Here’s A Character Trailer For The Last Story On Wii With English VA

Nintendo has uploaded a brand new trailer for The Last Story which shows off the numerous characters that feature in the highly anticipated game. The trailer also features English voice acting, which can be heard for the first time. The Last Story is coming to Europe on February  24th. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm a US release.



    1. You know if xenoblade fails in America we aren’t getting Last Story. Americans put your money where your mouth is. This is why wii had low 3rd party support
      because they think games that aren’t published by nintendo are overlook, and they’re right. Casual gamers, please help us hardcore out and give games like these a chance


  1. Nintendo of America, PLEASE! Get this game to the US and Canada! (Yes, I know that NOA won’t see this. I can still hope though!)


    1. u never know, companies watch everything, i genuinly wouldnt be surprised if they saw ur comment, they check sites like this as research for marketing and other decision making


      1. If this was really considered.. This would be a different world. A world without Region-Lock! But yeah, dreaming is free :P

        Please NOA bring it to Latin America, too!


  2. what good games comes out when i sell my wii ~_~ oh there not wii graphics wii games look like ps1 games stop lieing to us nintendont


    1. I have seen AAA Wii games that look better than PS3 or 360 AAA games. Its not about processing power, it is about art direction, you ignorant troll!


    1. Yes, the makers of the classic Final Fantasies left SquareEnix a few years ago and started their own company. They made this game, but NOA won’t release it in America (so far). If you’re in America, buy Xenoblade and maybe they’ll consider releasing The Last Story here.


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