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Kingdom Hearts Series Director Says There’s A Secret Team Working On An Unannounced Title

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly that there’s a secret team at Square Enix working on an unannounced game. Nomura says he hopes the team can reveal the title later this year. Any guesses on what this secret and unannounced title from Square Enix could be?

“There is also a secret team working on an unannounced title, so there is a chance that some information about that will be announced this year too, please continue looking forward to these announcements.”

110 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Series Director Says There’s A Secret Team Working On An Unannounced Title”

    1. lol, but yeah. People saying it’ll be Kingdom Hearts III, stop. The Final Fantasy Versus XIII team is the one making Kingdom Hearts III after FFVXIII ships. This secret team is probably for another spinoff to help ease the wait.

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      I know right! I hope the “Secret Team” is Sega! And I hope the “unannounced” game is Sonic 06….2! Sonic 06 was the best sonic game ever!

      1. Worst, Sonic game, ever. Buggy, rushed, horrible level design, horrible story. Please tell me you’re kidding when you dont say this?

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    1. I don’t think it will be KH3. Nomura stated he would need his main development team to work on that game, but they are all busy with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. However, the Wii U would be great for KH3 based on what the controller can do for the system.

      1. yes everyone says no it is ps excusive but the onley reason that it was not released on the GC was what i think is the lack of software disc but now nintendo has HD mabye onley 20 % weaker than the new xbox so there is hope

      1. Haven’t there been more Metroids than four. Metroid, Return of Samus, Super Metroid, Zero Mission, Prime Trilogy, Prime Hunters, Other M, Fusion.

        1. Yes, there are more than five games. I’m talking about a Metroid game that comes after Fusion, which is called Metroid 4 in-game in the opening. So, naturally, Metroid 5 would come next.

          1. After the massive failure of metriod other M along with the game forever destroying the Character of metriod. Iwata will just lock the gamme away forever. I agree its getting stale by now besides call of duty gives you better experience and more weapons than metriod megaman cannon.

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                  1. Wow, i’m never posting from my iPhone again, it should be “I never said I liked Other M, it’s a terrible game, but the rest of the series kicks CoD’s repetitive ass”. Also, why are you comparing it to Other M? Is it because it’s the only game in the series bad enough to prove your point? I prefer Video Games that aren’t realistic because it’s something you can’t do in real life, which is much more fun to me. If you’re such a fan of warfare, go join the Army, that’s as real as it gets.

                1. I also think the many Game of the Year awards Metroid Prime got, and the great review scores of it’s sequels, would beg to differ against your “points”.

            1. You must be 12, because you just compared Metroid to COD. Whats worst, is you compared the Wii version of COD to Metroid. There is all kinds of fail in your post.

      1. I demand both. Knowing them we’ll get kh3 in 2014 and twewy 2 2016. They take too long. It’s annoying. I know it’s good for games to get the time they need but why announce multiple games at once and only one has been released? Versus 13, agito 13, and other square games haven’t been released yet they were announced like 5-6 years ago

  1. I HOPE it’s KH3 :)

    by the way: why is this announced on Nintendo News? could it be that the next KH title (hopefully KH3 as I said) will be on Wii U too? O.O

    1. Its only speculation on sickrs behalfs, since SE hasnt said on what platform this new games is coming, (wether is a new FF game, TWEWY2, or KH3) chances are it might be for the WiiU or 3ds. Again, its only hope & Speculation by sickr.

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  2. KH3 or bust…

    tired of all of these random KH games that is literally taking me no where in the story…

    Now I’m only playing for the gameplay… the story make no sense anymore.

    1. Really? The games that have come out recently (with the exception of Re:Coded) have filled in a lot of gaps in the story. To me at least, the story makes more sense than it did without them. Not saying you’re wrong, just putting my opinion out there. I do agree with you on one thing though, they do need to actually continue the story at this point.

  3. Well, if it’s only Kingdom Hearts we are speaking, I hope it’s KH3 or BBS-Volume 2. Although, it’s a secret team at Square-Enix as a whole. It could be The World Ends With You 2.

  4. Why the heck do you all think would it be KH3? That would be a big game……I’d think he’d get more than just a single secret team.

    TWEWY2, however, that may be possible.


  6. Maybe Final Fantasy VII HD as that would be a secret that is good to not tell as it will be a super exciting suprise! or Kingdom Hearts 3 but it better be good as i am tired of these crappy portable ones!

  7. The World Ends with You 2 is a definite possibility for Wii U. After all, TWEWY’s battle system requires two screens (one of which needs to be a touch screen), and the Wii U just happens to have two playable screens, one of which is touch sensitive.

    1. That’s never going to happen, just try to imagine it, you would have to hold the contoller in one hand and play with the other (they even made the stand for the 3DS because they though it wasn’t comfortable and the controller is even bigger). Also, you would need to do bigger swipes to perform the attacks and looking at both screens at once is much easier on 3DS than on some TV that is on the other side of your room and a controller sitting in your lap.

      1. Just you who are weak… Need to visit the gym more often? You can start with the Pewter gym… That’s a good one to start with before you’re getting stronger ;)

      2. The difficulty of moving your eyes between screens for the Wii U is up to debate, considering that, unlike the DS’s two screens, the “bottom screen” for the Wii U, which is the controller’s screen, can be moved around anywhere you want, so to say it’ll be harder to look at both screens would depend on where you have your “bottom screen” in the first place. Plus, TWEWY was majorly controlled with the touchscreen anyway, while the buttons controlled your partner during battle, so it shouldn’t be as difficult as we’d expect on the Wii U.

  8. Square Enix filing a trademark for The World Ends With You…and now this? Plus, Tetsuya Nomura played a part in the making of TWEWY, so my guess is something TWEWY related. And if that’s the case, then I am one happy bunny.

  9. KH3 FTWU!! (FTWU= For the Wii U) anything from Square Enix is almost guaranteed to be a quality title. The more they support Nintendo the better.

  10. Not much of a secret if you tell the public… -___- Anyways, I hope this game is good because why else wouldn’t they announce the team’s name?

  11. its not going to be kingdom hearts 3 so just forget it kh team is working on ff 13 i think its the twewy 2 or knowing them it might be a ff spin off -_-

  12. Its birth by sleep volume 2 for sure for psp maybe or 3ds but I highly reccomend the world ends with you remastered

  13. Maybe a box with all FF games and it will be for Wii U? All my dreams would become reality and I would not need to buy a Sony console 5ever!

  14. Versus 13 may very possibly have been shelved…at this point, it’s starting to reach the status of vaporware.

    Whatever this new game is that this secret team is making, I hope it’s something related to TWEWY.

    1. Epic Mickey 2 has already been announced.

      I forget where but it’s coming for X360 and PS3. Possibly Wii U as well.

  15. Most likely TWEWY 2, they already revealed that KH DDD is the last side story before KH3 so I can’t think of anything else. Final Fantasy…..maybe

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  17. Ok. here’s all of my responses and my comment.

    1. Counter-Strike always beats CoD. THE CS FRANCHISE SOLD OVER 25 MILLION COPIES, GOD DAMN IT!

    2. With Final Fantasy XIII 2 already out, who know? mabye the secret team is working on a new series entirely. Only time will tell.


    And finally 4. Kingdom Hearts 3? I’m guessing it’s been in development for as long as Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is taking. (pun intended)

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