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Nintendo Provides Exclusive Resident Evil Revelations StreetPass Details

Nintendo has revealed the StreetPass functionality included in Capcom’s forthcoming Resident Evil: Revelations for Nintendo 3DS. In the single player mode, called Campaign mode, different items will be available to collect by passing other Nintendo 3DS owners; in the co-op mode, called RAID mode, players will receive new enemies and missions via StreetPass. When a new item becomes available, players will receive a parachute icon and after clicking on this the new item can be collected.



  1. OMG I can’t wait.

    Also, looks like I’m moving up in the world, the Troll has used my screen name in the last post… Actually, it’s not a troll, more of a bored, psychotic stalker.


  2. Was going to buy this game day one, but it seems they’ve changed the case you got with pre-ordering it from a cool one that changes in the sun to one that just has a lame lenticular image. That’s not worth covering up my Zelda 3DS nor $50 buying a mobile game right away.


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  4. If there wasn’t so many good games I’m already playing between the eShop, my Ambassador DL’s & the 3DS & DS carts I have, Feb. 7th would seem far away. But, I will say that a new demo for Revelations (in the US) would be nice as I’m quite tired of the 2 min. long demo from Mercenaries 3D (which I tend to go back to every time I watch a new video online of RE: Rev.) It’s like a wet t-shirt on a hot chick at this point. It’s not quite what you want, but you’ll take what you can get.


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