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You Can Purchase The Pink Nintendo 3DS Separately In North America For Valentines Day

Nintendo of America has announced via a press release that the Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS console will be available to purchase separately starting from February 10th. The Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS will only previously available to purchase with Nintendogs + Cats. The console will be offered at a suggested retail price of $169.99.

28 thoughts on “You Can Purchase The Pink Nintendo 3DS Separately In North America For Valentines Day”

    1. well how many guys what a pink 3ds and Nintendogs+cats is for anybody and pink one is for little girls how many girls like zelda? so they not really being sexist :/

          1. @noname if you seen the 3ds E3 2010 trailer you will see that some nintendo games came out the 3ds it was a sword for zelda oot airplane for starfox and there was dk barrels now all the things that came out the 3ds in that trailer became games and the if seen the trailer 3 things came out the 3ds the sword for zelda airplane for star fox and dk barrels for dk now 2 things that came out of the 3ds was remakes so nintendo could be hinting a dk64 remake or a new dk game and if you dont know what i mean go on youtube and search 3ds e3 2010 trailer :3

        1. Rare already confirmed it on twitter that Nintendo has the rights to DK64. Or something like that. Either way, Nintendo is able to re-release the game.

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  2. I’m still holding out for Purple or Gen 2 of the 3DS! We have a Zelda 3DS in the house already but that one is my husbands. I can play it if I want but for my own I REALLLLLLYYYYYYY want Purple. I haven’t had a purple handheld since my Game Boy Color, make my dreams come true

  3. I would have bought my wife a Pink 3DS Bundle but I didn’t because I despise GameStop or GameSteal as I always call them because they never give you good prices and they don’t price match and if you buy any new System Hardware related items they never accept my returns if its defective in some way which is bulls*i*! Best Buy always wins for me as they have everything besides the midnight stuff which rarely happens :-(

    Stop giving GameStop Exclusivity!

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