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Here’s The First TV Trailer For Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom has released the first European television trailer for the gorgeous Resident Evil: Revelations. The TV spot is roughly one minute long and is full of action packed sequences from the game. Resident Evil: Revelations is released in Europe on Friday and in North America next month on February 7th.

10 thoughts on “Here’s The First TV Trailer For Resident Evil Revelations”

    1. Oh wait, in the article I see the correct video, but on the main page I saw a video of The Last Story.
      Also, with the ”New racing game” article, there’s a video of hyrulecraft on the main page.
      Cool trailer btw.

  1. Have you guys seen the trailer to resident evil retribution. It looks as though Sony is desperate to make the Vita sell, by marketing it in a trailer for a movie, thats really desperate. Its doing that terrible.

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