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Have A Look At All This Metal Gear Solid 3D Gear

Kojima Productions spokesperson, Yumi Kikuchi has proudly shown Twitter users a whole range of Metal Gear Sold 3D related Nintendo 3DS accessories. Firstly there’s the incredibly sexy limited edition Metal Gear Solid 3D console, along with a Touch Pen and an accessory kit that contains decoration stickers and a special Metal Gear protective cover.

59 thoughts on “Have A Look At All This Metal Gear Solid 3D Gear”

    1. and what the PS Vita has: Uncharted
      3DS:Monster Hunter Tri, Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land.
      So your argument is invalid SONY FANBOY!!!

      1. @Math everyone has their own preferences so your argument is just as invalid as the original troll :) both consoles are awesome. 3DS has Revelations which is as hardcore as you can get & Vita has plenty of gems with some aimed at younger audiences too such as LittleBigPlanet.

    1. Seems like someone is confident with the game. They always make things ‘extra’ special when they involve Nintendo. Is it necessary? Twin Snakes had that ‘extra’ treatment too, software changes are fair play though…accessories look fail.

  1. Is it just a crappy camera or are the colors really that terrible? Feel like, literally, I’m being stabbed in the eye with needles here.

      1. That and it’s not metal gear solid lol. It’s metal gear.

        Both of which come with the metal gear solid HD collection for ps3 and soon to be ps vita ;)

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    1. Wrong you silly shit bag. Go fuck yourself. Your name sucks because you stole it from me. You are also no good at science, it’s more than likely you are in the kindergarten.

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