when did they ever depend on the Wii’s sales to thrive? Do they openly admit that the majority of their success comes from Wii games? These people need to stop and think about what their next move is because people are already fed up with them as it is.

    1. Maybe it is just me, but the few times I have been to Game Stops in the area where I work (there are 3 of them in less than 5 miles of each other, or is it 2 miles), I have always felt that they push the Xbox 360 most, or at the very least the largest selection they have is for 360.

  25. Wait, so it’s Nintendo’s fault they did poorly? Not anyone or anything else. Just Nintendo? That’s 3rd grade bullshit.

  26. How does that even make sense? Just because there were no Wii games is the reason they didn’t sell PS3, XBOX 360, 3DS, DS and PSP games? Yes, that’s why they didn’t sell much. Not because they’re assholes or anything, definitely not. And DEFINITELY not because their sales were dumb.

  27. Wooowww…. Seriously, Gamestop? Bash Nintendo because your cheap ass company rips off every customer with each game you buy/sell to them. I understand you need to make money, but not like $25 for each “new and unused” game. Then we all notice that the Vita got off scot-free because they sold soooo incredibly well and that this proves that Gamestop really is biased to Nintendo. Vey mature Gamestop, very fucking mature.

  28. No, Gamestop, your sales are down because:
    1) You will never be able to beat the prices of Amazon, Wal-Mart, and ebay.
    2) There are throngs of gamers that don’t respect you (mainly for shit like this).
    3) Hard copy video game retail is at the beginning of its decline: I would guess that about 20 years from now we’ll see hard copies of video games leaving stores, and it might be safe to say that 30 years from now, every console and pc game will be distributed digitally (thereby ending the whole used-game market scare that publishers have right now).

    On a side note: none of the Gamestops in my area did a midnight opening for Skyward Sword, so I went to Wal-Mart instead: That accounts for 70 dollars of your disappointing sales :P

  29. Well lets look at it this way, a few days before Skyward Sword came out…

    Me: I would like to pay off my pre-order of-
    Gamestop Employee: Modern Warfare 3?
    Me: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
    Employee: Ok… *looks at me like I’m stupid*

    Another scenario.

    *calls Gamestop*
    Hello, this is Gamestop, where you can pre-order Gears of War 3.

    I don’t want MW3 or Gears. I want Nintendo. But guess who they don’t care about and will blame for sales being bad? Nintendo.

  30. nintendo offers premium entertainment at a very cheap price (here in the uk wii game are 9.99-29.99 uk pounds) not only that but wii sales in total are higher than the 360’s and PS3’s in japan, the usa and I think here in the uk, so gamestop please stfu

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