Netflix Is Now Available On Wii In The UK

Netflix has finally been made available on the Wii in the United Kingdom. You can download your free one-month trial from the Wii Shopping Channel. All you need to do is go to the Wii Shopping Channel, then select the Channels menu and the Netflix option is at the top. Netflix will cost £5.99 a month, after you’ve used your free one month trial.



  1. Beware, Netflix UK users, it will destroy your life. You’ll start off watching the movies you wanted to see, then you’ll discover how much new stuff they have and you’ll watch an entire series in a week, pushing aside other responsibilities.


    Btw, Breaking Bad is a great show; I recommend checking it out on there if you don’t mind not doing anything for awhile.


    1. Shit! Why didn’t I read something like this before getting an accout!
      Now my life is a shit. I cant do anything, unless watching Californication, Breaking bad, chapulin colorado and el chavo!
      and there’s a lot of classic movies too, Clint westwood, hitchcock, brian dePalma, Francis ford copolla, and others!


  2. Do you need to give creidt card details or anything for the free trial?

    Only problem I see happening is bandwidth mightn’t be able to handle the streaming. Don’t really fancy watching something that’s constantly buffering.


    1. yeah, you need to input your credit card details, then you get the free trial. then u can either cancel your membership just before the end of the free trial, or continue & pay £5.99 a month. I didnt notice any buffering. loads pretty fast aswell. may just depend on broadband connection spead tho.


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